... The qualities which have distinguished Bacchetti's previous recordings are again in evidence here:great clarity in his part-playing and voicing, excellent chording and a command of an overall phrase which is most impressive. At all times, Bacchetti's playing is intensely musical, clearly at one with the work itself, grace notes and spread chords are a further delight. In short, this is first-class musicianship ... here, in stylistic terms, Bacchetti resists the temptation to romanticize the music in terms of late-nineteenth-century Afghan-collar-robed virtuosi, concentrating on the inner nature of the individual pieces and thus bringing this unique and very well worthwhile recital to an end...


IRR Internation Record Review - January, 2014 (Robert Matthew-Walker)


... Es este Bach "italiano" el que ahora recrea el pianista genovés armado en su talante y calidez irrenunciablemente sureños. Todas las páginas que integran el CD aparecen animadas precisamente, tanto en su génesis como en su interpretación, por un hálito extravertido, melódico y - permitase el término - hasta risueño. Incluso los episodios más interiorizados o dramáticos, aquellos en los que asoma el Bach más luterano y canónico, parecen templados por esa vitalidad expansiva que de modo tan palmario se revela en la música del gran Domenico Scarlatti y en el arte interpretativo de Bacchetti ... El disco es todo él interesante. Por sus tan inteligentemente seleccionados contenidos como como por las interpretaciones, irrebatibles en su pureza pianística y por la profundización de un repertorio en el que Bacchetti se muestra hondamente identificado. ...

Discos Criticas de la A a la Z - DISCOS EXCEPCIONALES

Scherzo - enero de 2014 (Justo Romero)



Andrea Bacchetti's CD, "The Scarlatti restored manuscript", won the ICMA award for "Baroque Instrumental CD". Award ceremony will be on April 12th in Warsaw, and in this occasion Maestro Bacchetti will execute the Concerto BWV 1058 by Bach. ... This disc, recorded for Sony in Fazioli Concert Hall, achieved many enthusiastic reviews "... deepness of thought, impeccable technique, elegance in touch and hypersensitivity for sense of ineffable and mystery" (Andrea Milanesi, Sette, Corriere della Sera), "... a mature and authoritative interpreter ... an interesting, limpid and personal lecture" (E. Fava, R. Iovino, Il giornale della musica).

Andrea Bacchetti wins the award for baroque music

www.amadeusonline.it - January 23rd, 2014 (newsroom)

... Unconventional artist, already appreciated by the audience of Vicenza for his interpretation of Concertos by Bach he gave at the Olimpico ... British critics appreciated especially Bacchetti's musical proposition, that is dedicated above all to baroque period, and his interpretative freshness, «preciosity-free and loyal to authors' intentions». ...

From Chiambretti to Chopin, this is Bacchetti

Il Giornale di Vicenza - January 23rd, 2014 (L.P.)

... This is an otherworldly Bach, in which rationality does not exclude poetry. The thirty Variations (BWV 988) appear like a multi-colored scenery of sounds, from brilliant touches to fluid canons that have the respect of a pure sound as strong point. The use of pedal creates particular atmospheres in Variations in minor, while virtuoso moments have hypnotic touches and iridescent freshness. Essential embellishments exalt the narrative strength of a simple lyrism ...

Otherworldly Bach, Bacchetti hypnotize with Variations

Il Giornale di Vicenza - January 25th, 2014 (Vincenza Caserta)

A great pianist and, more generally, a great artist is rally notable when for him playing is indispensable, when music is truly part of his way of being. Andrea Bacchetti is all one with his piano and proved it during the extraordinary concert he kept last January 23rd in Bassano del Grappa... A great, complete - and I dare to say having seen (or more precisely, heard) proves of it - brilliant musician.

Andrea Bacchetti suprised and emotioned Bassano del Grappa

www.circuitomusica.it - January 28th, 2014 (Vesna Maria Brocca)

... pianistic recital by Andrea Bacchetti with the Teatro Carlo Felice Orchestra: a program that is totally dedicated to Johann Sebastian Bach. The Genoese pianist is the only Italian interpreter who won an International Classical Music Award: award ceremony will be in Warsaw on April 12th, and in this occasion Bacchetti will play the Concerto in G minor BWV 1058, that is in program also today, after the Concerto in A major BWV 1055 and the Concerto in D major BWV 1054. ...

