An original and peculiar programme, a well-focused and sensible performer ... the protagonist, the Genoese pianist Andrea Bacchetti, cheered and applauded ... The first half of the recital was completely dedicated to Bach, whilst the second half hosted - for the first time in Messina - some pages from Berio's Six Encores, from Julian Scriabin's four Preludes as well as a Mozart's Sonata. Confident and praiseworthy performance by Bacchetti, who confirmed himself once more as a sensitive and technical-gifted pianist.

Confident and praiseworthy the performances of pianist Bacchetti

Gazzetta del Sud, Messina - January 15th, 2004 (Matteo Pappalardo)

It was a first-class programme, even on an intellectual point of view, the one which was proposed by Andrea Bacchetti (already winner of Venice Prize) at the Malibran, hosted by the Venetian Concerts Society: Bach, Berio, Mozart and a sparkling encores selection which jumped from Chopin to Bach, from Debussy to Gershwin and back again to Chopin. Bacchetti loves the abstractions, the black-and-whites, the connections between the Eighteenth - and the Twentieth centuries. Bach and Berio explain this mental choice of him ... Bacchetti prefers the Reason's pleasures, he explores the Eighteenth century throughout his twentieth-century liaisons, he tries to catch the continuum between past and present always respecting the philological approach ...

A black-and-white pianism

Il Gazzettino, Venice - January 28th, 2004 (Mario Messinis)

... high profile occasions, like the one dedicated to the concerts for piano and orchestra, performed by the Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese directed by Mario Zanini ... The twenty-seven-years old pianist Andrea Bacchetti, breast-fed with Berio's music, offered a majestic performance of the wonderful Concert nr. 4 in G maj op. 58, full of dire difficulties but of lyrical recourses as well; Bacchetti's dense touch is as always framed into feverish virtuoso outbursts ...

Five perfectly fit soloist for Beethoven's concerts

Il Tempo, Rome - February 21st, 2004 (Paola Pariset)

Three final encores put the seal on the cheered concert that the cellist Rocco Filippini and the pianist Andrea Bacchetti performed last Mondey evening at Carlo Felice Theatre, hosted by G.O.G. (Giovine Orchestra Genovese - Young Genoese Orchestra) ... The two-soloists performance was to be noticed especially for their ability to propose extremely different scores with the same hearty approach, cleaned up from mere exhibitionisms and on the contrary focused on a clean and sharp definition of the main characterising outlines of each score ... Filippini's analytic clearness and experience melted at their best with Bacchetti contained but sharp sound expression, and the result is of a mesmerising brilliance ...

Cello and piano: the right formula for a trap-full dialogue

Il Secolo XIX, Genoa - March 3rd, 2004 (Edwin W. Rosasco)

Immer wieder überrascht die Sonthofer Gesellschaft "Freunde der Musik" ihre Mitglieder mit hochkarätigen Konzerten. Jüngst waren die Musikfreunde im Hotel "Allgäu-Stern" zusammengekommen, um mit Andrea Bacchetti einen aus zwei vorangegangenen Konzerten schon wohl bekannten Pianisten von internationalem Ruf zu hören.

Mit Feuer und Elan - Andrea Bacchetti gibt Klaviersuiten von Bach Charakter

Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt, 18 märz 2004 (Von Klaus Wowczyk)



... pianist Andrea Bacchetti has just begun the three-year performing of the six "French suites" and the six "English suites" ... It seems that Bacchetti found in Bach a personal election world, made up both with a meditational factor (the Sarabande, sometimes delayed in time and often even just whispered) and also with joyful, living glimpses ... really overjoyed, with a hint of nobleness but nonetheless happy and alive, the way in which Bacchetti performed the two gavottes in the English suite nr.6. The twenty-seven years old pianist overflows with energy, which he lavishes in every rythmically alive pages ...

With Bacchetti at the piano it's a totally different Bach

La Stampa, Turin - April 1st, 2004 (Giangiorgio Satragni)

Bacchetti plays Bach on a real illuministic vocation, finding the way of being - in the same time - both modern and ancient. The clarity of the formal analysis ... just equals the sparkling fraseggio and the fully expressive characterisation lavished on the dances which constitute the spinal cord of the Suites ... The choice of the piano is accepted without limits. Bacchetti asks the Grand Piano for what the harpsichord simply couldn't deliver: the dynamic outweighing, the strong accents, the multifaceted articulation, the soft brushing of the pedals. And Bacchetti doesn't crave for a simple imitation of the harpsichord, because the sound which comes out of the piano is round, nice, even singable ... Deafening applauses and three encores ...

