... Having a disc full of premières can make a nice change for a reviewer. While I very much enjoy getting stuck into a pile of comparisons it is refreshing just to be able to report on pioneering content and innate quality. Andrea Bacchetti's accustomed home for recordings, the Fazioli Concert Hall is a touch on the dry side, though this balance suits the intimacy and simplicity of Hasse's music where a grand cavernous space would not. Bacchetti's style for these pieces follows his approach with the other recordings mentioned. He resists giving the music romantic rubati, adds no extra pianistic octaves and refuses to lard the notes with elaborate ornamentation, though there is flexibility in the shaping of phrases and a few witty inflections. Disarming directness is the key here, with the energy seeming to emerge from the notes rather than the player. The programming is usefully varied, with the upward motion of the Fuga per organo an extra lift between already good-humoured sonatas in major keys. The slow movements are jewels of almost naïve beauty, such as the Largo from the Sonata per cembalo, and the Andante from A favourite Concerto which is drawn out to 8:37 but still manages to sound elegant and natural. ...


Music Web International - January, 2015 - (Dominy Clements)



Returning in the picturesque setting of the San Domenico Church, in Alba, with the Artistic Direction of Giuseppe Nova, Jeff Silberschlag and Larry Vote, the traditional New Year's Day concert. The program will pay tribute to great composers of the past, from Beethoven to Bizet, from Verdi and Rossini to Cajkovskij, to converge in the most heartfelt tradition with the famous Strauss waltzes, as is the tradition of the New Year in music. ...

Music - New Year's Day Concert with Alba Music Festival

www.newsspettacolo.com - November 27th, 2014 (newsroom)

... The guest soloist will be the Genoese pianist Andrea Bacchetti, who will be accompanied by the Rumanian State Philharmonic Orchestra. The program includes the Concert nr. 1 for piano and orchestra by Beethoven, composition which outlines the characteristic features of the great German composer, energy, freedom and depth of feeling. ...

New Year's Day with Bacchetti and the Rumanian Orchestra

Gazzetta d'Alba - December 23rd, 2014 (newsroom)

... There are Bizet, Verdi, Rossini, Tchaikovsky and Strauss waltzes. But the highlight is the Concerto in C major n. 1 for piano and orchestra by Beethoven: an extraordinary piece in which the young Ludwig - who still thought to break through as a performer - amplifies the structures and the language of Mozart concert and brings them to levels of virtuosity never before. At the keyboard Andrea Bacchetti, one of the most acclaimed names of Italian pianism. ...

The New Year's concert in Alba with the Rumanian Philharmonic Orchestra

www.laRepubblica.it - December 30th, 2014 (Nicola Gallino)

Once again sold out the New Year's Day concert of the Alba Music Festival, yesterday afternoon in San Domenico Church. And once again the star was the Rumanian State Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by american conductor Robert Gutter; guest soloist Andrea Bacchetti, one of the most acclaimed pianists of last generation. ... Among the audience a group of 40 people from London, and one of 25 people from Austria. ...

Sold out for the concert of Alba

La Stampa - January 2nd, 2015 (I.C.)


FULL ARTICLE (Italian)go

... 12th January, Monday, Maestro Bacchetti will be back in Valtellina to perform in the Auditorium Torelli in Sondrio where, thanks to a rich and articulate program that will show all his versatility and pianistic virtuosity, he will pay homage to a list of great and significative European composers who were very active main characters through the ages, from the XVIII century to nowadays. ...

Recital by pianist Andrea Bacchetti at the "Torielli"

www.intornotirano.it - January 9th 2015 (newsroom)

... pianist Andrea Bacchetti will lead his audience through the many timbral, melodic and technical possibilities of his instrument with musics "From Bach to Rossini" ... A demanding and varying program the one interpreted by the Genoese pianist who had already fascinated Valtellina audience in more than an occasion. Concerning his musical qualities, about him they wrote: "One of the most interesting Bach interpreters of our time" (Pizzicato), "Endowed with a very peculiar style and, at the same time, able to entertain and elevate" (BBC Music Magazine).

"From Bach to Rossini" with Bacchetti at the auditorium

www.laprovinciadisondrio.it - January 10th 2015 (newsroom)

Last Monday, a fully booked Auditorium welcomed the performance of the pianist Andrea Bacchetti. The first musical event in Sondrio presented an unusual program, entitled "From Bach to Rossini". With a not usual but certainly not random juxtaposition of songs, the pianist presented some of the most important and most active European composers among the eighteenth century and present-day; Bacchetti has so emphasized the possibilities and technical, melodic and timbral qualities of his piano. Precisely this unusual combination made Bacchetti's ability to perform composers - far apart in time and style - evident, and always with an effective interpretation . ... An impeccable performance, ended with three encores required by the public with enthusiasm.

Bacchetti enhances all possibilities of the piano

la Provincia - January 15th, 2015 (Mariella Gusmeroli)


FULL ARTICLE (Italian)go

... Johann Sebastian Bach is sacred and Amici della Musica propose listening to him with a very refined concert ... Just a viola and a piano for touching a sky of perfection ... a simple and apparently brief program, tough rich of meanings ...

A viola, a piano and Bach's music

Nuovo Quotidiano di Puglia - January 15th, 2015 (Anita Preti)

... although this is their first concert with this team, the interplay between these two artists was perfect in person, as it should always be, especially for a repertoire as rigorous as Bach's. Boisseau and Bacchetti put on a very equilibrate show: first the piano solo, then two sonatas for duet, later a piece for viola solo and, at last, another sonata for viola and piano. Already in the first minutes, Bacchetti's musical conception was evident: a Bach seen by a perspective that we could define romantic, characterized by a certain drama in phrases and ratios. ... The audience appreciated very much the Bach proposed by Boisseau and Bacchetti ...