Bacchetti at Carlo Felice, a concert to award

la Repubblica - January 26th, 2014 (Angela Torrazza)

The Genoese pianist, well-known and appreciated by MUSICA's readers, conquered a very desired award: an ICMA for his CD «The Scarlatti Restored Manuscript», published by Sony, won in the «Baroque Instrumental» category ...

Andrea Bacchetti will be awarded in Warsaw

MUSICA - nr.253 February 2014 (newsroom)


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

... Valuable executions like those which Andrea Bacchetti accustomed us to; after his beautiful CD with the French Suites, Bacchetti returns to Bach (and also after a happy parenthesis with an anthology of Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti)... Bacchetti bends piano to harpsichord necessities, but he also makes the most of the possibility to variate intensity of touch in order to differentiate various voices, therefore there is no line nor intern echo that go lost. Without ever exceeding, Bacchetti knows how to emanate the vital energy of pieces, and how to catch the drama of most introvert pages ...

Many looks at Bach

il Giornale della Musica - nr.311 February 2014 (Elisabetta Fava)

Aperitif with a true-blue pianist. ... Key player is Andrea Bacchetti, pianist known to great audience for his participation to Piero Chiambretti's TV shows. ... At the age of thirty-six, he is a successful musician who is entering in his full artistic maturity and who is unanimously considered one of most interesting pianists oh his generation ...

From Bach to Chopin with Andrea Bacchetti

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno - February 9th, 2014 (g.p.)

... Bacchetti is pernickety, careful to precision, with an extremism of almost maniacal appearances ... Zosi's precision and executive approach are always quiet and secure, in his case too, like a perfect concert machine. Therefore, by a technical and executive pointo of view, these two interpreters offered an exemplary try of great make. The remarkable fact is the executive relevance in stylistic variety of their program, in a stable and complete harmony ...

Bacchetti and Zosi at Quartetto - A strange couple with a perfect harmony

L'Eco di Bergamo - February 22nd, 2014 (Bernardino Zappa)


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

Long and warm applauses greeted the exhibition of pianist Andrea Bacchetti... who with has literally caught his audience with his interpretations, leading him in his and in Bach's world. ... Bacchetti played the piece as best as he can, almost as if he was all one with his instrument and his music. His precise, brilliant and light technique, his deepness of sound, his transparency and balance among voices have striken... therefore putting in the spotlight a love and a passion for music that rarely reach audience in such a candid and true way. ...

Inside Bach's world - Miracle at Sant'Antonio

La Provincia - February 27th, 2014 (Mariella Gusmeroli)


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

Appointment with a "big" of international scena on sunday, at 5 pm, at the Cenobio dei Dogi: the "Gruppo promozione musicale Golfo Paradiso" offers a concert by Andrea Bacchetti. «An artist who does not need any presentation - the organizers said - he is one of the best pianists of today». At the Cenobio Bacchetti will play a recital dedicated to two of his favourite authors (of whom he is, according to critics, an excellent interpreter): Johann Sebastian Bach and Domenico Scarlatti. ...

Bacchetti, a "DOC" concert at the Cenobio dei Dogi in Camogli

Il Secolo XIX - February 20th, 2014 (Rossella Galeotti)

... The Genoese pianist Andrea Bacchetti, one of the best executers in the world nowadays, especially in Johann Sebastian Bach's repertoire, will play on tuesday, February 25th, at 5 pm, at the Lutheran Church...

Bacchetti at «Café Zimmermann»

La Riviera - February 20th, 2014 (Marco Scolesi)

A still young, but successful, pianist for today concert ... Andrea Bacchetti will play the concert «Bach at Café Zimmermann», that will be replied tomorrow in Pavia, on thursday in Valleggia (Savona) and on friday in Tortona ...

The Symphonic on stage at the Lutheran Church

La Stampa - February 25th, 2014 (M.C.)

For the fifth appointment of season "Amici della Musica", tonight pianist Andrea Bacchetti will be back, this time with the Symphonic Orchestra of Sanremo, for a concert dedicated to Bach and Mozart. ... An artist who kept the promises of his first youth, recently achieving the prestigious International Award ICMA 2014 for his CD «The Scarlatti Restored Manuscript»...

