cover ... A few day before the release of "Luigi Cherubini Integrale Per Tastiera" CD, Andrea Bacchetti will offer a generous assay in the extraordinary concert promoted by IUC, "Istituzione Universitaria per i Concerti"" at Sapienza University ... For the first time in world discography history, Bacchetti recorded on a modern piano Six Sonatas for keyboard composed by Cherubini about in 1780 ...

Culture - Bacchetti performs Cherubini on piano

E Polis - March 5th, 2007 (newsroom)

... A precious anthology: these truly unknown Six Sonatas, written by the celebrated Florentine opera composer, open the door on the background of a lot of our authors of Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries, who had fame thanks to the sceneries of all Europe but who had grown on a rigorous instrumental discipline, on the taste for a severe and antique writing. Keeping the eyes closed, Cherubini seems Christian Bach. Gallant as him, weird in flourishes which break formal schemes, he is imaged in a splendid record by Andrea Bacchetti as shining, adamantine sound with a little of virtuosity foolishness ...

The CDs of the "Il Sole" - cd of the week

Il Sole 24 Ore - March 11th, 2007 (Giancarlo Angeleri)

... In 1780, the twenty-year-old Luigi Cherubini wrote Six Sonatas per cembalo o fortepiano ... which now come back to flourish and reveal to be really interesting in the execution to piano by Andrea Bacchetti. There, Bacchetti found the Eighteenth-century salons, French gallantry and also a little of revolutionary essence ...

Events - "Six Sonatas" by Luigi Cherubini

Il Sole 24 Ore - March 15th, 2007 (Gv. B.)

... First world record on a modern piano, the Six Sonatas by Cherubini's CD - produced by Sony on RCA label - is in releasing since March 9th after official presentation on March 6th in La Sapienza University's Assembly Hall, Rome. Bacchetti says: «I think that expressive resources of modern piano can create a truly interesting fantastic essay, which is not less valid than baroque executive praxis ... The articulation plasticity and the pleasure of the flourish invented on the spot are sealed by the warmth given by the timbre of the piano, which is inspired, tender and, sometimes, visionary» ...

Cultured Music - Andrea Bacchetti in Quiliano with Six Sonatas by Cherubini

La Stampa - March 20th, 2007 (newsroom)

... Andrea Bacchetti, an emergent Genoese pianist with a versatile repertoire, recorded (CD Rca-Sony) Six Sonatas per cembalo by Luigi Cherubini, which he is also performing live. ... These are works written by a twenty-year-old who listens to and assimilates instead of creating. Their best moments are the less predictable ones, in which it is already possible to hear a pre-romantic anxiety. ...

Cultured Music - Cherubini according to Bacchetti

Specchio (La Stampa) - March 24th, 2007 (Sandro Cappelletto)

... So we could discover - and appreciate - the delicious, and for some respects surprising, pianistic trifles of young Cherubini, we had to wait for the record by the Genoese Andrea Bacchetti, an eclectic pianist who, after executing the counterpoint of Bach, Romanticism by Mendelssohn and the experimentalism of Luciano Berio with the same elegance and conviction. ... It's clear that for the Genoese pianist Six Sonatas are more than few unknown pages which have to be disclosed to the audience with his intellectual honesty and stylistic propriety. Bacchetti shows to catch the embryonic germs of a stylistic and emotional research which Cherubini developed in the years of maturity, especially in opera scene. In this execturion, that's smooth as marble, perfect in his sonorous balances, there aren't almost remains of gallant and affected Eighteenth century; every detail is cured with tremendous patience to obtain timbres and dynamics in an almost miraculous harmony. Sonorities are always contained and differences between sonorous plans are just mentioned: fragile structures of these youth pages couldn't stand a too much emphatic interpretation concerning strong contrasts and clean chiaroscuros, and yet Bacchetti doesn't indulge in lightness of pre-classic Eighteenth century ... he guesses other models and suggestions to caught the openings on a expressive world made of continuous modulations, sudden trespasses in minor modality and irregulars phrasings. ... Rightly, Bacchetti doesn't interpret these sonatas through virtuosity filter that can be as attractive as misleading. The timing direct cuts are always moderated, phrasing hasn't sudden accelerations and rondos flow as elegant and quiet composure. ... This is a fine CD, a little jewel of discography ...