An exciting and romantic concert by the duo Boisseau and Bacchetti

Taranto Oggi - January 20th, 2015 (newsroom)


FULL ARTICLE (Italian)go

... The international criticism has always emphasized Bacchetti's abilities and his brilliant and hypnotic touch, the purity of sound, the particular sound atmospheres, the iridescent freshness and the narrative power of a simple lyricism. Bacchetti is a meticulous pianist, so precise as putting on the same plane rationality and poetry in Chopin and Debussy ... It's an example of understanding and virtuosity, rare qualities among Italian contemporary pianists ... Bacchetti's style is an example of stylistic rigor, consideration mixed with elegance, vitality suspended between hypersensitivity and sense of mystery ...

Here Bacchetti, piano virtuoso and talented

La Provincia di Varese - January 17th, 2015 - (D. Iel)

The pianist Andrea Bacchetti and the Collegium Musicae directed by Luigi Sferrazza opens today the cycle of concerts of the Academy, at the Oratory of the Holy Saviour. The program is dedicated to Bach of which will be performed three concerts (in D minor, E major, F minor) for instrument and strings, and the Brandenburg Concerto in G major ...

Bacchetti opens the Season of the «Academy»

Giornale di Sicilia - January 25th, 2015 - (Sara Patera)

... Mit verhaltenem Spiel, bei der selbst die Musik den Atem anzuhalten scheint, widmet er sich jeder Note mit größter Sorgfalt. Da gibt es keine Zufälligkeiten, Bacchetti lässt jeden Ton wie ein Juwel erklingen. Und das ohne sich dabei selbst in den Vordergrund zu spielen. Ernst, ja fast mit Ehrfurcht begegnet er der Musik von Hasse und adelt sie mit seinem sehr transparenten, Spiel.
ie leichtfüßige, strahlende Virtuosität, wie wir sie von seinem Bach oder seinem Scarlatti her kennen, weich hier einer sehr poetischen und lyrischen Leseart, die dem Hörer die Besonderheit dieser Sonaten auf eine simple, doch sehr eindringliche Art, näherbringt. ...

Johann Adolf Hasse's piano music, as heard on this disc, is not the virtuoso type. Hasse is rather a master of the quiet and beautiful music. Andrea Bacchetti makes jewels out of it.

Hasse und Bacchetti - zwei Meister der leisen Töne

PIZZICATO - 26/01/2015 - (Alain Steffen)



... The repertoire of the Genoese pianist shapes up as a confidential ancient musical garden of delights enjoyed at piano without excessive philological scruples because philology is necessary to reconstruct a soundscape in its historicity, while Bacchetti's soundscape is ahistorical and sublimated. This is precisely the impression we had listening to the opening track of this CD, the initial movement of a sonata preserved in the Library of Benedetto Marcello Conservatory in Venice.
The phrasing resolves itself calm and unruffled, far from sentimental drosses of earthly passions, sounds are calibrated with the precision of a goldsmith, brilliance and sharpness are avoided, the timbre itself has got something opaque. Where it is needed, as in the fugue in D minor for organ, Bacchetti shows off a stronger touch and a more robust sonorities, but his preference for a rarefied universe tone, rhetorical and anti-romantic, is clear.
Therefore, the choice of an Eighteenth Century repertoire is not linked to a need of proposing some kind of rarity and originality to the music-industry, rather it is an answer to an internally necessity, if we can call it so, almost to complete an artistic itinerary started with the music by Johann Sebastian Bach.
After all, Andrea Bacchetti's distance from a philological perspective is demonstrated by his continuous although very measured, use of pedal, and by his sacrifice from the very beginning to brilliance and oddity. ...

Andrea Bacchetti - Hasse

MUSICA - nr.263 February 2015 - (Luca Segalla)

FULL ARTICLE (Italian)go

Andrea Bacchetti's research work in the area of the Eighteenth Century concert production that remained in the background for various reasons continues to delight; after Cherubini, Baldassarre Galuppi and Benedetto Marcello's pages, here a beautiful surprise for many with a group of works by Johann Adolf Hasse ... with the confidence that he had been growing in little by little with this still-quite-reserved universe, Bacchetti reads music by Hasse with a mobility of inflections and a naturalness in eloquence that emphasizes its happily colloquial character in the wideness of display of melodic affection as in mood changes, as though recomposing the tableau of a delicious gallantry.

CD & DVD Reviews

CLASSIC VOICE - nr.189 February 2015 - (Gian Paolo Minardi)

FULL ARTICLE (Italian)go

RCA proposes a new CD in the "Italian Keyboard" collection, that explores our music Eighteenth Century, bringing back almost or totally unheard-of works and authors to light. Today is the day of a truly European author and intellectual, Johann Adolf Hasse, called "the Saxon", as it is readable on the frontispiece of many of his works ... Andrea Bacchetti, who is the philological curator and the interpreter of this collection, offers to us a disc totally dedicated to some Sonatas whose manuscripts are conserved in the Conservatory libraries Venice and Brescia and are presented and played for the first world-wide time. It is a kind of music simple and clean, to which Andrea Bacchetti's extremely delicate touch perfectly suits. A good disc that traces validly this characteristic figure of an European musician.


www.cdclassico.com - February 2015 - (Angelo Formenti)

The first date of "Objective School", the project dedicated to the students and included in the review "Afternoons in Music", held yesterday at the Dante Hall in Spezia, has been a great success. Sold out performance of the duo Giampiero Sobrino (clarinet) and Andrea Bacchetti (piano), accompanied at the viola by Giulia Ceroni ...

"Objective School" ... centered!

La Nazione - 8/02/2015 - (Chiara Tenca)

"Transcendent virtuosities", a concert on schedule in the «Saturday in Concert» musical cycle of the 2014-2015 season, promoted by the Pescarabruzzo Foundation at the Maison des Artes of Pescara, was on stage yesterday, February 21st at 6pm, with two top-level musicians. Being curated by artistic director Maurizio Di Fulvio, the concert offered a very renown and various program, with pieces by Bach, Mozart, Poulenc, Genin, Verdi (Fantasia on themes from La Traviata), Doppler, Borne (Fantasia on themes from Carmen by Georges Bizet). ...

