... Bacchetti hat den Kosmos der Goldberg-Variationen offenbar gänzlich durchdrungen. In nie nachlassender Spannung hält er den einmal vorgegebenen zügigen Interpretationsansatz durch und gibt dennoch der Musik Raum, sich stimmungsvoll zu entfalten. Schon die das Werk eröffnende Aria formuliert Bacchetti pragnant und präzise, begreift die Verzierungen der Melodie als organischen Bestandteil des Ganzen, setz mehr auf Gleichberechtigung der Stimmen, auf Bevorzugung von Einzelaspekten. ... Der hochkonzentrierte Vortrag fordert indes nicht nur den Pianisten, der sich stets der enormen Verantwortung bewusst scheint, die Goldberg-Variationen nach Legenden wie Glenn Gould zu interpretierren, sondern auch die Konzentration der Zuhörer. Der riesige Schluss-applaus freut Bacchetti schließlich so sehr, dass er dem 75-Minütigen Hauptwerk noch rund 25 Minuten zweistimmige Inventionen von Bach folgen lässt und eine kleine Pulcinella-Skizze von Villa-Lobos. ...

30 Veränderungen zur "Ergetzung" Klavierabend
Andrea Bacchetti entfaltet den Kosmos der Goldberg-Variationen

Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt - 8. januar 2008 (Von Klaus Schmidt)

... There are two big kinds of musicians, those "lay" - who have a professional relationship with music, unexceptionable as far as technique is concerned, but without any transport - and those "mystic", so great in their transport to make the audience share not a simple performance but a cult of moved admiration of Beauty. Andrea Bacchetti belongs to the latter kind ... when he sits at the piano no doubt remains: we are in front of a great musician, as far as phrasing and technique are concerned, but also - and above all - as far as interpretation is. The rapture that is felt by the pianist reaches the audience and penetrates in the heart, emotion and pure musical delight ...

Andrea Bacchetti, or thel mysticism of piano
More than a concert, a celebration of the Goddess of Music

La Voce, Cesena - January 29th, 2008 (Paolo Turroni)

... What really matters, as far as faith to the work is concerned, are musical intelligence and performer's taste, his ability to penetrate letter and spirit of music to extract its absolute values that it contains. Andrea Bacchetti owns all these qualities, together with an original performing bent, but without oddnesses, and with a touch on piano of exemplary mix of colours and clear in its articulations. ... Also nowadays the piano, with Berio's pages (of which Bacchetti is a specialist), found in the young pianist a deep performer, rigorous and careful to the care of sound atmosphere. ...

Bacchetti, a pianist endowed with an original touch

L'Arena, Verona - February 22nd, 2008 (Ma. Ma.)

... at Sperimental Theatre Prazak Quartet, one of the most famous and important team of chamber music, together with the young and talented pianist Andrea Bacchetti, whose various and prestigious career started with the debut, when he was only 11, at Sala Verdi in Milan ...

Prazack Quartet and Bacchetti, the virtuous players

Il Messaggero, Ancona - March 5th, 2008 (Gabriele Cesaretti)

... The famous Prazak Quartet, one of the most important chamber music team in the world, and the pianist Andrea Bacchetti, young talent recognized on an international level, are guests of the Society Amici della Musica "Guido Micheli" ...

With Prazack Quartet music is chamber music

Il Resto del Carlino, Ancona - March 5th, 2008

... his introspective "Pianismo", rich in timbre-shades, always very considered in every technical and poetical parameters, seems to conquering another goal in view of a deep maturity. ... "I adore playing Bach on piano, my Bach wants to be also romantic, but reach of all the ornaments of the language of the eighteen century ..."

Bacchetti, the pianist launched by Karajan

La Repubblica, Milano - March 25th, 2008 (Luigi Di Fronzo)

... Andrea Bacchetti, pianist, becomes Berio's spokesman, while Berio becomes Bacchetti's vehicle, for a new to be given back to the past. Above all to Bach. An "Italian Bach" his own one, without any precedent, enlighted by the skies of the pictorial Eighteen century, that was full of chaste romantic feeling, varnished by the lucid objectivity of the present. It is not for chance if Goldberg variations - just published in DVD and CD - have gained for him all the stars in the world. ...

Andrea Bacchetti's Italian Bach

Il Giornale, Milano - March 28th, 2008 (Elsa Airoldi)

... The compact harmony of the ensemble, with Andrea Bacchetti's piano on a well prominent position, sometimes also leading, in "Quintetto op. 44" by Schumann, gives importance to the vigorous agreement of the whole, among energetic expansion and thick rhythmical relationship, gloomy, tensions and concise sonorities.

At the Politeama perfect harmony with "Ysaye"

Giornale di Sicilia, Palermo - April 15th, 2008 (Sara Patera)

... Bacchetti's reading, precise and defined with a deep care also in polyphonic details, mixes the rigour of the counter pointed parts and Bach's lyrical intensity, sweet and kind ... Bacchetti bore with a scrupulous vigour the most meditative pages, and he faced with grit and brightness those of sparkling technical skinless. The performance explains the reason why recently his performance of Bach has got wide successes from the specialized critics. ...

