You cannot listen to such a Corelli, nowadays ... these two musicians offer a very transparent lecture, free in phrasing, at the end of the bow, without however renouncing a content vibrato nor the infinite possibilities of modern piano. ... The two musicians detach the famous opening theme of the «Spring» Sonata by Beethoven with lovely freshness and smoothness. Nishimura sang the Adagio with charming lyricism to which a very inspired Andrea Bacchetti joined ...


MUSICA - nr.323 February 2021 Stefano Pagliantini

Grabación del recital en 2019 en Nagoya del fino violinista japonés con el gran pianista italian, que marca los tiempos a seguir con su sutil pianismo, especialmente en la Sonata Primavera de Beethoven y en la Sonata de Ravel

Sección breve di crítica discográfica

RITMO.es - n.948 Marzo 2021 Blanca Gallego



A composer-violinist, a pianist, and a violinist: we are talking about Gianfranco Messina, Andrea Bacchetti and Leonardo Moretti, who will perform a singular concert program on Sunday, April 11 (unfortunately, only on streaming, as we got used in these pandemic times) ... intended as an homage to Jascha Heifetz, who was born on February 2 120 years ago. It was a favourable opportunity to ask a few questions to these three artists ...
How long have you been studying the Well-Tempered Clavier?
«I started on December 21st, 2019 ... a huge undertaking, and I don't think my learning is finished yet. The most difficult aspect is how to dominate rhythm, to have the absolute control in order to reach playing it with flowing tempos ... It is a transcendental virtuosity, in its own way: in Goldberg Variations the virtuosity is in the keyboard game, while here it is linked to the complexity of the instrumental texture ... »

Messina, Bacchetti and Moretti pay homage to Heifez (interview)

Musica nr. 324 - March 2021 Nicola Cattò


FULL ARTICLE italiango

While we are waiting for the reopening of the theaters, the streaming program of Circuito Aperto goes on. On Friday, March 5, next event will be dedicated to music, featuring one of the best Bach piano performers ... Andrea Bacchetti will play eight Preludes and Fugues from the second book of Johann Sebastian Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier ...

Bacchetti will perform eight Preludes and Fugues from the 2nd book of the Well Tempered Clavier ...

www.instart.it - March, 1st 2021 (press release)

FULL ARTICLE italiango

Andrea Bacchetti (Génova, 1977) es un pianista que sigo con placer desde hace años. Le he oído obras variadas, pero no cabe duda de que Bach es uno de los compositores que siente más cercano y su aproximación a su música es siempre interesante. A Bacchetti no le interesa el Bach mecánico que se estudia en tantos conservatorios, sino esa libertad y cercanía incluso a la improvisación que siempre tiene su música. Y de ello es buena muestra este concierto ... El Preludio nº 5 es muy distinto en carácter, estilísticamente se parece más a un movimiento de un concierto de solista que a un preludio propiamente dicho, y como es habitual, Bacchetti no tiene complejos y no duda incluso en parar el tempo en alguna ocasión para resaltar el carácter virtuosístico o improvisatorio de algunos momentos. ...

X: Bacchetti y un Bach fantástico

www.mundoclasico.com - 12 de abril de 2021, (Maruxa Baliñas)



The IUC pays homage to the German genius with a streaming project on Youtube and Facebook on Sunday, 21 and Wednesday, 31 March. It will be a Bachian spring, in the name of rebirth. Happy BachDays is the new free streaming musical appointment by the Istituzione Universitaria dei Concerti in Rome. It is scheduled for Sunday, March 21: there will be a tribute to Bach, the immense composer ... Many musicians are involved in this project, attesting to the commitment by IUC in supporting artists, who are the true lifeblood of the music scene ... Established soloists such as the pianist Andrea Bacchetti, the cellist Luca Pincini and the organist Luca Scandali, but also some of the best talents from prestigious schools ... They will be the protagonists of a long and rich musical marathon with some among Bach masterpieces for every time different instruments, scattered throughout the day ...