"Transcendent virtuosities" Giuseppe Nova and Andrea Bacchetti yesterday at the Maison Des Arts

www.pescaranews.net - February 22nd 2015 - (Angela De Francesco)

... Original interpretations and performs of classic pieces, played by two musicians: from Piedmont, Giuseppe Nova, flute, and from Liguria, Andrea Bacchetti, piano. Being one of the most representative Italian flautists of his generation, Giuseppe Nova plays a 19,5K Gold Powell flute that was created expressly for him; Andrea Bacchetti played with more than 50 conductors and many internationally renown orchestras. Together, they signed a very peculiar interpretation of the piece "Attimi" by R. Bellafronte, musician and composer from Vasto, who was in the hall to attend in person their perform.
The contemplative piece "Meditation from Thàis", by J. Massenet, was an excellent conclusion of this concert, having been very appreciated by the large and attentive audience.

Pescara, "Transcendent virtuosities" with Giuseppe Nova and Andrea Bacchetti

www.lopinionista.it - February 23rd 2015 - (newsroom)

Und noch mehr Ersteinspielungen: Der Italiener Andrea Bacchetti präsentiert vier Sonaten von Johann Adolf Hasse, deren Manuskripte in venezianischen Bibliotheken aufbewahrt werden. Hinzu kommen zwei weitere Sonaten erstmals auf einem modernen Flügel. Hasses Musik ist bewusst einfach gehalten und sehr eingängig, aber schön. Dazu passt das klare, transparente und sehr zurückgenommene Spiel Bacchettis auf dem sehr brillanten Fazioli-Flügel.

Hasse: Sonaten/Sonatas from the Italian Manuscripts

www.klassik-newletter.de - März 2015 - (Arnt Cobbers)



Amanecer, mediodía, atardecer y claro de luna. Las pinturas musicales de estos cuatro momentos del día protagonizan en la Fundación Juan March cuatro recitales de piano en los Conciertos del Sábado de este mes de marzo, desde el día 7 hasta el 28, todos ellos a las 12 horas. Se retransmiten en diferido por Catalunya Música. ... MEDIODÍA - Concierto con videocreación del pianista Andrea Bacchetti con obras de Claude Debussy (1862-1918); Gian Francesco Malipiero (1882-1973); Arnold Bax (1883-1953); Franz Liszt (1811-1886); y Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750).
Reconocido intérprete de Bach, Andrea Bacchetti debutó a los 11 años y recibió consejos de artistas como Berio, Karajan o Magaloff. Entre sus registros destacan las Variaciones Goldberg (que interpreta en este concierto) y las obras para piano de Berio. ...

Luces del dia: conciertos para ver y escuchar, en la Fundación Juan March

www.ForumClásico.es - marzo de 2015 (redacción)



Notes and words, sounds and ideas, memories and wishes. At the age of 38, after 23 years of career, does a musician still have something to wish, does he already have something to remember? He does, also thanks to his eloquence, that runs quicker than a study by Liszt. Genoese pianist with an enviable, at least, CV, but also lover of TV show-biz, as his apparitions on Chiambretti's Grand Hotel and on Striscia la notizia prove, Andrea Bacchetti flavours his lively chat with frequent digs of clamorous modesty (but also with sudden broadsides of critic congeniality) ...

Bacchetti: «This time it's a trial of... Resistance»

Il Resto del Carlino - March 18th 2015 - (p.m.)

Música de gran transparencia, de texturas en la que predomina el uso de la melodía acompañada de una armonía sencilla, que se mueve entre el resabio barroco tardío, con claras fuentes en alguno de sus contemporáneos, y un estilo galante, donde la habilidad para la escritura vocal se vuelca con especial intensidad en el teclado ... Bacchetti resulta un intérprete excelente de esta música, a la que se acerca de una manera elegante, equilibrada y cálida, con un acentuado control del sonido que, junto a la claridad de articulación, le permite abordarlas desde un piano moderno sin apenas uso del pedal para respetar su origen, pero aportando las notas de color imprescindibles.

Disco Critica de la a a la z - los mejores discos para Febrero 2015

RITMO - nr.884 april de 2015 (José Luis Arévalo)



The Genoese thirty-eight-year-old pianist is back on TV in Piero Chiambretti's show and also proposes a few minutes of Chopin, Bach or Scarlatti, with interesting audience on social networks. It is a demonstration that TV is the ideal media to get through to youths: «They are always more attending my concerts, they call at me on the road».
The collaboration with Antonella Ruggiero: a great voice and a piano.
What has always affected me in Andrea Bacchetti is his curiosity. Those who think of stereotype of classic pianist isolated in an ivory tower have to change idea when they meet him. Bacchetti is a modern pianist interested in everything. And not only about piano. Of course, when he is at keyboard, he immerses himself in his adored Bach and Mozart, but when you talk to him you feel that his mind is that of a third-millennium man. It is not a case if, in spite of the many eyebrows the academic world raised, he is often on tv, guest of his mentor Piero Chiambretti. And the popular presenter from Turin, we all know him, is not famous for his bon-ton. In other words, every time their sketches are shaped around the most cheeky and irreverent irony.
In Andrea Bacchetti's shoes, another classical musician would immediately have thrown in the towel. Not the Genoese thirty-eight-year-old pianist, who has got very clear ideas about this point: «First thing that classical music should do is to use an easier language, within range of everyone». And television is the ideal media to reach millions of Italians. ...