Bach and Mozart interpreted by Bacchetti

La Stampa - February 28th, 2014 (Maria Teresa Marchese)

Es uno de los máximos exponentes del pianismo actual. A pesar de su juventud, Andrea Bacchetti (Génova, 1977) ha sido reconocido por Karajan, Abbado o Horsowski. Este mes de marzo vuelve a nuestro pais para hacernos partícipes de su gran talento. ... Además de nuestro pais, durante este año visitará Japón, Alemania, Libano, Hong Kong y Nueva Zelanda, entre otros países.

Andrea Bacchetti, de gira por España

ForumClásico - marzo de 2014 (redacción)


... Andrea Bacchetti, un singularísimo pianista, especialista en Bach, pero que últimamente está ampliando repertorio a buena velocidad.
Conocí a Bacchetti en mis años de redactor-jefe de la revista RITMO. A través de sus discos y en algún que otro encuentro telefónico esporádico. Es un hombre tenaz y de una fuerza expresiva que no desprenden ni su voz ni su cuerpo, pero sí sus dedos. Le sucede como a esos grandes pianistas que se transfiguran cuando se sientan a tocar. En su discografía más reciente acaba de incorporarse Scarlatti, con un importante trabajo de restauración sobre los manuscritos propiedad de Bárbara de Braganza, que se conserva en la Biblioteca Marciana de Venecia, a través de una herencia de Farinelli. Como se verá Bacchetti no se anda por las ramas a la hora de escoger sus fuentes. ...

Va por ti, Maestro Scarlatti

Beckmesser - 7 de marzo de 2014 (Pedro González Mira)


Andrea Bacchetti (Génova, 1977) no es un pianista de recorridos convencionales. Desde hace años, se ha erigido en abanderado de la música italiana para teclado del siglo XVIII, un repertorio desatendido en partes iguales por clavecinistas y pianistas y al que ha devuelto una cierta visibilitad con una serie de primoroso registros como los dedicados a Galuppi, Benedetto Marcello y Cherubini. Pero Bacchetti no es sólo colecionista de rarezas y así lo demuestran sus numerosas grabaciones consagradas a Bach, de quien tiene previsto grabar la integral para teclado en el sello Sony. También destaca su vincolación con el repertorio contemporáneo, en especial su familiaridad con la obra pianística de Bario, con quien mantuvo una relación tanto musical como humana que marcó sus años de formación. ... el pianista visita el próximo martes el Istituto Italiano de Cultura con un recital que, además, propone en primicia el estreno de Tre post x Scarlatti, del compositor italiano Fabio Vacchi...

Los extremos de Bacchetti

ABC Cultural - 8 de marzo de 2014 (Stefano Russomanno)


... Durante esta nueva temporada que empieza vamos a tener, como en las anteriores, grandes intérpretes y grandes compositores que han querido "seguimos el juego" y que nos harán disfrutar de la músicade Scarlatti y también de su forma de entenderla ...

Las Sonatas de Domenico Scarlatti en Instituto Italiano de Cultura

HoyenMadrid.info - 11 de marzo de 2014 (redacción)


El ciclo Las Sonatas de Domencio Scarlatti del Instituto Italiano de Cultura de Madrid sigue rodando en su tercera temporada, y lo hace hoy con una cita sumamente especial: la presencia de ese extraordinario pianista que es Andrea Bacchetti. A las composiciones de Mozart y Scarlatti previstas en el programa, se sumará el estreno absoluto de Tre post x Scarlatti, una pieza encargada por el propio Instituto Italiano a Fabio Vacchi (Bolonia, 1949), considerado de forma unánime como uno de los más importantes compositores italianos vivos....

Andrea Bacchetti en el Instituto Italiano de Cultura

Scherzo.es - 11 de marzo de 2014 (redacción)


... El VI Ciclo de piano Ángel Brage llegó a su segunda cita de las manos de Andrea Bacchetti. El italiano se ganó al público con su singular personalidad que ya se avecinaba en el variado programa presentado. Organizó el recital en bloques temáticos interpretados sin pausa y que fueron desde el barroco hasta el impresionismo. ... El joven italiano ofreció una interpretación viva y fresca que denota profundo conocimiento del repertorio y gran versatilidad ....