Reviews - Super Audio CD

piano Andrea Bacchetti - RCA RED SEAL 88697057742 DDD 75:35 stars

MUSICA - nr. 185, April 2007 (Luca Segalla)

... An interpreter able to give a classic and aristocratic tone to little essays of sonatas for salons by Cherubini; his tract is well accentuated through an intelligent interpretation about variety of touch and gallant fickleness of tempo which legitimate the choice of an execution on modern Grand Piano Fazioli ...

Reviews - Bright and aristocratic

Cherubini: Six Sonatas, Andrea Bacchetti, piano - Sony Bmg, 2007 reg. 2006 long. 76' stars

Suonare News - April 2007 (Angelo Foletto)

... The Six Sonatas, which were published in 1783 by a young and still unknown Cherubini and now recorded by Andrea Bacchetti in a valuable Sony CD, are interesting. ... The interpretation is really varied on the dynamics' plane, which are led with clarity and extreme power about the phrasing, unravelled with expositive clearance and essential gestures ...

Classic Music - Bacchetti reads Cherubini again: the polished variety of timbres

La Repubblica - April 6th, 2007 (r.i.)

... Andrea Bacchetti is a young, pointed pianist who loves searching for; he knows and plays classics and romantics, but for example he recorded Luciano Berio's compositions being well at ease with nowadays language. Now Bacchetti ventures in Six Sonatas, which were the first publication in 1783 by famous Cherubini - also author of Medea and Great Masses - when he was twenty-three. Written in his age style, Sonatas are brilliant, in two movements, without adagios, playing not an original cembalo but a racy Fazioli, they are searched as best in rhythm and colours contrasts, and in youth happiness they don't hide the future signal of greatness ...

Movies, CDS, DVDS Classic Reviews - Bacchetti: in the Sonatas there are signals of a great future

Il Giornale - April 13th, 2007 (Lorenzo Arruga)

... At bottom, also Cherubini, the durable monumental learned professor Cherubini, was a boy ... we found out this above suspicion Cherubini in Six Sonatas for cembalo recorded by the Genoese pianist Andrea Bacchetti in a new RCA Red Seal CD. These pages are graceful, all in major, in two movements, but with nice cues and vivid rushes. Bacchetti walks through this chill and mental simplicity with great respect, a cured and sensitive sound, a kind elegance with a rigor that doesn't prelude the gentleness of more affective nuances ...

RECORDS - A gallant "man from Milan": Cherubini

Vivimilano.it (Corriere della Sera) - April 18th, 2007 (Gian Mario Benzing)

... recent Six Sonatas record (RCA Red Seal, Sony) seems to be the first one and becomes valuable due to the rareness of pieces, going to fill a gap not just in the modern recordings. ... the piano execution is well done by Andrea Bacchetti, intelligent and sensible who is used to play Bach and therefore well-tempered in cembalo style. Bacchetti is clean, well balanced in dynamics, incisive and offers another attempt of professional seriousness, interpretative vitality and total mastery of technique. He gives a product worth of highest attention ...

Reviews Repeated Cherubini: A first worthy of being listened to record

Cronaca di Mantova - April 27th, 2007(newsroom)

... Written in 1783 and dedicated to Florentine noble Antonio Corsi, Six Sonatas are worthy of attention. These pages are now repeated in a precious Sony CD by Andrea Bacchetti ... his interpretation is appreciable for dynamic variety, expositive cleanness and stylistic rigor. A mindful and complete study that gives new light to Italian late eighteen century instrumental production, that is often unexplored ...