SUONARE NEWS - nr.215 April 2015 (Filippo Michelangeli)


FULL ARTICLE (Italian)go

... In Treviglio the Ligurian pianist is guest of the Symphonic Orchestra of Sanremo, which accompanies the big and the emergent ones on the Ariston stage, during the Sanremo Italian song festival, since 2003. The ensemble turns 110 this year, and it's one of the twelve concert institutions recognised by the Italian State. Its headquarter is the Opera Theatre of Sanremo Casinò, its leader is Maestro Giancarlo De Lorenzo. ... Tomorrow the repertoire will be finest. The Orchestra and Bacchetti will play a symphony by Franz Haydn and one written by Mozart when he was eight and already he made his enormous future artistic weight glimpse..

Pianist Bacchetti, from Chiambretti to theatre

www.bergamo.corriere.it - April 11th 2015 - (Rosanna Scardi)

The concert program is the glossy quintessence of classicism, of balance as golden rule. Mozart and Haydn reached that «absolute perfection» that will result in the drum rolls of French Revolution first, and then in the romantic uproars, in the smashing kettledrums of Nineteenth Century.
Andrea Bacchetti seems a curious personification of these two opposite faces of music, between classic light and hidden, romantic anxieties. He made his debut - as our pianistic festival of Brescia and Bergamo can give witness - as very promising, red-hot child prodigy. ... Bacchetti has a reputation to be a very serious musician, he studies and specializes in highest authors, starting from Bach and going to Mozart, from Mendelssohn to Domenico Scarlatti, the Neapolitan king of baroque harpsichord. For the prestigious Decca he recorded also the contemporary (and fellow citizen) Luciano Berio. However, notoriety out of the strictly classical circles came for him unexpectedly from TV, being a recurrent guest of the «Chiambretti Night» show, sit at keyboard, as the presenter's sidekick. A role that was born by chance: an actress asked him to accompany her with his piano for an audition as singer for Mediaset. She was dismissed, and he was employed. ...

At Treviglio there is Bacchetti, talented pianist who was launched by Chiambretti

Eco di Bergamo - April 12th 2015 - (Bernardino Zappa)


FULL ARTICLE (Italian)go

Former child prodigy, today a mature pianist, Andrea Bacchetti skips with comfort from Bach's rigour in counterpoint and rationality to the mad and grotesque performances on TV with Piero Chiambretti. Tomorrow night (9 pm), the Genoese artist will be guest of the Giovine Orchestra Genovese (GOG) for the twenty-first appointment of its season. This recital presents itself particularly interesting and "dense". In fact, Bacchetti will open with his loved Johann Sebastian Bach passing then to classicism with Mozart and Beethoven, toughing the Italian Nineteenth-century with Rossini, dedicating himself to German romanticism with Liszt, Schumann and Chopin, and finally entering Twentieth-century with Debussy and Gianfrancesco Malipiero. A great voyage in piano sonorities, liko so a splendid keyboard exploration touched audience in Porto antico Auditorium on friday night. Luis Bacalov, Stefano Bollani and Alberto Pizzo, three generations in comparison, three different stories that however share an extraordinary versatility and an irrepressible and contagious enthusiasm. ...

A spring of notes

La Repubblica, Genoa - April 12th, 2015 - (Riccardo Molinari)

FULL ARTICLE (Italian)go

... pianist Andrea Bacchetti comes back tonight, after nine years in which he strengthened his role on the international scene, to GOG of Genoa for a concert at the Carlo Felice Theatre at 9 pm. ...

Bacchetti is back today at GOG after nine years

La Stampa - 13/04/2015 - (Mi.Reb.)

On Friday 17th, 9 p.m. at the Mozart Auditorium, there will be the tenth date of this Youth Symphonic Orchestra of Piedmont; after the last year great concert with the Goldberg Variations, Andrea Bacchetti will be back, this time with an unusual program which he desired hard. International critics claim him for his great talent, and crowd him among the most important pianists of his generation: so, it is a special honour to have him on the Ivrea stage for the second season in a row ...

With Bacchetti, piano reaches the highest excellence

Il Risveglio Popolare - April 16th, 2015 (newsroom)

With enthusiasm we received once again the pianist Andrea Bacchetti who conquered us last year with his perform of J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations. ... Bacchetti's Bach is rigorous but not rigid, rhythmic but not obsessive, squared but not heavy, internally but not severe; it's free, fluent and it highlights the asceticism and the metaphysical sense of nordic type, combining them perfectly with the poetry and softness of which Bach's soul was rich, and which are well represented by the second part of the Italian Concerto, performed with amazing expressiveness and balance.

The "thought" and mused pianism by Andrea Bacchetti

Il Risveglio Popolare - Aprile 23rd 2015 (c.z.o.)


FULL ARTICLE (Italian)go

... Aside from a discreet filled-in octave or embellishment here and there, Bacchetti plays these works simply and directly, with just enough colour and nuance to keep things interesting without overloading the music. He enlivens the D minor organ fugue's detached and sustained phrasings and eloquently sings out the three-movement G major Sonata's central Largowith virtually no help from the sustain pedal. Even the threadbare textures of the strangely proportioned F major Concerto (two short, quick movements bookending a lengthy slow movement) benefit from Bacchetti's subtle changes of timbre in order to delineate solo and tutti roles. His playing always makes a strong case for Hasse's undisputed melodic gifts. ...


www.gramophone.co.uk - April 21st, 2015 (Jed Distler)



... With a thin physique and a vivid glance through his big glasses, and an important curriculum at the age of thirty, today he is considered as one of the most expert pianists of Baroque repertoire ... an international success that did not conditioned him: «Every time I have a concert, I feel a great tension before playing, almost a kind of terror; but if I start playing well, I break free. When I perform in front of my audience, I feel a strong wish to share the same feelings I have playing: the interpreter is always in-between, in a sort of border territory between what the composer had in his mind and what the performer imagines and wants to communicate».