Juventud madura al piano

Scherzo - n.295 abril de 2014 (Davis Durán Arufe)


... Y es que en Bach, tal como delata la raíz de su apellido, Andrea ha encontrado un universo donde exponer su genio como pocos. Cada nota tiene un peso profundo, intensa, la expresividad es enorme pero no excesiva, entiende conceptualmente la forma y desglosa la música con una naturalidad que toca el alma. Es fascinante, difícilmente se puede escuchar hoy en día un Bach de este calado. ... En Mozart encuentra el equilibrio perfecto entre el toque infantil de su música (en el teclado especialmente es muy visible) y el aire improvisatorio (Fantasía K 397). Excepcional. Como el Scarlatti, de una riqueza admirable. ....

Hemos escuchado a... "Bach-etti"

Ritmo - nr.874 mayo de 2014 (Gonzalo Pérez Chamorro)



... «many ask me how it is possible to pass from live accompanying of singers like Vanoni, Emma, Venditti, Pausini, to execute concerts by Mozart, or very difficult Golberg Variations by Bach: a lot of studying, a lot of pliancy, a lot of passion, curiosity and desire to go a little bit against the tide in order to understand international music patrimony... I believe this is the right way to captivate and move ... »

Mozart, Bach and tv

Il Letimbro - nr.4 April, 2014 (Sonia Pedalino)

... the show «Battisti - never-ending music», that went on stage at Rossini, was able to touch the most intimate and deepest heartstrings of the crowded theatre. The scheme is already tested and works: reinterpreting one of most significative Italian artists and his music through a concert for piano and orchestra, with the talented and brilliant pianist Andrea Bacchetti and the magnificent Rossini Symphonic Orchestra... A Lucio Battisti as we never heard him, with original arrangements that exalt his music enriching its score in surprising variations, with classic sonorities, bolero arias but also jazz inflections ...

Battisti, music that touches heart

Il Messaggero - April 6th, 2014 (Elisabetta Marsigli)


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

Today the Genoese pianist Andrea Bacchetti is receiving the International Classical Music Award 2014 (ICMA). This prize is one of the most prestigious award reserved to world classic music exponents ... Jury of ICMA decided to confer to Andrea Bacchetti the best baroque music CD award on the international discographical scene. ...

Andrea Bacchetti receives the International Classical Music Award 2014

Corriere Mercantile - April 12th, 2014 (newsroom)

... Pianiste italien étonnant par ses relectures de Bach au clavier, Andrea Bacchetti, témoignait, dans le Concerto en sol mineur BWV 1958 de Bach, d'une grande qualité de jeu et de touchers...

Le Gala 2014 des ICMA à Varsovie

resmusica.com - 14 Avril 2014 (Pierre-Jean Tribot)


... Jean-Sébastien Bach ensuite et son Concerto en sol mineur BWV 1058 finement phrasé et d'une sonorité toute de lumière sous l'art d'Andrea Bacchetti (Baroque Instrumental Award). L'orchestre était dirigé par le chef du Iuventus, José Maria Florencio qui s'acquitta parfaitement de la tâche ...

Florilège de musique au concert de gala des ICMA

crescendo-magazine.de - 14 Avril 2014 (Bernadette Beyne)


... the pianist Andrea Bacchetti succeeded to affirm on European discographical scene, Having won this year an International Classical Music Award for his disc of sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti. And at gala concert for winners, that took place in the Philharmonic Hall in Warsaw on April 12th, his interpretation of Concerto in G minor BWV 1058 by Bach - accompanied by Symphonic Iuventus Orchestra lead by José Maria Florencio - was the most magic of a soirée that also comprehended excellent tries ... A magic partially given by the sublime quality of the score itself, but also by the absolute musicality with which Bacchetti was able to merge with very pure sonorities of the youth orchestra without letting a single shade of his deliciously limpid phrasing go for this reason.


MUSICA - nr.256 May, 2014 (Stephen Hastings)

FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

... your disc, «The Scarlatti Restored Manuscript», was awarded in Warsaw: can you explain the meaning of this title to us?
... «Restore», in this context, means analysing text with attention and verifying that it is as much logic and in compliance with his composer's thought as possible.... Scarlatti added a very few cues about phrasing; being himself a true virtuoso, it came out naturally.
Also should interpretation come naturally?
It should be as most natural as possible. I propose to myself to plat in a free and inspired way, without too much cerebral evaluations. These musics by Scarlatti were conceived in order to be played at the moment, improvising. The composer wrote more than six hundred scores like these, during his own life, with a spirit of fun, an also the interpreter should try to have as much fun as he can. ...