Records & Books - Bacchetti and Cherubini

L'Invito, Periodical of Musical information of Friends of the Nuovo Carlo Felice Society - nr.78, May 2007

... Rareness of this Sony CD consists in proposition of pages for piano written by a composer who is famous for everything else. These Sonatas needed the anxious and fine curiosity of Andrea Bacchetti, a thirty-year-old who has been revealed when he was only four; nowadays Bacchetti can say to have well deserved Karajan and Baugartner's estimate. He is severe and lyrical, researched and modest ...

CLASSIC - Cherubini Six Sonatas

ELLE - May 2007 (Elsa Airoldi)

... Bravo Andrea Bacchetti: he doesn't slip on this proposition that apparently seems easy. ... Being a pianist who can read this kind of sonatas at first sight, Bacchetti dives in this collection with sacral aura. ... Immediately, he liberates Sonatas from their gallant sheen and according to his usual analytic approach practiced by Bach performances and constructions of contemporary music. ... A superior sense of reflection which, with his accomplice, the alien timbre of piano, sets Sonatas free by their age with interpretative fineness and great executive control. A little intimidated, they say thank you ...

Reviews - Cherubini Six Sonatas

Artistic: stars - Technic: stars

AMADEUS - May 2007 (n.s.)



... An unitary collection, based on a major tonality bipartite construction, with a first part in sonata form and the second part as a rondo, with da capo. The Genoese thirty-year-old pianist gives a very charming and persuasive performance for the variety of the touch and for the sensitiveness exhibited in phrasing, beside his well-known technical aplomb ...

FDS Music - Cherubini, Six Sonatas for piano

Fedeltà del Suono - June 2007 (Luigi Bellingardi)

... Cherubini n'était pas un virtuose du clavier mais savait écrire pour l'instrument. Ses sonates évoquent parfois Mozart ou Haydn ... Andrea Bacchetti joue ces sonates avec délicatesse et poésie sur un piano moderne, alors qu'on les connaissait jusqu'ici au clavecin. L'interpretation au piano moderne les éclaire d'un jour nouveau et fait d'elles, pardelà leur modestie de surface, des oeuvres au charme certain, "classiques" au plein sense du terme ...

Critique - Cherubini, Les six sonates pour clavier

Texte de présentation en français - Enregistré en 2006 - Minutage: 1 H 15' - DDD 4stars

LE MONDE DE LA MUSIQUE - n. 321 juin 2007 (Marc Vignal)



... Interpretations by Bacchetti are appreciable for dynamic variety, cleanness of exposition and stylistic rigour ...

RECORDS & MEDIA - Andrea's Piano

Il giornale della musica - June 2007 (Roberto Iovino)

... It seemed cembalo but was piano. And Cherubini dedicated to it six delicious Sonatas. Now they have been repeated and recorded by Andrea Bacchetti. For the Italian label that was Rubinstein's too ...
After devoting to Bach and Mendelssohn, nowadays it's time for Cherubini, a quite-ignored author who is more famous for the opera production than the instrumental one. Bacchetti's execution takes account of a praxis that doesn't disdain some changes to the original text, at least about embellishments and varied repetitions. The pianist says: «I didn't think of a closely philological recovery, and also the choice of a Fazioli has been made for revaluing strong pianistic potentialities of music written in that age and for setting up a very interesting discourse about timbre research and about the "colour" of Cherubini's Sonatas» ...

PIANIST - He played piano

CLASSIC VOICE - nr.45 June 2007 (Luca Chierici)

... The character is inclined to a non-sweet gracefulness and the masterful execution of Andrea Bacchetti is therefore very appropriately designed in a graceful atmosphere, with skilful lingering on the well-mannered harmonic modulations and with tasty detail of all the embellishments, which, according to the texture of the texture, often assume a leading role. Bacchetti's proposal also sounds like a cultural redemption of works that are concrete evidence of the valuable presence of an instrumental voice in Italy at the time, above all, and meritoriously, theatrical..