Bacchetti at the piano enchants the audience with Bach's Suites

Il Piccolo, Monfalcone - April 6th, 2004 (Sergio Cimarosti)

... Beethoven's Concert nr. 2 op. 19 for piano and orchestra, often considered - wrongly - undemanding, as a matter of fact is brief but extremely difficult, also because the definitive B-flat beat had been written long after the first performance - in which it was simply improvised - and it's really a fast beat, "almost devilish" as Bacchetti himself called it ...

Beethoven according to Bacchetti

Il Mattino, Padova - April 22nd, 2004

Andrea Bacchetti is a young pianist with both a noticeable curiosity and a musical appetite, and he's kind of a character as well. Born Genoese, a skinny and glass-eyed boy, was noticed by Von Karajan, who was always very keen on young musicians ... and has thereafter become "protegé" of Berio's and many other musicians and producers like Horszowsky, Siciliani and Magaloff. For sure, Bacchetti isn't a "muscle" pianist, on the contrary both his technique and sound are singing and flexible, and this allows him to have a wide repertoire, going from Bach to contemporary music ... The Philharmonic's cycle is dedicated to Chopin, so the pianist of Liguria will be able to perform in the "Berceuse" and in the "Four Improvvisi", scores which have been since long in his repertoire and which he already recorded ...

Three evenings for Chopin

L'Unità, Rome - June 30th, 2004 (Giovanni Fratello)

... There are two actors in the playbill, Bach and Berio, in a comparison that reflects the sense itself of Bologna festival, and that show - even though in the evolution of language and forms - the whole story of music. Bach in the opening and in the closing of the night ... in the middle that Berio to whom Bacchetti dedicated an important part of his care, getting significant recognitions.

In this way Bacchetti on piano joins together Bach and Berio

La Repubblica, Bologna - September 26th, 2004 (Fabrizio Festa)

Great success for the third appointment with Autumnal Concerts ... the piano performance by the young Andrea Bacchetti was perfect ...

Autumn concerts at the Imperiale Cinema

Il Tirreno, Montecatini - September 29th, 2004 (Faustina Tori)

... Otro joven pianista de la Academia que està destacàndose con mucha fuerza es Andrea Bacchetti, que se està perfeccionando con Franco Scala. Nacido en Génova, dedicado desde muy joven al piano, cuerta hoy con un repertorio extremadamente amplio que se extiende de Bach hasta Luciano Berio. De hecho, el gran compositor ligur ha querido Bacchetti dedicar un reciente CD monogràfico, publicado por Decca. ...

Encuentros en Imola - Pianistas para el siglo XXI

Scherzo, Madrid - October, 2004 (Carmelo Di Gennaro - translation by Fernando Fraga)

... Fifteen years of concert career, from 1989 to now, that led the ex-enfant prodige (today a popular pianist) to reap successes in Europe, South America and Japan: to celebrate the 27 years old Genoese pianist, the GOG cared for the publication of a commemorative CD that is being presented tomorrow afternoon at Tursi Palace, with a concert by Bacchetti himself ...

A CD about Bach of GOG to celebrate Bacchetti

Il Secolo XIX - October 6th, 2004 (Edwin W. Rosasco)

... The sound of piano, resolute but at the same time never intrusive, comes out at once and shuffles itself with good taste in the orchestral phrasing ... a bright and lively performance, another occasion of good music, without contraindication ...


Corriere di Novara - October 9th, 2004 (a.v.)

... The excellent quartet made up of the pianist Andrea Bacchetti and the strings trio of Toscanini Philharmonic was the brilliant protagonist of the concert ... Mozart's pages in which the instruments become the voices of a real dialogue. Andrea Bacchetti, whose "mercurial" musicality can change itself in these pages in a positive centre of movement, gave a vivid and eloquent voice to these characters, in a happy mix of instrumental and interpretative skill ...

Mozart Festival: Bacchetti and Toscanini strings' intense performance

Gazzetta di Parma - October 4th, 2004 (v.r.s.)

... the night, with Boulez himself conducting the exceptional musicians of the Ensemble Interconterporain, turns into a "totally Berio" that enchants - it seems without reserves - the audience of the Conservatory. ... the performers show a sober and very pure musical intelligence. The show of exactness.

Pierre Boulez's homage to Berio: immediate music

Corriere della Sera - November 4th, 2004 (E. Gir.)