Happy BachDays 2021 - I.U.C. pays homage to the German genius with a streaming project

www.oggiroma.it - March 10th, 2021 (newsroom)

A double date, today and on next April 12, with the Genoese pianist Andrea Bacchetti and Johann Sebastian Bach's music ... also this event is part of the "Happy BachDays" by the prestigious IUC - Istituzione universitaria dei Concerti - La Sapienza, Rome. Today, Bacchetti will perform the famous "Goldberg Variations" ... ... You can follow the concert on the Youtube Channel "iucsapienza2011" the Facebook Page "Istituzione Universitaria dei Concerti", and on the website www.concertiiuc.it. Moreover, on April 12 - a preview - the GOG will broadcast on his social media profiles the recording of Bacchetti playing the complete second book of the "Well-Tempered Clavier" at the Carlo Felice Theatre.

"Goldberg Variations" performed by Bacchetti

Il Secolo XIX - March 31st, 2021 (newsroom)

The performances broadcast in streaming by the IUC Istituzione Universitaria dei Concert (in La Sapienza University in Rome) for the "Happy BachDays 2021", achieved a remarkable success. Now, Andrea Bacchetti will take part in the prestigious GOG (Giovine Orchestra Genovese) season "Intorno al Preludio". He recorded the second book of the"Well-Tempered Clavier, BWV 870 - 893" at the Carlo Felice Theatre in Genoa. This is one of the most difficult and charming compositions in Bach's repertoire, which Bacchetti has been studying since he was a child. ...

Andrea Bacchetti performs Bach

www.levantenews.it - April 10th, 2021 (newsroom)

Tonight, we heard a monumental Johann Sebastian Bach from the Carlo Felice Theatre in Genoa and with the affirmed Ligurian pianist Andrea Bacchetti. ... He is a Bach specialist and he hold tens of concerts in Italy and all around the world, playing many of the Bach masterpieces for keyboard. ... His clear and precise timbre always underlined every Bach's melodic and counterpoint element. Also, in the renown Preludes and Fugues in the second book - even twenty-four! - Bacchetti showed his interpretative qualities. ... You can't miss this event!

An excellent Bach for Andrea Bacchetti

www.corrierebit.com - April 12th, 2021 (Cesare Guzzardella)

... by now, Andrea Bacchetti is one of the reference playing-Bach pianists: our readers know it well, because we punctually presented his many records (from his French Suites to the Concertos, to his repeated Goldberg Variations) pointing to his excellent results; he strengthened his competences by further exploring Bach's contemporaries like Scarlatti, Hasse or Galuppi. With his solid baggage of experiences, Bacchetti lands now at the totem, the second book of the Clavier, whose recording will be published soon. He gives back to the Bachian masterpiece a vision that is far both from the late Romantic pathos and from a false «philologic» objectivism. Bacchetti knows how to perfectly adhere to the heterogeneous character of the collection, a true musical kaleidoscope ... but he also knows how to exalt that «cimento of invention» hat keeps the collection together and constitutes the transcendent character of music ...

The poetry in Bacchetti's "Clavier"

www.rivistamusica.com - April 12th, 2021 Roberto Brusotti

FULL ARTICLE italiango

... Genius at work indeed in Genoa tonight. ... But I was not expecting a performance of such authority and distilled genius as Bacchetti offered today to the glory of the Universal genius that is Johann Sebastian Bach. ... Bacchetti has such a refreshing way of looking at the music with his highly original intellect that allows the music to flow so naturally from his fingers. And what fingers they are! Hardly using the sustaining pedal as his finger legato and sense of balance were of such transcendental control that one was hardly aware of it except that his clarity and precision were of almost superhuman prowess.

Andrea Bacchetti - Geniality in Genoa in praise of the Universal Genius of J.S.Bach

www.christopheraxworthymusiccommentary.wordpress.com - April 12th, 2021 (Christopher Axworthy)



Genoa - It's called "The President is Missing", and it's the literary phenomenon of the moment: 2 million copies sold in a few weeks, a TV series coming with Hollywood production. After all, with two writers like Bill Clinton and James Patterson, the political thriller was destined for success. But what you don't expect happens on page 137 of the Italian edition published by Longanesi. It is here that it is quoted in an open and absolutely incontrovertible way the Levantine Andrea Bacchetti, great pianist, considered one of the greatest Bach interpreters; with a lot of precise reference. ...

Bill Clinton mentions the Ligurian pianist Bacchetti in his thriller novel

www.pledgetimes.com - September 1st, 2021 (Edoardo Meoli)