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Sonata nr. 1 in F major

 1)  Moderato

 2)  Rondò - Allegretto moderato

Sonata nr. 2 in C major

 3)  Moderato

 4)  Rondò - Allegretto

Sonata nr. 3 in B flat major

 5)  Allegro comodo

 6)  Rondò - Andantino

Sonata nr. 4 in G major

 7)  Moderato

 8)  Rondò - Andantino

Sonata nr. 5 in D major

 9)  Allegro con brio

10)  Rondò - Allegretto

Sonata nr. 6 in E flat major

11)  Allegro spiritoso

12)  Rondò - Andantino con moto

TOT. 75:35

Sonata nr. 5 in D major - Allegro con brio  (excerpt)  [1'08 - 537 Kb]
First recording on modern piano
Recording: Sacile (Italy), Fazioli Concert Hall, july 2006
Piano: Fazioli Grand Piano Model F278
Booklet  SIX SONATAS FOR THE KEYBOARD   Cherubini's "Opera prima" and his successful Italian debut
Bacchetti plays Cherubini on piano
E Polis Roma - Rome (Italy), March 5th, 2007
... for the first time in the history of world discography on a modern piano ...
Music  -  I Dischi del Sole
Il Sole 24ore - march 11th, 2007
a splendid performance ... sparkling, adamantine sound and a touch of madness ...
Shows  -  Luigi Cherubini's "Six Sonatas"
Il Sole 24ore - march 15th, 2007 (Gv. B.)
... that now come back to flower, and prove to be of great interest ...
Music Erudite
La Stampa - march 20th, 2007
... the human warmth of timbre of the inspired, tender, sometime visionary piano ...
Cherubini according to Bacchetti
Specchio - La Stampa - march 24th, 2007 (Sandro Cappelletto)
... the best moments are the least predictable, are those where a pre-romantic inquietude can already be felt ...
Musica - nr.185 april 2007 (Luca Segalla)
a perfomance perfect in its miracolous balance of sound, timbres and dynamics ...
Bright and aristocratic
Suonare News - april 2007
... an intelligent reading in its variety of touch and in the gallant unstableness of rhythm variations ...
Classical music
La Repubblica - april 6th, 2007 (r.i.)
... lucidity and extreme rigor, expositive clearness and gesture essentiality ...
Film, cd, dvd reviews - Classical
Il Giornale - april 13th, 2007 (Lorenzo Arruga)
... a young, sharp pianist who loves going to explore, heknows and practises classical and romantic pieces, feel at home with the language of our time ...
Corriere della Sera - april 18th, 2007 (Gian Mario Benzing)
... a big respect, a delicate and very cured sound, an elegance of the most loving shades ...
Cronaca di Mantova - april 27th, 2007
the piano execution is well done by Andrea Bacchetti, intelligent and sensible ...
CDs and Books
L'Invito - nr.78 may 2007
must be appreciated for dynamic variety, expositive clearness and stylistic rigor ...
Elle - may 2007 (Elsa Airoldi)
... Rigorous and lyric, affected and modest ...
Amadeus - may 2007 (n.s.)
... Bacchetti sets free the Sonatas from their time with a refined interpretation and a full controlled performance ...
Suono - june 2007 (Umberto Padroni)
... the masterly Andrea Bacchetti's performance is very properly drawn in a gracious atmosphere ...
FDS Music
Fedeltà del Suono - june 2007 (Luigi Bellingardi)
... a very charming and persuasive performance for the variety of the touch and for the sensitiveness shown in the phrasing ...
Le Monde de la Musique - n.321 juin 2007 (Marc Vignal)
... Andrea Bacchetti joue ces sonates avec délicatesse et poésie ...
CDs & Media
Il Giornale della musica - june 2007 (Roberto Iovino)
... Bacchetti's readings make up appreciate for the dynamic variety and expositive clearness ...
Classic Voice - nr.45 june 2007 (Luca Chierici)
... after devoting to Bach and Mendelssohn, today it's up to Cherubini ...
Les disques de A à Z
Diapason - n.549 juillet-aout 2007 (Etienne Moreau)
... son toucher discret, son legato impeccable, sa sonorité chaleureuse ...
Classical in discoteque
Gazzetta di Parma - august 20th, 2007 (Gian Paolo Minardi)
... full of authentic musicality, curious and sensitive performer ...
Kultura - Regal z plytami
Dziennik Polski - Krakov, august 21st, 2007