Goldberg Variations by Andrea Bacchetti. Rigour and clearness

L'Eco di Bergamo - April 21st, 2008

... The "Filarmonica" and "Suona Francese" present the Ysaye Quartet and the young pianist Andrea Bacchetti ...

We chose ...

Corriere della Sera, Roma - May 15th, 2008

... En el segundo concierto de Beehoven, Baccchetti entró después de un largo preludiodel orquesta: lo hizo sin poses, sacando del Steinway el sonido más acertado posible, sin excesiva percusión, sin caer en lo almibarado, manifestando delicadeza, elegancia, usando los pedales con absoluta sobriedad, lo que le permitió destilar un sonido puro, arpegios desgranados. El primer movimiento puso en evidencia la influencia que Beethoven habia recibido de Mozart. Bacchetti respectó aquel toque sofisticado, delicado, del maestro de Salzburgo. En el adagio asomó la llama romantica con un lirismo intenso, aunque la parte del piano tenga una gran sobriedad. El rondó final hizo renacer el virtuosismo, puso de relieve la impecable técnica del intérprete ...

Andrea Bacchetti, el niño grande

elUniverso.com, Guayaquil - 16 mayo 2008 (Félix Fleming)

... Es considerado como un instrumentista deslumbrante, recibiendo elogios de la critica, especialistas que elogian las cualidades de Andrea Bacchetti destacando "su equilibrio entre los parámetros técnicos y poéticos", al tiempo que señalaba "su profonda madurez".

Andrea Bacchetti "viaja" en el Auditorio a Italia de la mano de sus grandes compositores

Diario de Valladolid - 19 de mayo 2008 (Agustin Achúcarro)

... Andrea Bacchetti dejó claro que es un músico completo, modelo de pulsación serena, limpia, meditada, casi mistica ... Exquisito.

Divina pulsación

El Norte de Castilla, Valladolid - 20 de mayo 2008 (Emiliano Allende)

Un pianista singular, Bacchetti realizó una especie de viaje iniciático musical con una serie de compositores italianos, Clementi, Cherubini, Scarlatti, Rossini, hasta llegar a Berio, todos de un tirón, ensimismado con una pulsación y un sonido magníficos y diverso impidiendo hasta el final el ablandamiento.
Después, en los regalos, mostró un rostro diferente: Villa-Lobos, Gershwin, Bach, Debussy y Chopin sonaron gráciles y dinámicos con gran clase. Experiencia interesantísima. ...

Valladolid - Final en punta

Scherzo, Madrid - Año XXIII nr.232 Julio/Auguste 2008 (Fernando Herrero)

... Por el Auditorio vallisoletano pasaron 3 visiones diferentes del teclado: Krystian Zimerman, Gustav Leonhardt y Andrea Bacchetti. ... "Dos siglos de música italiana para teclado": Scarlatti (pulsación y ritmo), Galuppi, Clementi (luciendo el instrumento porque sus manos se lo permiten), Cherubini, Rossini (contraste) y Berio (brillo y delicadeza) fueron presentados por Bacchetti, con finura, limpieza y conocimiento; pero el genio se elevó el los encores: Villa Lobos, Gershwin (soberbio) Bach (a cincel), Debussy y Chopin.

Dudosos mitos, referentes y genios

Ritmo, Madrid - nr.809 Julio/Auguste 2008 (J.M.M.M.)

... One step. One note. And we are already somewhere else. It is the Bacchetti-Bach vortex. Yesterday the pianist played in a music marathon, presenting three hours of Bach. ? Bacchetti plays with transport and passion and, not wrongly, he is considered among the greatest living Bach's performers ...

Bach's notes played by Andrea Bacchetti enchante

La Cronaca, Cremona - May 31st, 2008 (f.p.)

... yesterday Goldberg Variations were performed in the "Duomo", on piano, by Andrea Bacchetti for Bach Marathon that saw the excellent performer playing also 2 or 3 voices inventions.
A concert worthy of a great season ...

In the Cathedral Bach is exalted by Bacchetti

La Provincia, Cremona - May 31st, 2008

... Concert performer used to play within the most important national and international festivals, Bacchetti can be considered the greatest Bach's performer in Italy, an author of which he practically masters all the work for keyboard. ...

In the Cathedral Bach is exalted by Bacchetti

IL CENTRO Quotidiano dell'Abruzzo, Rocca di Mezzo - August 7th, 2008

... It is rare to see such a complete control of the instrument, a naturalness of the approach that conveys the idea that everything is extremely simple. The motifs breath, the phrasing makes the notes sing well ... Touch and exceptional tidiness: these are the qualities of a worthy pianist. ...

Andrea Bacchetti enchantes Trisobbio

L'ANCORA, Acqui Terme - August 31st, 2008 (G. Sa)

... The basis of Bacchetti's reading of Bach are rigour and expressive clearness ... Vigour, plastic sounds, variety in embellishments, Bacchetti seems to avoid a priori the philological matter, and his reading was appreciated and convinced as far as style is concerned ... After being was called back on stage by a discharging applause, applause hold for a long time, Bacchetti set again at piano and played a whole sonata by Mozart, revealing, compared with Bach, a smoother and pianistic sonority, then he definitively said goodbye with a very famous standard jazz ... A noteworthy interpretation.