Music reviews - LUIGI CHERUBINI, 6 sonatas

Artistic score: 7,5 - Technical score: 9,5

www.suono.it - 12/06/2007 (Umberto Padroni)

... cet opus 1 de Cherubini est un bon exemple de ces pages classiques que le piano moderne peut révéler différemment. Aidé d'un grand Fazioli, le jeune Génois Andrea Bacchetti se tire avec les honneurs de l'exercice qui consiste à remplir ces pages où abondent les formules d'une autre époque - si on les compare aux premières sonates de Clementi par exemple. Avec son toucher discret, son legato impeccable, sa sonorité chaleureuse ... il parvient à dépasser la joliesse de l'écriture et à mettre en valeur une variété d'humeurs qui fait le charme de cette musique, plus aimable qu'émouvante ...

Les disques de A à Z - LUIGI CHERUBINI, Six sonates pour clavier

Andrea Bacchetti - RCA 88697057742, distr. Sony-BMG (SACD hybride multicanal) 2006, TT: 1 h 15' DDD 5diapason

DIAPASON - N.549 juillet-aout 2007 (Etienne Moreau)



... Already on foreground since several years, Andrea Bacchetti is one of most alive presences in youth scene of our pianism, and he's animated by a true musicality ... As a sensitive and curious interpreter, Bacchetti frames these lucid pages in a prospective that seems leaving behind the pure gallantry atmosphere and goes toward a more delineated formal way ...

Classical in Discoteque - Andrea Bacchetti and the young Cherubini

Gazzetta di Parma - August 20th, 2007 (Gian Paolo Minardi)

... Szec sonat, ktore zostaly zarejestrowane na plycie, Cherubini skomponowal na klawesyn. Andrea Bacchetti nagral ten cykl na fortepianie, przez co muzyka Cherubiniego otrzymala nowy, nieznany wczesniej wyraz. Ciekawe!

... Six sonatas, recorded on the CD, are composed by Cherubini for harpsichord. Andrea Bacchetti played this cycle on modern piano, giving to the Cherubini's work a new mark and a performance never listened before. Very interesting!

KULTURA, REGAL z plytami - Cherubini 6 Sonatas

DZIENNIK POLSKI - August 21st, 2007 - newsroom

... Cherubini a également composè des oeuvres pour clavier! ... une musique gracieuse et de style décidément classique. Le pianiste approche la partition avec respect et clarté, déroulant habilement les longues lignes mélodiques et articulant les ornement avec grand soin. Une interprétation lumineuse, intime et racée ...

Critique - Cherubini et le piano

PIZZICATO - nr.175 september 2007 (Isabelle Trueb)

... Avoiding impending risk of monotony, Andrea Bacchetti's sharp reading is able to underline those aspects of news of Cherubini's personality, like modulating anxiety and some harshness in pronunciation - although he never disturbs weaving homogeneity of this neoclassicism ahead of its time. It's a conscious vision that our interpreter goes to recreate with eloquent measure of his pianism characterized by a controlled but always intimately solicited sound ...

Piano - Cherubini Six Sonatas 4stars

CLASSIC VOICE - nr.100 September 2007 (Gian Paolo Minardi)

... Andrea Bacchetti speelt de werken voorbeeldig. Hij haalt eruit wat erin zit, maakt ze niet groter dan ze zijn, versiert en fraseert met een bewonderenswaardig inlevingsvermogen ...

Andrea Bacchetti plays the works in an exemplary manner. He makes the most of them, doesn't make them bigger than they are, decorates and phrases with admirable empathy

Kamer Muziek - Cherubini Piano Sonatas

LUISTER - September 2007 (H.Q.)

... Wenn nun Andrea Bacchetti das uber zwei Jarhunderte spater mit seiner besonnenen Gewichtung der Konturen, mit schonsten Legatobogen und schlankem Ton bestatigt, wurde man tatsachlich ruckblickend doch noch gern erfahren, was der reife Cherubini sich wohl furs Klavier uberlegt hatte.