Amazing, that hand-carried piano for the concert at Villa Durazzo

la Repubblica - Aprile 23rd, 2015 (Bettina Bush)


FULL ARTICLE (Italian)go

Andrea Bacchetti is a such famous personality for his participations at Chiambretti's TV shows that his skills as musician risk to remain in the background. For spectators of the first concert of the LakeComo Festival 2015, Bacchetti will be present in his more fitting suit of concert performer with a program that could stretch from Scarlatti to Bach and to Hasse. With him, on the stage of Villa Vigoni at Loveno di Menaggio, there will be the harpist Floraleda Sacchi to answer in an ideal duel fought with "notes". Maybe, they will find a harmony in Mendelssohn, maybe they won't. Bacchetti and Floraleda are sufficiently gifted of technique and artistic flair to lead their audience into sonorous world where the greats of music wrote their most intense pages.
The program will be released only at the beginning of the concert. ...

The spring of the LakeComo Festival starts with Andrea Bacchetti

www.comocity.it - April 28th, 2015 (newsroom)

At 9 pm at Villa Vigoni (Loveno di Menaggio) pianist Andrea Bacchetti and harpist Floraleda Sacchi, artistic director of the long-running festival that brings chamber music exactly in the rooms for which it was created, choosing among the most beautiful estates of Lario. And this will be an intriguing challenge, because the two musicians announce «a duel fought with pieces by Domenico Scarlatti and Johann Sebastian Bach, looking for a harmony in original duets». ...

LakeComo Festival with piano and harp

La Provincia di Como - April 29th, 2015 (Alessio Brunialti)

... our presence on TV broadcasted widely your popularity.
«That's true. My participations to Chiambretti's shows had a great confirmation. In my DNA there is the desire to go against the tide, to do beautiful things that the others have never done. Also classical music world needs to renovate itself; to fit new dresses, those which are fit for the age of the Internet and social networks; to get in touch with its spectators, especially with the youngest ones, speaking their language with simplicity. In last TV shows, I played live in this not-so-classic context an Étude by Chopin and some of Goldberg Variations. Audience reactions were very positive. Also by a discographic point of view, my experience in TV gave excellent effects. By now, many became aware of this new situation, also some of the most conservatory and critic of organizers who turned up their noses at the start for my presence on TV: there are always more young spectators at my concerts. A new audience can discover the beauty, the elegance, the virtuosity and the emotion which come from listening to great music».

Andrea Bacchetti: a new audience

Amadeus - May 2015 (Giuseppe Scuri)


FULL ARTICLE (Italian)go

... in May the Unione Musicale proposes for the first time the Imola Chamber Orchestra, a musical reality that surprisingly emerged in summer 2013, as a natural continuation of didactic activites of the Accademia di Imola. Since some years, the innovative method of the Accademia, that pushes the young piano talents to confront themselves with always different Maestros, has been extended to strings and conductors. The rude wisdom of Vladimir Ashkenazy encouraged and supported closely the birth of ICO, that goes ahead with its educational path towards a truly professional experience. Performs are often an occasion to meet authentic and original musicians. In Alba, at Fondazione Ferrero, the Imola Chamber Orchestra meets the lucid interpretations of Mozart by Andrea Bacchetti; the pianist, who built his career studying Luciano Berio and Bach music for keyboard, delivers his dry and meditated sound to the energy of the young orchestra musicians for a concert that was entirely dedicated to Mozart. ...

Two juvenile orchestras for two days of beauty

Sistema Musica - May 2015 (Alessio Tonietti)

The famous pianist Andrea Bacchetti will perform a recital tonight at 9 pm at the "Nicolini" Conservatory. Bacchetti, as estimated as applauded by a large audience, is back at Piacenza to propose a program of exquisite and tempting sonorous contents. Starting from one of the greatest composers ever lived, that Bach of whom Bacchetti is considered one of the greatest interpreters, with such a rich discography realized. ... Tomorrow and friday, thanks to the organization by Maestro Marco Alpi, Andrea Bacchetti will keep a piano masterclass on Johann Sebastian Bach opera for keyboard. ...

Piano Masterclass "J. S. Bach opera for keyboard"

Libertà - May 13th, 2015 (Bag)

A remarkable performance for its intensity, strength and emotive substance, and that has further reiterated Bacchetti's extraordinary versatility. ... The pianist envisaged no breaks: he played with fluency and effortless without interval. He has flair and genius, enormous manual skill and exquisite concert sensibility, being the "one man show" for excellence. In Piacenza he gave a wonderful journey through sonorities from the Eighteenth Century, a delicate and stimulating fresco, a stirring to perceptions but also to the deepest feelings.

Bacchetti, Bach's intensity

Libertà - June 14th, 2015 (Fabio Bianchi)

He became famous on TV with Chiambretti, although Andrea Bacchetti is one of the most genius and virtuous Italian classic pianists: a true child prodigy. ... tomorrow evening he will homage the city of Vercelli with a free concert in Santa Maria Maggiore Church that will be entirely dedicated to Bach, with a prestigious program. In order to end with a bang the Viotti Festival, in fact, the Camerata Ducale decided to chose a sacred and precious, suggestive and captivating setting that will amplify the performing pathos of one of the most loved works for piano of any time, a work by highest German composer, J.S. Bach, whose notes are a true and proper nourishment for soul. Bacchetti is straightforward, energetic, brilliant, original and crazy as a true genius has to be. We interviewed him, a scoop for our readers. ...