MUSICA - nr.257 June, 2014 (Stephen Hastings)

FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

... Ganz unter dem Eindruck dieses Ereignisses fand einen Tag später, am 12. April, die feierliche Preiswrleihung statt, die im Anschluss von einem festlichen Galakonzert gekrönt wurde. Eröffnet wurde es mit "5 Stücken für Streichquartett" von Erwin Schul hoff, gespielt vom Signum Quartett, dem Preisträger in der Kategorie Kammermusik. Ohne Frage ein ungewöhnlicher Beginn für ein Galakonzert, der durch die Spielfreude der vier Musiker jedoch gleich für Begeisterung im Publikum sorgte. Ebenfalls mit Schulhoff war der Geiger Daniel Hope zu hören, der den Preis für die beste DVD-Dokumentation für die Produktion "Refuge in Music - Terezin" entgegennahm. Außerdem vertreten waren die Pianisten Andreas Staier (Künstler des Jahres), Joseph Moog (Kategorie Soloinstrument) und Andrea Bacchetti (Kategorie Barock instrumental) ...

Galakonzert in Warschau

FONO FORUM - Juni 2014 (Ausarbeitung)



Para Andrea Bacchetti Bach forma parte de su vida, le es tan natural como le era escribir para Gabriel García Márquez, que también adoraba a Bach con la misma intensidad. Este nuevo disco del italiano, curiosamente es de lo que trata, del Bach "italiano", que entendemos además de las obras explícitas (Concerto italiano), dos Corales de una belleza melódica y cantabilidad enorme (BWV 659, 645), los Conciertos sobre Vivaldi BWV 972 (sobre el Op. 3/9 del italiano) y BWV 974 sobre el Concierto para oboe de A. Marcello, el Capriccio sulla lontananza del suo fratello diletissimo BWV 992 y el Aria Variata alla maniera italiana BWV 989. ...


forumclasico.es - mayo de 2014 (Gonzalo Pérez Chamorro)


... El espléndido empuje rítmico, la delicada gracia expresiva y el extraordinario refinamiento de la interpretación, convierten este disco en una pizza bachiana-italiana de la más alta cocina pianística posible. Maravilloso fraseo en el Capriccio (Adagiosissimo, Fuga), magnética atmósfera la creada en el Aria Variata o la emocionante serenidad que desprenden los dos Corales y los lentos de los Conciertos sobre Vivaldi y Marcello, además de una de las mejores interpretaciones modernas del Concerto Italiano. Y como en otros discos de "Bach-etti", el mítico piano Fazioli vuelve a ser "su" instrumento.

Discos de la A a la Z

RITMO - n. 874 mayo de 2014 (G.P.C.)



... Trotz strahlenden Sonnenscheins und gleichzeitig stattfindenden Gourmetfestes waren sie gekommen, um Andrea Bacchetti zu hören. Das lohnte sich: Der virtuose Pianist aus Genua interpretierte Werke von Johann Sebastian Bach, Baldassare Galuppi und Domenico Scarlatti meisterhaft.
Das Thema des Abends lautete Variationen. Das Herzstück des Auftritts war Bacchettis Interpretation von Bachs "Goldberg Variationen". Dafür ist er weltweit bekannt. Das für dieses Werk charakteristische Überschlagen der Hände hat er perfektioniert. Bacchetti zauberte bei der Aria. Mal spielte er mit nur einer Hand, mal vollführten alle zehn Finger einen Tanz. Mal berührte er die Tasten nur ganz sanft, mal schlug sie vehement an. Andrea Bacchetti gelang es, mit seinem Spiel die Zuhörer zu erstaunen, zu begeistern, zu berühren. Er nahm sie mit auf eine Reise durch die barocke Musikwelt. In völliger Faszination konnten die Menschen den Blick nicht von seinen Händen abwenden. Ein gerauntes "Unglaublich" war zu vernehmen. ... Einige der Zuhörer wippten mit ihrem Kopf im Takt. Andere hatten die Augen geschlossen und waren ganz in die Musik vertieft.

Zauberhafter Klaviersommer-Auftakt

NRZ Neue Ruhr Zeitung - Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014 (Karolina Warkentin)


... Bacchetti spielte eine Stunde am Stück. Dabei war er selbst ganz in seinem Element. Er spielte nicht nur mit den Händen, sondern sein gesamter Köper bewegte sich mit. Sein Gesichtsausdruck war konzentriert. Die Musik schien aus ihm geradezu heraus zu fließen. Dazu brauchte er keine Noten. Alle Stücke spielte er komplett aus dem Gedächtnis. Diese Leistung wurde vom Publikum mit lautem Beifall honoriert. Einige der Gäste erhoben sich, bewundernd applaudierend. ...