Bacchetti celebrates Bach's art
Applauses for the recital of Genoese pianist at St. Elmo Castle

IL ROMA, Neaples - November 22nd, 2008 (Umberto Garberini)

... Rigorous attention towards writing, meticulous structural studying, research aimed to the beautiful sound, embellishments absolutely realistic, give to Andrea Bacchetti's vision of Bach - which presents a coherence that can hardly be scored - an elegance of a French baroque artist, even more interesting and personal because of the fact that he is - perhaps - very far from usual stereotypes

Bacchetti and Bach's suites

Il Mattino, Neaples - November 26th, 2008 (Stefano Valenzuolo)

... Andrea Bacchetti today comes back to end the autumnal part of 2008 concert season... This concert has the feature of extraordinariness, both for the performer's value, and for the specificity, of the program, presented by the pianist in a long tournée that touched Madrid, Berlin, Bellinzona, Compiegne, Valladolid, besides many Italian cities ...

The autumn pianist - today in Rovigo Andrea Bacchetti from an International tournée
Applauses for the recital of Genoese pianist at St. Elmo Castle

La Voce di Rovigo - November 30th, 2008 (Cristiano Moretto)

... Bacchetti, performer of sure personality and wide culture, chose his own way and retraced in a personal and persuading way the whole catalogue, from Bach to contemporaries ... A musical itinerary of great intelligence and deep coherence, an all-modern vision of the classics of eighteen century, but also a Romanticism discovered again out of sentimentalism and rhetoric ...

Andrea Bacchetti retraces on piano three centuries of Italian music

Il Resto del Carlino, Rovigo - November 30th, 2008 (s.g.)

... Without any doubt Bacchetti is one of the Italian players that have given new impulse and vigour to pianistic interpretations among much literature. Mature already at his début, the pianist got positive comments all over the world... The choice of Venezze Association to end with him the series of autumn concerts is right.

The pianist Bacchetti goes along three centuries of Italian music

Il Gazzettino, Rovigo - November 30th, 2008 (Milena Dolcetto)

... sonorities of calm wonder and forms of superficial brightness ... the pianistic timber was simple and charming, the ornamentation was very tidy, the counterpoint with the orchestra was calibrated to millimetre: great "cantabilità", crystal clearness, show of virtuosities ... Enthusiastic applauses ...

Bacchetti & Doni brilliant couple

Il Gazzettino, Udine - December 5th, 2008 (Lucia Ludovico De Nardo)

... Bacchetti proposes the concert in la maggiore KV 414 for piano and orchestra by Mozart... Performance here and there a bit too "Beethoveniana", but with the high technical and expressive range of a pianist who can penetrate Mozart's language with authoritativeness and sensitiveness ...

Weiner classicism in a brilliant concert with the pianist Bacchetti

Il Messaggero Veneto, Udine - December 5th, 2008 (Sergio Zolli)

... La segunda intervención en nuestra ciudad de Andrea Bacchetti, fue la confirmatión de que nos encontramos ante un pianista diferente. Su presencia fisica, apenas percetible, deja paso a la trasmisión de la esencia de cada una de las obras que interpreta. Su flexibilidad para la pulsación y su modo de frasear, son virtudes que le convierten en un intérprete original. En su concierto de ayer, que comprendía las Suites inglesias y francesas números 4 y 5, Bacchetti, se acercó a Bach con profundidad haciendo gala de una asombrosa claridad en ambas manos. Asi, el contrapunto fue un tejido inmaculado y a la vez cálido. Vigor en los preludios y sosiego en las "allemandes", contrataron con los "passepied" y minuetos. Bacchetti mantuvo siempre el equilibrio estructural de las obras sin por ello renunciar a crescendos espresivos que alcanzaron el cenit en las gigas finales, en las que la escritura fugada lució en toda su riqueza. ...

La esencia de la música

www.nortecastilla.es - 11 de diciembre 2008 (Emiliano Allende)

... Igualmente es de destacar la forma exceptional de comprender a Bach por Andrea Bacchetti, que abordó un complicadísimo programa con las Suites inglesas y francesas del composidor con un dominio absoluto y un original sentido de la pulsación ...

Viento en las velas - Valladolid: Música de cámara y solistas

scherzo, enero 2009 - (Fernando Herrero)

... Ambas características se unen en el genovés Andrea Bacchetti, pianista que ofreció un monográfico Bach en el Ciclo Otoño en Clave, que Fundación Siglo situó en la Sala de cámara del Auditorio de Valladolid ... El Bach de Bacchetti es muy personal, con un pedal muy medido, un absoluto conocimiento del uso de la ornamentación, brillo en el sonido siempre controlado, capacidad dinámica y estudio para diferenciar colecciones y danxas: es decir, dominio del estilo sin despreciar para nada las posibilidades técnicas del piano de hoy. Hubo momentos mágicos ... Magnífico.

Hemos escuchado a ... Música y Genio

RITMO, fevrero 2009 - (J.M.M.M.)