"... a new mark and a performance never listened before. Very interesting!"
Pizzicato - nr.175 september 2007 (Isabelle Trueb)
... Une interprétation lumineuse, intime et racée ...
Classic Voice - nr.100 september 2007 (Gian Paolo Minardi)
... Bacchetti's sharp reading is able to underline those aspects of news of Cherubini's personality ...
Kamer muziek
Luister - september 2007 (H.Q.)
"... Bacchetti takes out all from music, with an extraordinary capability of identification ..."
Classical music
Audio Review - nr.283 october 2007 (Stefano Catucci)
... restless and unforeseeable talent, plays these pages with seriousness and vitality, showing musicality and sensitiveness in his touch ...
L'actualité classique
ClassicToday France - octobre 2007 (Christophe Huss)
... il nous présente l'essence musicale de ces Sonates avec tact et intégrité ...
Le répertoire des CD de A à Z
Classica-Repértoire - octobre 2007 (Philippe Thanh)
... les six sonates pour clavier de Cherubini sont interprétées avec délicatesse ...
Klassik CDS
RONDOplus - 10/2007 (Guido Fischer)
... Wenn nun Andrea Bacchetti das uber zwei Jarhunderte spater mit seiner besonnenen Gewichtung der Konturen ...
Musica e Scuola - nr.17 october 2007 (Laura Ruzza)
"... I wanted to use the real piano sound, without looking for the imitation of the sound of the instruments of the past ..."
Music almanac
Record for every day of the year - 2007 (Carlo Boccadoro)
... Bacchetti does not renounce to any among the beaauty models of classic "pianismo", but he reads them again always in the light of modern scores ...
Novedades discográficas - 22/02/2008 (Michael Lukey)
... La interpretación pianistica y la musicalidad son de todo punto excelentes.
Anfang am Klavier
Musik & Theater - februar 2008 (Reinmar Wagner)
... der italienische Pianist Andrea Bacchetti es ausgezeicnert versteht ...
Crescendo - fevrier-mars 2008 (Jean-Marie André)
... bien évidemment, le pianiste a un toucher délicat, une belle sonorité ...
plyta miesiaca
Muzika21 - 4/2008 (Andrzey Osinski)
Discos criticas de la A a la Z
Ritmo - n.811 Septiembre 2008 (G.P.C.)
... los contrastes, la dulzura, las preciosas apoyaturas, irresistibles y moderatamente recreadas por Bacchetti ...
Record Geijutsu - September 2008
"... This one has very misterious charm ..."
il Piccolo - Trieste, november 2008 (Stefano Bianchi)
Lucid formal and constructional awareness, elegance of phrasing, clearness of touch ...
CD Compact - noviembre 2008 (Lluis Trullén)
... una interpretación servida bajo una indiscutible inteligencia musical ...
Rondò 1/2009 (Giona Saporiti)
a fluent and confident interpretation by Andrea Bacchetti, precise and inspired ...
International Record Review 6/2009 (Mark Tanner)
... There is genuine artistry here, and a sparkling erudition oh phrasing to enhance the interpretations.
Escuchar - Recomendados
Melómano - n.147 noviembre 2009 (redacción)
... una interpretación sólida, animada,galante, asequible y amena ...
Le Magazine - 20/03/2010 (Maxime Kaprielian)
... une interprétation idéale pour se faire une idée du style musical italien en cette fin du XVIIIe siècle.
discos excepcionales
scherzo - n.252 mayo 2010 (Emili Blasco)
... toque exquisito y suave ... un barroco refinado y atento a las delicadezas ...
The CD of classic music
L'Eco di Bergamo - October 12th, 2010 (Stefano Cortesi)
... Bacchetti - a restless and unpredictable talent - interprets these pages with seriousness and verve, showing musicality and touch sensibilty.
Les disques
Diapason - novembre 2010 (Jean Cabourg)
... le rendu sonore des plus séduisant ...
1000 Finest Classical Recordings
The Penguin Guide - 2011 (March, Greenfield, Layton, Czajkoski)
... Bacchetti is an enterprising artist, willing to explore the keyboard repertoire, and his playing is always distinctive, cultivated and full of life.

march 11th, 2007

MUSICA - 4/2007

april 13th, 2007

Amadeus - 5/2007

6 juin 2007

n.321 - juin 2007

n.549 juillet-aout 2007


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