Zauberhafter Klaviersommer-Auftakt

http://www.derwesten.de/nrz/ - 27.05.2014 | 00:16 Uhr (Karolina Warkentin)



... Regained directly from the manuscripts conserved in the Biblioteca Marciana in Venice, ten miniatures by Domenico Scarlatti glance in the precious lecture by Andrea Bacchetti and his gentle carving, with four beautiful Sonatas by Soler.

Classic - Bacchetti carves on piano the Sonatas by Scarlatti

Il Cittadino - 6/08/2014 (Elide Bergamaschi)

... is Beethoven an untarnished presence for pianists? We asked it to Andrea Bacchetti who will play the Sonatas op. 49 and 102 tonight for the «Beethoven Marathon» at the Steri cloister 19,30-24. «Obviously, because for a pianist there are some musts he cannot forget: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven» ...

Beethoven Marathon tonight at the Steri: athlete-pianists talk

Giornale di Sicilia - 9/08/2014 (Sara Patera)


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

... Andrea Bacchetti gives to us a set of «Sonatas for keyboard»; the first of all is constituted by a single movement, an Allegro in G major "Pupille amate", the other pieces instead are in a two-parts-form. It is a first contribute to rediscover an ancient, wide repertoire, though music industry did not take care of it enough yet.

CDs Classic - Baldassarre Galuppi rediscovered

BresciaOggi - 26/08/2014 (Luigi Fertonani)

... Im Rahmen der Altmarkfestspiele erwartete alle Arneburger Musikfreunde am Wochenende ein konzert-highlight der Extraklasse. Das Duo besthend aus Andrea Bacchetti una Gabriela Costa aus Italien spielte in der Stadthalle. ... Das Duo nahm das Publikum in einem zweistündigen Programm mit auf eine musikalish Reise von Paris nach New York. Der Flügel, auf dem Andrea Bacchetti spielte, hat sich der Eigenbetrieb der Stadt Arneburg für weitere Konzerte in der Stadthalle neu angeschafft. ...

Mit neuem Flügel von Paris nach New York

Altmark Zeitung - 17. September 2014 (db)



Del 19 al 28 de septiembre, se celebra en Córdoba y Villa del Río el V Festival Internacional de Piano Guadalquivir con una temática única y atractiva, que enlaza por primera vez la música pianística y la danza en la provincia cordobesa. ... Según sus organizadores, lo interesante de esta quinta edición es que "cada concierto presenta un estilo completamente nuevo y variado, va desde el piano como solista, al piano a cuatro manos en el ballet de Tchaikovsky, por la música de cámara, para pasar al género jazzístico y culminar con el género orquestal de El amor brujo, de Falla. Los artistas que participan en este quinto festival son  Andrea Bacchetti, Emanuela Piemonti, Larisa Tedtoeva, Elton Tola, Ingrid Ruko, Mª Dolores Gaitán, Mad4dixie, Inmaculada Almeda, Ángel Andrés Muñoz y el Ensemble del Festival Guadalquivir. ...

V Festival Internacional de Piano Guadalquivir

ForumClásico - agosto de 2014 (redacción)


El prestigioso pianista italiano Andrea Bacchetti tocará por vez primera en Andalucía el próximo 21 de septiembre, a las 21.00 horas, en el auditorio del Conservatorio Profesional de Música «Músico Ziryab», en el marco del V Festival Internacionale de Piano Guadalquivir, que se celebrará del 19 al 28 de ese mes en Córdoba y Villa del Río. ... l de Bacchetti será uno de los seis conciertos oficiales que se incluyen en el certamen ...

Andrea Bacchetti actuará por vez primera en Andalucía

ABC - Sabado 13 septiembre de 2014 (J.M.C.)


... Entre los artista principales que darán vita a dicha manifestación sobresale Andrea Bacchetti, in intérprete italiano que ha cosechado éxitos en todo el mundo. Actuará el domingo 21 de septiembre ... y constituirá una de las citas más actractivas para el público melómano. ...

Diez citas protagonizarán el Festival de Piano Guadalquivir

ABC - Martes 16 septiembre de 2014 (L.M.)