If Andrea Bacchetti confirms this more than two centuries later with his level-headed weighting of the contours, with the most beautiful legato slurs and a slender tone, one would actually like to know in retrospect what the mature Cherubini would have thought about for the piano.

KLASSIK CDs - Cherubini Sechs Sonaten

www.rondomagazin.de - RONDOplus - 15/09/2007 (Guido Fischer)



... Sonatas are interesting because they reveal a pronounced sensibility that emerges and a classic and already well-controlled style. The young Cherubini remarks not only a notable inventive, but also an experimental look that tries to make the Italian cembalist harpsichord tradition younger. ... Bacchetti, an anxious and unpredictable talent, plays these pages with seriousness and vitality, showing musicality and sensitiveness in his touch. Execution's intelligence is remarked also by little details like his reject to emphasize most expressive transitions - like that beautiful one in minor key in first part of Sonata n.5 - on which instead he was open to bet if he wanted to get a simple effect and be the pianistic Cherubini's apologist ...

Classic Music - Luigi Cherubini, Six Sonatas

A. Bacchetti RCA (SACD) - Artistic Quality: 8 - Sound Quality: 7

AUDIO REVIEW - nr.283 October 2007 (Stefano Catucci)

... On entend un pianiste habile et trés agile qui attache une grande importance à chaque note. Cela signifie peu d'ombres et de lumière mais une exposition musicale constante. ... Le jeu de Bacchetti est trés cérébral et rigoureux, sans le moindre épanchement, sans coquetteries et avec un minimum d'inflexions dynamiques. Il nous présente l'essence musicale de ces Sonates avec tact et intégrité ...

L'actualité CD, SACD & DVD classique

www.classicstoday.com France - octobre 2007 (Christophe Huss)

... les six sonates pour clavier de Cherubini sont interprétées avec délicatesse par Andrea Bacchetti dont le toucher est magnifié par une prise de son naturellement réverbérée ...

Le répertoire des CD de A à Z - Entre baroque et classicisme

Classica-Répertoire - octobre 2007 (Philippe Thanh)

... A pianistic recital - that has been taken in Rome on last March 6th a few days before the release of Super Audio CD RCC "Integral for keyboards by Cherubini" - that's worthy of being considered extraordinaire for his precious program made of Italian instrumental pages of late eighteenth century and first mid-nineteenth century. «Italian Sony's project consist in rediscovering works by Italian forgotten authors», Bacchetti said about his new discographic commission; «for Cherubini's Sonatas I wanted to use the true pianistic sound, without looking for imitating past instruments' sound» ...

Concerts - The "extraordinaire" Cherubini by Andrea Bacchetti

Musica & Scuola - 21st year n.17, October 15th, 2007 (Laura Ruzza)

... Andrea Bacchetti doesn't waive any beauty canon of classic pianism, but he reinterprets them always taking account of modern scores, which he's almost celebrated interpreter of, finding curt timbre solutions without useless romances ...

Luigi Cherubini, Sonatas for piano

Music almanac, A record for every day of the year - 2007 (Carlo Boccadoro)

... der italienische Pianist Andrea Bacchetti es ausgezeichnet versteht, genau diese frischen, vifen, munteren Elemente herauszumodellieren und uns auf dem modernen Flügel (ein Fazioli) mit Charme und Witz und ohne allzuviel demonstrative Entdecker-Schwere oder gar Virtuosen-Allüren zu präsentieren ...

the Italian pianist Andrea Bacchetti knows how to model exactly these fresh and lively elements on the modern grand piano (a Fazioli), and to present us with charm and wit and without too much demonstrative heaviness of discovery or even virtuoso airs

Anfang am Klavier - Das Schweizer Kultur Magazin mit Internationaler Kompetenz

Musik & Theater - Februar 2008 (Reinmar Wagner)



... Bien évidemment, le pianiste a un toucher délicat, une belle sonorité exaltée per le superbe piano Fazioli qu'il utilise. Mais, surtout, il a pris l'option de faire toutes les reprises en en variant intelligemment les ornamentations. Nous avons ici un bel exemple de musique galante ... un CD dont se réjouiront tous les passionnés de cette période classique ...