Bacchetti superstar is back at the Viotti Festival

La Sesia - May 22nd, 2015 (Rita Francios)

... So the main characters of the soirée was an "old" and nice acquaintance of ours, that priceless imp of keyboard that Andrea Bacchetti is, with a monographic melodic sheet entirely dedicated to one of the authors in "his chest", J.S. Bach: the highest point of his program were the Goldberg Variations, after the Toccata in E minor BWV 914 and before the fifth of the French Suites, the Italian Concerto in F major BWV 807 and, at last, the second of the English Suites. ... The principle virtue in Bacchetti's manner of playing, as it has been widely recognized, is his capability to refine sound perfectly, which is as meticulous as a goldsmith, not cold nor "technic" in the abstract way, but animated by a light lyricism: a sound that makes every single note clear also in the quickest sections of the score by an agogic point of view ... In the end, the very long applause by the audience greeted a soirée that will be difficult to forget, for both singularity and quality of the performance.

Andrea Bacchetti n the baroque church of S. Maria Maggiore in Vercelli

www.corrierebit.com - May 24th, 2015 (Bruno Busca)

... Goldberg Variations style combines together top musical and mathematical level researches with a deep emotive content that is "soul nourishment", first of all, and not only for mind. Well, we needed Andrea Bacchetti, young piano virtuoso, to take this sublime composition by Bach back to this city. A genial, perfect in his interpretation, "ferret", the well-renown and world-wide appreciated pianist gave evidence of an exceptional, pondering and solemn performance. Totally concentrated, almost ravished, he honoured his very large audience (the church was very crowded) with a listening of a rare executive beauty for two hours. Very long applauses bring him back to his piano for an extraordinary, seamlessly encore, in which he combined different authors (among which Hasse, Scarlatti and then Beethoven) with unusual mastery for an amazing finale. ...

And at last little big Bacchetti came

La Sesia - May 26th, 2015 (rf)

... Tonight (May 26th) with the "Venetian Saxon", a favourite of the Festival audience, the virtuoso pianist Andrea Bacchetti will be back in Alba to present his record of a forgotten masterpiece: the Sonatas by Johann Adolf Hasse, a German composer with a great reputation among his contemporaries who made Italy his chosen homeland, spending almost all his life here and dying in Venice in 1783. The date is 9 pm in San Domenico church. ...

Bacchetti interprets the Sonatas by Hasse

La Stampa - May 26th, 2015 (Roberto Fiori)

... when piano begins resounding under the fingers of a fine classic pianist like Andrea Bacchetti, music and place become a single thing to create the perfect atmosphere for an extraordinary soirée ... with clear and cantabile phrasing, Bacchetti interpreted an all-Beethoven program, being able to draw both its Eighteenth Century matrix and its romantic soul. Recalled many times by his audience, that crowded the small space of the square, Bacchetti closed his concert with a generous encore: the Italian Concerto by J.S. Bach. ...

Contile, piano and passion: Bacchetti enchants with Beethoven

Gazzetta di Parma - July 2nd, 2015 (R.S.)

... Concert protagonist was a repertoire from Ruggiero's personal world, giving wide space to Matia Bazar's classics, from Ti sento to Per un'ora d'amore; these songs were rearranged in an innovative key between classic and modern style, that put Bacchetti's fantastic technical talents and Ruggiero's (one of the most beautiful Italian feminine voices) great interpretative capabilities in the spotlight. Bacchetti also played some pieces by Mozart and Beethoven. Their version of Vacanze romane, equested also as encore, and of the Ave Maria by Fabrizio De Andrè were really admirable, without forgetting their exploration in opera area and in the Genoese tradition. ...

Sold out for Antonella Ruggiero and Andrea Bacchetti concert

www.latinanotizie.it - July 11th, 2015 (newsroom)

In Villa Porticciolo's park (Rapallo), this afternoon at 6 pm there will be the finale of the 31th "Rapallo-Carige" National Literary Prize for the woman writer. Finalists are: Silvana Gandolfi, Letizia Muratori and Valentina D'Urbano ... The soirée, hosted by Enrico Cisnetto, will be animated by the artists Neri Marcorè, Antonella Ruggiero and Andrea Bacchetti. ...

In Rapallo the 31th Rapallo-Carige Prize finale

Corriere Mercantile - July 18th, 2015 (newsroom)

With "Quella vita che ci manca", (published by Longanesi), Valentina D'Urbano won the 31th "Rapallo-Carige" National Literary Prize for the woman writer, that was assigned yesterday in Rapallo. The Roman writer (age 30) with her third novel achieved 43 of 70 votes, forerunning "I più deserti luoghi" by Silvana Gandolfi and "Animali domestici" by Letizia Muratori. ... A literary occasion joint to show, thanks to Andrea Bacchetti and Antonella Ruggiero's musics ...

D'Urbano wins the Rapallo-Carige Prize with "Quella vita"

Corriere Mercantile - July 19th, 2015 (newsroom)

Tonight, a new edition of one of the most ancient Italian music festivals will open, the Sagra Musicale Malatestiana in Rimini. This will be its 66th edition. The debut concert will be performed by the young pianist Andrea Bacchetti. The Genoese pianist is back in the festival after last edition, when he performed an homage to Federico Fellini. This time, his recital will be dedicated to a round-trip among English and French Suites for harpsichord by Johann Sebastian Bach, touching also works by François Couperin and Jean-Philippe Rameau ...

Bacchetti's piano for the Malatesta Festival

Corriere di Bologna - August 11th, 2015 (P.D.D.)

Even after 26 years of public concerts (his debut was on December 1989, when he was only twelve), Andrea Bacchetti still says to be terrified when he has to go onstage and put his hands on the piano keyboard. Tonight, occasion is not an exception: at the Pieve San Michele in Santarcangelo di Romagna, 9:30 p.m., his baroque program (Bach, Couperin, Rameau) will officially open the 66th Sagra Musicale Malatestiana ...

Bacchetti: «Here's my Bach»

il Resto del Carlino - August 11th, 2015 (Lorella Bolelli)

... This year, the festival will comprehend five great symphonic concerts at the Palacongressi, chamber music, a contemporary music project dedicated to Maderna and a baroque one on Rameau, philosophical and literary intrusions with Wittgenstein and a recital on Verdi's recently restored piano: the opening will be tonight at 9:30 p.m. at the Pieve San Michele in Santarcangelo di Romagna, with Andrea Bacchetti playing Bach, Couperin and Rameau on his piano ...