Con un programa verdaderamente variado, el genovés Andrea Bacchetti nos ofrece un menú de verdadera degustación. El renombrado pianista hará su apertura de recital con lo que yo considero que es su plato fuerte: una cuidadísima selección de piezas de Bach, cuyo especial dominio le ha encumbrado en lo mas alto de los intérpretes. Extrayendo del instrumento una sonoridad de interesante peso, adorna cuidada y levísimamente las cadencias con precisión quirúrgica. Resulta abrumadora la capacidad de dirigir el fraseo mas delicado y estiloso de la célebre «Aria en Sol», después de haber invocado a todos los dioses del Contrapunto de una fuga de la «Tocata BWV 914raquo; que resulta elevadísima, de concisión estremecedora. ... Y cuando ya el publico trataba ya de abandonar la sala tras unos 150 minutos de concierto, el incombustible Bacchetti otorgó dos nuevos bises ... Inundado en aplausos, Andrea cierra cómicamente la tapa del piano. Justificadísima la fama del genio italiano, que a pesar de su carrera aun tiene mucho más que ofrecer.

Incombustible Bacchetti

www.ABC.es/andalucía - 24 septiembre de 2014 (Celso García)



Andrea Bacchetti is a world-wild-renown pianist, although general public remember him especially because he's co-protagonist in the hit TV show "Chiambretti Night"; he will be back on the stage of largo Mahler for the third appointment of the new chamber music season of laVerdi, on October, sunday 5th (11.30 am) at the Milan Auditorium, with a program entirely dedicated to Baroque music and to two of the most representative figure of that period, north and south of Alps: Johann Sebastian Bach and Domenico Scarlatti, passing through the less renown Johann Adolf Hasse ...

Andrea Bacchetti is back at laVerdi with Bach and Scarlatti

Jazz Digest - 2.10.2014, (newspress)

Chamber music concerts on sunday morning found yesterday on the stage of the Auditorium of Milan the pianist Andrea Bacchetti, one of the best Italian interpreters of Eighteenth Century repertoire. Bacchetti, a constance presence in Milanese concert halls, has in Bach his most frequent a rtistic expression. ... Bacchetti's interpretation appeared elegant and determined to us. It is immediately notable the complete internalization of music material by the Genoese pianist, his technique is overmuch and his expressiveness of high level. ... Long applauses. We will remember it.

Andrea Bacchetti in the Auditorium at Milan

corrierebit.it - 6.10.2014, (Cesare Guzzardella)

... his new exploration of Eighteenth century repertoire ... that is the beginning of a extremely important operation entitled «The Italian keyboard», a project in collaboration with the Biblioteca Marciana of Venice, that intends to conserve and valorize the thirty Sonatas by Scarlatti of which Andrea Bacchetti is a very refined artist ...

Classic CDs - Sonatas by Scarlatti for Bacchetti

BresciaOggi - 14.10.2014 (Luigi Fertonani)

... The concert, with a program all dedicated to Bach - will be followed by a masterclass for piano from October 31st to November 2nd, kept by Bacchetti himself, with a seminar dedicated especially to the critical theme of the «Bach ornamentation» ... Through the years, Bacchetti demonstrated to privilege some particular authors, in particular Mendelssohn, Scarlatti and, most of all, Johann Sebastian Bach. Authors in whom power or reason controls and guides firmly the reins of sentiments and emotive contents. A line that Bacchetti pursued also in his always more significative and prudent recording activity. ...

Bacchetti, passing from be child prodigy to an Italian piano big shot

L'Eco di Bergamo - 25.10.2014 (B. Zap.)

... on November 9th, sunday, at 11 am, «Classica» - the series of concerts organized by the Alba Music Festival and lead by Giuseppe Nova - presents "Goldberg Variations", overall one of the most renown works by Johann Sebastian Bach, played by the pianist Andrea Bacchetti. The presence of Giuseppe Nova will complete the program, with two Sonatas by Bach for flute and piano ...

Classica presents Andrea Bacchetti

Gazzetta d'Alba - 4.11.2014, (newsroom)

«Classica», soundtrack of the Alba International Festival of white truffle, today at 11 am, in the San Giuseppe church, will propose "Goldberg Variations" played by the brilliant Andrea Bacchetti, renown to the general public for his talent and originality ...