Répertoire - Luigi Cherubini (1760-1842)

10 qualité de la prise du son, 10 pertinence des textes du livret, 8 intérêt du répertoire, 10 qualité de l'interprétation

CRESCENDO - Fevrier 2008 (Jean-Marie André)



... La interpretación de Bacchetti a lo largo de la grabación es elegante y cómoda, y sus ornamentaciones suenan particularmente naturales y se ejecutan con gran lisura. La separación entre las líneas melódicas y el acompañamiento siempre se da con atractiva claridad, y los tiempos están bien escogidos. Por más que el pianista claramente posee la técnica de un experto, en ningún momento deja ver el menor atisbo de virtuosismo pretencioso. Es más, Bacchetti plantea y ejecuta el control de las dinámicas con un juicio exquisito. ... De todos modos, debe hacerse hincapié en que la interpretación pianística y la musicalidad son de todo punto excelentes ...

Bacchetti's playing throughout the recording is elegant and comfortable, and his ornamentations sound particularly natural and are executed with great smoothness. The separation between the melodic lines and the accompaniment is always given with attractive clarity, and the timing is well chosen. As much as the pianist clearly possesses the technique of an expert, he never lets on the slightest hint of pretentious virtuosity. What's more, Bacchetti poses and executes the control of the dynamics with an exquisite judgment. ... In any case, it must be emphasized that the piano playing and musicality are excellent throughout.

Novedades discográficas - Cherubini instrumental

www.mundoclasico.com - 22/02/2008 (Michael Lukey)



... The Italian pianist Andrea Bacchetti brought great joy to all music lovers with this recording. His excellent performance of these true compositional gems on the modern Fazioli piano will undoubtedly delight everyone. ... All sonatas are in two movements, their second movement always being a rondo da capo ABA. There is no free part. The pianist's beautiful playing makes the listener never feel tired despite such a structure of the pieces. The artist made all the repetitions, changing the ornamentation each time. Thanks to this, we have a recording of complete works that catches the listener's attention from the first to the last bar. Bacchetti's delicate playing, wonderful sound and excellent instrument give us a beautiful example of music in the style of Jan Christian Bach, Ignacy Pleyel or Muzio Clementi. Great recording, outstanding interpretation, a record worth recommending to all lovers of little-known or forgotten repertoire. ...

Luigi Cherubini 1760-1842 - plyta miesiaca (CD of the month) 5stars

Muzyka21, (Polska) - 4/2008 (Andrzey Osinski)



... fantástico trabajo del genovés Andrea Bacchetti, pianista muy asiduo en España. Bacchetti hace algo más por esta música que simplemente tocarla tam bien. ... los contrastes, la dulzura, las preciosas apoyaturas, irresistibles y moderadamente recreadas por Bacchetti, buscando un equilibrio entre la gracia del estilo y la riqueza melódica ...

fantastic work by the Genoese Andrea Bacchetti, a very regular pianist in Spain. Bacchetti does more for this music than just play it well. ... the contrasts, the sweetness, the precious appoggiatura, irresistible and moderately recreated by Bacchetti, seeking a balance between the grace of the style and the melodic richness

Discos Criticas de la A a la Z - Excelente versión de las sonatas de Cherubini 4starsA

RITMO - Año LXXIX n. 811, Septiembre 2008 (G.P.C.)



... Lucid formal and constructional awareness, phrasing elegance and touch cleanness characterize also this new discographic effort by Bacchetti. He adds an interesting repertoire to quality of execution ... Simplicity and grace, typical of Eighteenth century, are interpreted with fancy and inventive that are incisively expressive ...