From Rameau to Maderna the Sagra celebrates many centuries of music

La Repubblica, Bologna - August 11th, 2015 (Luca Baccolini)


FULL ARTICLE (Italian)go

A prophet in his homeland? Sometimes it happens, and surely it happened for Andrea Bacchetti, one of the most important world-wide pianists, who was born and lived in Recco and whose family is from Uscio. And here in the Golfo Paradiso he returns to perform when his duties around the world allow him to come home. «We are very proud have such a great musician as he is among our fellow citizens - Caterina Peragallo, Council Member for Culture, says - he said yes as soon as we invited him to perform». Actually performing at the Murten International Festival, Switzerland, Bacchetti said to be happy to «return playing in "our" Levante, where I was born and where I spend my (rare) spare time» ...

Bacchetti, a prophet in his homeland: Recco applauds to his talent

Il Secolo XIX - August 20th, 2015 (E.M.)

... Andrea Bacchetti las sirve al piano (un Grand Piano Fazioli Modelo F238) de manera sumamente satisfactoria. Por lo general, de la música atraen sobre todo los movimientos lentos, donde el compositor se muestra como un melodista deliciosamente inspirado. El intérprete pone por supuesto de relieve esa cualidad en fragmentos ... en que las voces se cantan con diferencias de color no por muy sutiles menos eficaces. Pero también en los allegros se ha de subrayar la elocuencia de una forma de pulsar las teclas que dota de sentido coherente a todo lo que, por otro lado estupendamente gracias a la excelencia de las tomas, se oye. Muy, muy recomendable por muchos, muchos conceptos.


Scherzo - septiembre de 2015 (Alfredo Broton Muñoz)

... Bach his also in the program that Bacchetti will perform at the Villa dei Tasso, together with Mozart, Debussy, Liszt, Chopin and Rossini. «I will play very famous pieces, that also a non-specialised audience can appreciate. I only hope to be in good condition, because I just returned from Mexico and I'm still adjusting to the time difference. I already performed many times in Bergamo, I signed with the Piano festival, the Quartet Society, the European Events with music ... » ...

I play Bach, but TV makes me live

L'Eco di Bergamo - September 11th, 2015 (Lucia Ferrajoli)

The pupil (on the keyboard) and the Maestro (as conductor) together on the stage to pay homage the finest music of Eighteenth Century. Pieces by Handel, Mozart and Clementi will play the leading role in the second concert of the Symphonic Season at Teatro Ristori, a concert that will make the Maestro Claudio Scimone meet again the soloist Andrea Bacchetti, who had his debut in the late Eighties, when he was only eleven. The double date: tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m. and, as encore performance, on Sunday at 5 p.m. ...

The Eighteenth Century on keyboard. Bacchetti pays homage to Mozart

Corriere di Verona - October 23rd, (L.R.)

Tonight, at Arena Foundation Teatro Ristori (8:30 p.m. with an encore performance tomorrow 5 p.m.) the Genoese pianist Andrea Bacchetti will be the soloist for the second date of this symphonic season. The same Bacchetti who had his debut at the age of 11 in the Verdi Hall in Milan with the Solisti Veneti and Claudio Scimone, who will be his conductor also in this occasion ...

Bacchetti meets again Scimone with Mozart, Handel and Clementi

L'Arena - October 24th, 2015 (Gianni Villani)

FULL ARTICLE (Italian)go

... As interpreter, Andrea Bacchetti has always remained true to that something that young pianist that once studied with Luciano Berio and, if we can say so, that refined his initial skills. He perfectly sketched pathos in his so smooth, modest and gentle performance ... His expressiveness goes along with a great sense of misure and elegance. In brief, he gave a very affable interpretation that his audience appreciated very much ...

Bacchetti-Scimone once again «pals» playing Mozart

L'Arena - October 26th, 2015 (Gianni Villani)

... Bacchetti is especially renowned as J.S. Bach and some Eighteenth Century Italian composers performer (Scarlatti, Galuppi and others). He showed a valid musical syntony with Mozart too and, after his optimum performance of the two introductive pieces, which he played with a fine expressivity, he reached excellence playing two famous concerts with a reallt good aesthetic string quintet. ... A very good balance between the parts and a great technical-stylistical rigour for Bacchetti, who is able to keep resolutely the right equilibrium i n dynamics ...

Andrea Bacchetti and the RAI National Symphony Orchestra String Quintet for Serate Musicali

www.corrierebit.com - November 17th, 2015 (Cesare Guzzardella)

... Bacchetti - an Apollonian pianist, who perfectly interprets Bach's geometric spirit - choses an absolutely classic program for this recital, in which after Bach there are Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann and, in the end, Rossini. ... A thunderouse applause recalled Bacchetti on the stage more than once, until he played the desired encore: first a Chopin Studio (Black Keys), playful and torrential, almost Ravelian, then a surprise, "Over the Rainbow", that he performed with an extremely gentle touch and embellishments that are worthy of Errol Garner. Thunderouse applauses, again, and another encore, a short piece by Villa Lobos, in which Bacchetti set his incredible technique free. A sold out event, with standing people, a great success for a internationally renowned pianist who still looks a likeable person ...

Albenga, a success for Andrea Bacchetti

www.albengacorsara.it - November 19th, 2015 (Alfredo Sgarlato)

La Habana, 18 nov (RHC) Del 23 al 29 de este mes, importantes figuras del arte de Italia participarán en la XVIII Semana de la Cultura del país europeo en Cuba, informó el embajador de Roma en La Habana, Carmine Robustelli. El diplomático destacó la presencia del violinista Uto Ughi, el acordeonista Marco Lo Russo y los artistas de la plástica Michelangelo Pistoletto y Piero Pizzi Cannella, exponentes de un amplio reconocimiento internacional. ... Asimismo, destacó la inauguración oficial de la XVIII Semana de la Cultura Italiana, el día 23 a las seis de la tarde en la Basílica del Convento de San Francisco de Asís, con la presentación del Maestro Uto Ughi, acompañado por el pianista Andrea Bacchetti. ...