«Goldberg Variations» with Andrea Bacchetti

La Stampa - 9.11.2014, (I.C.)

Andrea Bacchetti and Bach: that is the evening appointment of the Amici della Musica, tonight at 9,15 pm. On program, not only Bach, but also the Sonata in B flat major by Galuppi and the Five Sonatas by Scarlatti. A special attention to Baroque by the Genoese pianist, with CDs dedicated to Marcello, Galuppi, Scarlatti as well as Bach. «Goldberg Variations are a work of great instrumental virtuosity. However, I prefer them on piano». ...

Bacchetti: «Harpsichord a metal scrap? It is still a beautiful instrument»

Giornale di Sicilia - 11.11.2014 (SPA)

The Genoese pianist Andrea Bacchetti is the main interpreter of the tonight concert at 9 pm, at Politeama Theatre, for the retake of evening season of Amici della musica, after the summer break. On program, for the first part, the Toccata in E minor BWV 914 by Bach, then the famous Goldberg Variations BWV 988, with which the last fortunate decade of Bach creative experience began. A work of great complexity and elevated executive technical style, for the presence of mathematical and symmetrical schemes, Variations are considered one of the most elevated points of Bach experimentation in music for keyboard instruments. To complete the program, less renown pieces by Adolf Hasse and the Five Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti. ...

Goldberg Variations

la Repubblica - 11.11.2014 (Laura Nobile)


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This CD is not only the most recent labour by Andrea Bacchetti, but the continuation of the important project «the Italian keyboard», tied to restored manuscripts that Andrea Bacchetti is making live again. A labour that Mario Marcarini for Sony and this extraordinary pianist are realizing together. An opera presented exactly a few day ago; some of these Sonatas of the Sassone are a world «premiere», others do not have preceding record of a modern piano ...

Classic CDs - «Unpublished» Sonatas by Andrea Bacchetti

BresciaOggi - 18.11.2014 (Luigi Fertonani)

«Good morning Mr. Goldberg»: this was the title of the concert on last friday, December 5th, in La Rossa church, referring of the masterpiece by Bach entrusted to the piano genius Andrea Bacchetti. And that that were announced as a great event did not disappoint the public who filled the beautiful baroque church in the centre of Busca. Truly captivating and engaging the piano interpretation of this wizard, former child prodigy who played when he was still very young with music icons like Von Karajan, Pollini, Abbado and the composer Luciano Berio. ...

Andrea Bacchetti inebriates in the Immaculate concert

www.comune.Busca.cn.it - 9.12.2014

... The musical itinerary, suspended among Italy, Wien and Prague, puts on light the interpretative communicability and the elegance of the Ligurian pianist Andrea Bacchetti, of whom a singular CD is going to be released with the unpublished sonatas by the Saxon Adolf Hasse. Bacchetti, who played numerous times the Concertos by Bach in Milan, tests himself with the aria «Ch'io mi scordi di te» for voice, piano and orchestra K 505 by Mozart, with the soprano Francesca Paola geretto and the leader Alvise Casellati. ...

BBacchetti for the Osf, la Verdi for Telethon

www.laRepubblica.it - 10.12.2014 (ldf)

... a precious appointment with piano rarities brought to life again by Andrea Bacchetti's touch. The ever-present elf of Italian concert world preserves his refined and high-profile music qualities in the gallant style.

Classica - Hasse, the gallant pianism

il Giornale - 18.12.2014 (Giovanni Gavazzeni)

Sensitive and rigorous interpreter, the Genoese Andrea Bacchetti is back in Conservatory for the season of the Serate Musicali for a "Bach Marathon" in which he will be accompanied by the "Arturo Toscanini" Philharmonic. ...

The Bach Marathon of Bacchetti

www.vivimilano.it - 17.12.014, (Daniela Zacconi)

On next monday, December 22nd at 9 pm, the Arturo Toscanini Philharmonic will be back in Milan to answer to a prestigious invitation: the one by the Serate Musicali, one of the most important and eminent private concert associations in our country. Johann Sebastian Bach is the chosen composer for a soirée that is announced of great interest, a true and proper "Bach Marathon" and that will be in the Sala Verdi of Conservatory in Milan. ... the leader and soloist of the concert will be Andrea Bacchetti, class 1977, and nowadays one of the best Italian pianists

www.luigiboschi.it - 19.12.2014, (newsroom)