Valerio Adami, Pierre Boulez, Umberto Eco, Renzo Piano, Enzo Restagno. They are all there, in a circle, on the stage of Puccini Hall at Milan Conservatory. They celebrate their friend Luciano Berio, who died on 27th May one year ago. Francesco Micheli invited them, the artificer of this round table and, to follow, in Verdi Hall, of the concert with Berio's music pieces. The appointment was opened by Six Encores with Andrea Bacchetti on the piano, and closed by Folk Songs.
A satisfied and clapping audience, an extraordinary answer for a program of contemporary music ...

Boulez, homage to Berio - What shivers for Folk Songs

Il Giornale - November 4th, 2004 (Piera Anna Franini)

... In the Erdenklavier (which Andrea Bacchetti played as well as only few other pianists can do), behind resonances of pure "armonici" a ghost of theme is moving. ...

Engineer Boulez's logic at service of Berio's story

Il Giorno - November 4th, 2004 (Carlo Maria Cella)

Do you want a Berio who is "more Berio" than the one Luciano Berio himself would have liked? Send for Andrea Bacchetti. The little boy who was noticed when he was 12 years old in Saltsburg and was elected at once as a pianistic alter ego. ... The piano, leader instrument of romantic season, has little space in the modern one. However, Luciano Berio cultivates it, as if he would like to give it to the very young player who is dazzled by the psychological lucidity of the new language. In order to disclose to him the present, to become his maitre à penser. And Bacchetti, 26 years old, says thank you by making the master live again. ...

Homage of Milan to Luciano Berio

Il Giornale, Milan - November 5th, 2004 (Elsa Airoldi)



... The duo Rocco Filippini, cello, and Andrea Bacchetti, piano, was the artificer of the music show promoted by The Friends of Music at the San Pietro in Ortigia Auditorium. ... Filippini's sound is limpid and has an incredible charm of timbre, similar to the typically Italian taste ... the first approach with the fine master of cello is Bach's contrapuntal one, through the "Sonata n.1" in major sol which - in its form moved to piano - finds in Bacchetti an excellent translator of "basso continuo". ... In the second part of the program the sparkling performance of Chopin - "Introduzione e polonese brillante" - lights a new flame in the audience ...

Music, at San Pietro Auditorium Rocco Filippini's refined notes

Il Giornale di Sicilia, Syracuse - November 10th, 2004 (Corrado Genovese)

... For concert season 2004-2005 of Etnea Musical Association, the cellist Rocco Filippini and the pianist Andrea Bacchetti were much-appreciated guests. The clapping audience - which with its numerous presences made the Biscari Palace sold out - remained literally captured by the involving program and by the charm of the communicativeness that emanated from the duet in a wonderful symbiosis. ... And if in Filippini we admired also the big instrumental control, the reasoned stylistic rigor and the clearness of sound, the young Bacchetti found on this hand the liveliest outburst and always reasonably functional energies. But the most important fact is that he never degenerates in star exuberances, even when the keyboard cold give him the temptation, since the transcriptions themselves, due to the cellist, rewarded the piano very much.

The Duo Filippini - Bacchetti illuminate Webern's poetics

La Sicilia, Catania - November 16th, 2004 (Niny Ganguzza)

Also "enfant prodige" grow up. Someone doesn't succeed in keeping the promises of a spontaneous talent, which rose when he was a little child, while some others mature with awareness. This is Andrea Bacchetti's case, whose interpretative thickness is one of the most interesting pianistic realities of our years, one who didn't get above himself despite the exuberant collection of international successes and the approval of guru like Luciano Berio, who elected him absolute-level performer of his own music. Contemporary language for Andrea Bacchetti is a deep choice. And it is also a reversed spyglass on romantic music, of which he is a sensitive player, and on the ancient fund. ...

Ex- genius child plays Bach's Suites

La Repubblica, Milan - December 10th, 2004 (Nicoletta Sguben)



... Andrea Bacchetti faced a piano program totally about Beethoven with a tangible expressive intensity, fed by an interpretative look, which went beyond the definitions that go together with these sonatas ... bringing to the surface those funding traits. ... Through that dynamic feature that seems to mark this player's "pianismo", Bacchetti was able to give a sense of balance to the musical dictation ... eventually the big quantity of applauses got him to give three pieces out of the program that had a Bach taste. ...

Bacchetti's touch, intensity and balance

Gazzetta di Parma - December 23rd, 2004 (a.r.)