Music - Six Sonatas by Cherubini recorded by Andrea Bacchetti in Sacile

il Piccolo - November 2008 (Stefano Bianchi)

... una interpretación servida bajo una indiscutible inteligencia musical por parte de Bacchetti. Por un lado recala en la delicadeza de los tempi, juega con gran variedad de recursos en los rondos, plantea unos tempi acertados, y ante todo saca el máximo partido de un gran piano que, sin lugar a dudas, ayuda a reforzar todas las ideas melodicas expuestas en estas obras. El pianismo de Bacchetti resulta refinado, elegante y lo convierte en un intérprete idóneo para la interpretacion de la obra de Mozart; se siente cómodo con el repertorio clásico no solamente por la diáfana claridad de su interpretación sino por su adentramiento hacia los pormenores y los más mínimos detalles presentes en la escritura ...

an interpretation served under an indisputable musical intelligence by Bacchetti. On the one hand, he focuses on the delicacy of the tempos, he plays with a wide variety of resources in the rondos, he proposes some successful tempos, and above all he makes the most of a grand piano that, without a doubt, helps to reinforce all the ideas melodica exhibited in these works. Bacchetti's pianism is refined, elegant and makes him an ideal interpreter for the interpretation of Mozart's work; he feels comfortable with the classical repertoire not only because of the clear clarity of his interpretation but also because of his insight into the details and the smallest details present in the writing

Reseñas - Cherubini, Seis sonatas, Op.1

CD Compact - noviembre 2008 (Lluis Trullén)



... Spontaneous fluency brings us to feel musical routine like a sequence made of clear episodes, also thanks to a fluent and confident interpretation by Andrea Bacchetti who, precise and inspired, preludes to releases of other challenging and famous works' records, in order to consolidate his international success.

Reviews - Luigi Cherubini, Six Sonatas

Rondo - 1/2009 (Giona Saporiti)


CDs Reviews

The Record Geijutsu - March 2009 (newsroom)



.. These pieces are representative of a move away from the more typical dance forms from the suites of days gone by - such as minuets, gavottes and polonaises. This allows greater freedom of expression, and a more purely abstract musical approach which anticipates the attitudes of the Romanic era. Andrea Bacchetti's playing in the Cherubini sonatas takes all of these aspects of the music into consideration, and he pays with great aplomb and wit, maintaining the ongoing musical narrative in a coherent and cohesive way, but without missing the built-in moments of innovation and virtuoso Mozartean fashion. Once again, the piano sound and acoustic of the Fazioli Concert Hall, which is built like a theatre especially for the piano, is entirely appropriate for the music ... Bacchetti has no problems drawing a much as possible out of the music with a deftness and transparency of touch which makes this disc something of a must for all collectors of good piano recordings ...

REVIEW - Galuppi, Cherubini

www.musicweb-international.com, May 2009 - (Dominy Clements)



... One senses a shared agenda between the composer and the pianist, with some beautifully restrained nimbleness and no hint of the faintly disconsolate, static characterizations about which I quibbled in the slower movements of Bacchetti's Galuppi recording. There is genuine artistry here, and a sparkling erudition of phrasing to enhance the interpretations ...

Reviews - Cherubini

International Record Review - 6/2009 (Mark Tanner)



... Junto a Mario Marcarini, Bacchetti ha revisado estas piezas en una nueva edición, lo que convierte al intérprete trasalpino en el experto en el piano de Cherubini en la actualidad. Por otra parte, su versión de estas sonatas es primorosa de principio a fin, pues los setenta minutos largos de este disco compacto en formato de audio SACD se escuchan gusto, no sólo por las encantadoras partituras sino también por la calidad que impregna Bacchetti con una interpretación sólida, animada, galante, asequible y amena ...