Próximamente en Cuba, importantes artistas italianos

radiohc.cu/noticias/cultura - 18 de noviembre 2015 (Bárbara Gómez)


The magic of classical music delighted the attendees to the inaugural concert of the 18th Week of Italian Culture in Cuba, which continues today in this capital with attractive proposals. Through an exquisite recital, Italian instrumentalists Uto Ughi (violin) and Andrea Bacchetti (piano) shook the audience gathered in the Basilica of the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, located in the historic center of the Cuban capital. ... Ughi and Bacchetti pooled their talents to give to lovers of classical music a recital full of elegance and softness, which was attended by the Italian ambassador to Cuba, Carmine Robustelli. ...

Week of Italian Culture in Cuba began with Music

plenglish.com (Prensa Latina) - 24 de noviembre 2015 (Sc/lam/clp)



The great violinist Uto Ughi, together with Andrea Bacchetti on keyboard, enchanted his audience in the Minor Basilica of the Monastery of Saint Francis of Assisi in the first winter day of this year. The Ambassador Carmine Robustelli presented the rich program of this XVIII Culture Week, the fourth during his mission, with a few words, and talked about the importance of culture, as the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi told during his recent visit in Havana. ... Spring by Ludwig Van Beethoven opened the concert of this Week, which pays homage to Pier Paolo Pasolini for the fortieth anniversary of his killing.
Many pieces touched the audience, pieces by Tartini, Sarasate, De Falla and Camille Saint-Säens, which were interpreted with an infinite talent by the two musicians who offered a very exquisite concert. ...

Uto Ughi will also be this morning at the ISA (Superior Institute of Art) for a Masterclass with the pupils of this cultural centre

it.granma.cu/cultura - November 28th, 2015 (Gioia Minuti)

An exceptional musical exclusive date is coming in Messina for the 2015-16 Bellini-Philharmonic Academy Concert Season ...

Messina, Philharmonic Academy: Uto Ughi and Andrea Bacchetti in concert

www.strettoweb.com - November 26th, 2015 (Marina Pagano)

... The Messina Philharmonic Academy will present on Friday, December 4th, at 9 p.m. at the Palacultura "Antonello", a concert by the international violinist Uto Ughi with the eclectic and brilliant pianist Andrea Bacchetti ...

Messina - At the Palacultura a concert by the extraordinary international violinist Uto Ughi

www.strill.it - December 2nd, 2015 (newsroom)

There is a great aspectation in the city for the Friday concert-event at 9 p.m., at the "Palacultura Antonello" in Messina, that will have as protagonists the most popular and loved Italian contemporary violinist, Uto Ughi, and the brilliant and internationally renowned pianist, Andrea Bacchetti (who has been launched on TV by the "Chiambretti Night Show", in 2011). It is a memorable exclusive for the City on the Strait, that has the honour to host Ughi, one of the greatest violinists of all time, duetting with the famous musician Bacchetti. ...

Uto Ughi with Andrea Bacchetti on December 4th at the Palantonello

www.imgpress.it - December 3rd, 2015 (newsroom)

... A phenomenal duo of two excellent solists, who exceptionally play together in Sicily for the Messina Philharmonic Academy, with a repertoire that explores the literature for violin and piano with very charming and virtuoso pages. The program, from Tartini to Beethoven, from De Falla to Saint Saens, closing with the pyrotechnic Carmen Fantasy by Pablo De Sarasate, will put in the spotlight Uto Ughi's virtuosity and passion, and also Bacchetti's enviable syntony ...

The violinist Uto Ughi tonight at the Palacultura

www.tempostretto.it - December 4th, 2015 (newsroom)

It was a success the concert by the most loved Italian contemporary violinist, Uto Ughi, with the eclectic Andrea Bacchetti, yesterday evening at the Palantonello. A triumphant concert by Uto Ughi, whose charisma and communication enchanted the audience at the Palacultura Antonello, performing with the Maestro pianist Andrea Bacchetti. Sold out theatre and standing ovation. The yesterday event, in the united season Messina Philharmonic Academy-Bellini Association, was much more than a simple concert ...
An exceptional duo, two great soloists who showed an exquisite syntony, offering moments of authentic poetry ...

Messina - Triumphant concert by Uto Ughi and Andrea Bacchetti yesterday evening at the Palantonello

www.scomunicando.it - December 5th, 2015 (newsroom)

A great success, on Friday night, for an extraordinary event included in the 2015-2016 Messina Philharmonic Academy and "Associazione Musicale V. Bellini" Concert Season: the great and charismatic international violinist Uto Ughi performed together with the excellent pianist Andrea Bacchetti, after their successful tour in Cuba. Entering the Palacultura, the crowd was as amazing as it can be only in the greatest occasions and the tonight concert was an unmissable and, talking of concerts, "historical" event. ...

The great violinist Uto Ughi enchants his audience at the Palacultura "Antonello da Messina"

www.globusmagazine.it - December 9th, 2015 (Rosaria Landro)

... Andrea Bacchetti's performance was really exquisite and perfect for his technique, that was characterized by a crystalline sound; thanks to it, the audience was able to perceive and identify the different themes that come in succession and overlap in counterpoint, especially in the English Suites Preludes. ... This was the chance to listen to, in a successful, sober interpretation that hardly conceded anything to sentimentalism ...

A success at the Castello Bauso for Andrea Bacchetti's Baroque piano

www.tempostretto.it - December 7th, 2015 (Giovanni Franciò)