Italy BIO


Recorded October 2009 - January 2010
Fazioli Concert Hall, Sacile (Italy)
1 - 3Toccata in G major BWV 9167:43
4 - 7Toccata in E minor BWV 9148:43
8 - 11Toccata in D minor BWV 913, earlier version16:10
12 - 15Toccata in G minor BWV 91510:29
16 - 21Toccata in D major BWV 912, later version14:38
22 - 26Toccata in F sharp minor BWV 9109:12
27 - 30Toccata in C minor BWV 91112:21

TOT. 79:43
start Toccata in G minor BWV 915 - without tempo indication
AUDIO, 1'18 (942 kB)


eng Johann Sebastian Bach: THE TOCCATAS
© Danilo Prefumo, 2010
ita Johann Sebastian Bach: LE TOCCATE
© Danilo Prefumo, 2010
deu Johann Sebastian Bach: DIE TOKKATEN
© Danilo Prefumo, 2010
fra Johann Sebastian Bach: LES TOCCATAS
© Danilo Prefumo, 2010


June 2010

min Classic Voice - Reviews CD&DVD
... relationship that the pianist keeps with Bach ... confidential and respectful at the same time ...

June 10th, 2010

min www.musicwebinternational.com - Review
... Bacchetti creates a luminous inner beauty in the sound of each of the piano chords ...
(Gavin Dixon)

June 12th, 2010

min Milano Finanza - inHeadphones
... the pianist is great to make evident contrasts and styles that make this collection very enjoyable ...
(Gabriele Formenti)

July, 2010

min Gramophone - Instrumental
... Bacchetti tends to unfold the music at a leisurely pace, sustaining attention through his carefully organised dynamic designs ... (Jed Distler)

July 10th, 2010

min www.musicwebinternational.com - Review
... his is a recording which delivers more the more you hear it, and when this is true you know it's Bach talking (Dominy Clements)

July 15th, 201

min Panorama - Extra, Music
... Is it a challenge? No, it's devotion and alliance ...
(Lorenzo Arruga)

August 2010

min Musica - Cds 5 stars of the month
... an attentive and measured performer, able to return shades of meaning both on the level of expression than on the virtuoso ...
(Luca Segalla)

August, 2010

min International Record Review - Instrumental
Bacchetti's sound is clear, liquescent, judiciously pedalled, and non-aggressive even when energetic. He uses natural, continuous dynamics ...
(Stephen Pruslin)

August, 2010

min International Piano - Reviews Cds
His lucid elegance is again to the fore here, often the telling effect, althought it seems occasionally to verge on patrician coolness ... (Graham Lock)

August, 2010

min Amadeus - Cd e Video
... Bacchetti chooses Bach, the Thought. And from that Thought he takes the Purity, the Origin ...
(Nicoletta Sguben)

Septiembre 2010

min scherzo - DISCOS Crítica de la A a la Z
... El fraseo exhibe razón y vivencia, ternura y placidez... Las fugas tienen tenacidad e imaginación, recuersos y fuerza expresiva ... (Emili Blasco)

September 2010

min Pizzicato - CD + SACD + DVD Audio
... Dies sind sehrgute und interpretatorisch geschliffene Interpretationen der Bach-Toccaten. Bacchetti entpupp sich als ein ernsthafter Bach-Interpret ... (Alain Steffen)

Septiembre 2010

min ABC Cultural - Discos
... confirma una muy notable afinidad entre intérprete e interpretado ... (A.G.L.)

October 2010

min Fanfare - Archive
... To sum up, this would not be my only version of the Goldbergs, but I will return to Bacchetti in admiration of the pianist's stunning articulation and sheer energy ...
(Phillip Scott)

Octubre 2010

min CD Compact - Reseñas
Esto es otra cosa: es un Bach pianístico, un Bach intemporal, atemporal, eterno ... clásico en suma.
Muy recomendable ... (Josep Pascual)

October 2010

min Suono - Classical Music, Reviews
... that suggest to concede the term "exemplary" describing these illuminating and lovable interpretations
(Umberto Padroni)

October 29th, 2010

min www.amazon.com - Customer review
... Bacchetti is an absolutely outstanding Bach player ... Wonderful stuff, enthusiastically recommended ...
(jsa - San Diego CA, U.S.)

December 2010

min Music & CDs - Market
Special Critics Award / Classical ...
(Diana Leva)

Enero 2011

min Ritmo - Discos Critica - de la A a la Z
... el sólido, personal y bellísimo Bach de Bacchetti es, por tanto, fiel a los aspectos intelectuales sin sacrificar nunca la expresividad ... (J.C.G.)

January, 2011

min The Record Gejiutsu - CD Review


6 de abril de 2011

min www.mundoclasico.com - Novedades discográficas
... nada hay más difícil que dar esa sensación de sencillez o naturalidad, de que lo que se está haciendo es simplemente lo que hay que hacer ...
(Maruxa Baliñas)

August 24th, 2011

min www.classical-music.com - What's new. Interview
The italian pianist on JS Bach, Glenn Gould and playing in England ... (Rebecca Franks)