Together with Mario Marcarini, Bacchetti has revised these pieces in a new edition, making the transalpine player the expert on the Cherubini piano today. On the other hand, his version of these sonatas is exquisite from beginning to end, since the seventy minutes long of this compact disc in SACD audio format are heard with pleasure, not only for the charming scores but also for the quality that Bacchetti imbues with a solid, lively, gallant, accessible and entertaining performance

Escuchar - Recomendados Cherubini, 6 sonatas - Recomendados

Melómano - n.147 Noviembre 2009 (redacción)



... Cherubini is not remembered as a piano composer at all, having secured his name in the world of the opera. However, the spirited performance from Andrea Bacchetti show Cherubini's sonatas are well worth listening to and might even be substitutes for the overly played Mozart sonatas. Bacchetti is a fine performer and balances everything perfectly. This is, in the best sense of the word, simple music to be listened to with enjoyment, leaving little else than a sweet remembrance.

CD Reviews

PIANIST - n.51 December 2009 (newsroom)



... Pièces relativement simples, qui témoignent à la fois des influences du classicisme viennois et de l'art lyrique, elles trovent sous les doigts de ce pianiste (né en 1977) une interprétation idéale pour se faire une idée du style musical italien en cette fine du XVIIIe siècle.

Le Magazine - Célébrations 2010: Luigi Cherubini, les oeuvres pour piano

ResMusica.com - 20/03/2010 (Maxime Kaprielian)



... El pianista ilustra las partituras, sabedor de lo que quiere expresar a través de ellas, con carácter austero (aliñado momentáneamente con humorismo), cultiva el sonido con mimo y erudición. Su toque, exquisito y suave, huye de la exageración sonora y de las grandezas que podría ofrecerle el instrumento: se mantiene regular y atento con la línea melódica a la que fusiona creatividad e imaginación, y se muestra impecable también en las articulationes ...

The pianist illustrates the scores, knowing what he wants to express through them, with an austere character (temporarily seasoned with humor), he cultivates the sound with care and erudition. His touch, exquisite and soft, flees from sound exaggeration and from the greatness that the instrument could offer: he remains regular and attentive to the melodic line, to which he fuses creativity and imagination, and is also impeccable in the articulations ...

Disco exceptionales - Las otras teclas de Cherubini

Scherzo n. 252 Mayo 2010 (Emili Blasco)



... According to Andrea Bacchetti, a splendid interpreter of this CD, re-reading Cherubini's sonatas on the piano, in this age of strict philology, may seem like a gamble. In reality, the expressive resources of the modern instrument allow an exercise of the imagination that is certainly stimulating and no less valid than the classical performance practice. ... The Sonatas are equally compelling because they reveal the emergence of a pronounced sensibility and an already very controlled classical style. ... Bacchetti, a restless and unpredictable talent, interprets these pages with seriousness and panache, showing off musicality and sensitivity of touch.

The classical music record - Six sonatas for "cimbalo"

L'Eco di Bergamo 12/10/2010 (Stefano Cortesi)

LES SONATES POUR CLAVIER - Conçues pour le clavecin dès 1780, ces six sonates se départent d'une certaine froideur académique quand elles sont jouées sur piano moderne. Point trop n'en faut cependent: le dessin à la pointe sèche doit affleurer sous le legato. Le Fazioli du Genois Andrea Bacchetti est de ce point de vue idéal et le rendu sonore des plus séduisant, en dépit d'une relative objectivité de la lecture. Les Sonates nos 3 et 6 captent particulièrment l'attention (RCA).

Les disques - Un Italien à Paris, Cherubini

Diapason n.65, Novembre 2010 (Jean Cabourg)



Andrea Bacchetti has given us several oustanding new recordings in the present volume (including an impressive DVD of Bach's Goldberg Variations), but none is more valuable than this set of Cherubini's Six Keyboard Sonatas, published in 1783 but probably written earlier (perhaps 1780). They are most engaging two-movements works, with a strong flavour of early Mozart, but with gallant touches to add charm. Their invention is consistently diverse and in these captivating performances one is drawn to return to then often. They are beautifully recorded and this is a disc to be snapped up before it disappears. Highly recommended indeed.

1000 Finest Classical Recordings

The Penguin Guide 211 (newsroom)