This concert has been organized by GOG, Giovine Orchestra Genovese, and its proceeds will go on charity to "For the smile of Ilaria di Montebruno" Association, that was created in 2014 in order to raise money for the Friedreich's ataxia research. FRDA is a rare and actually incurable genetic disease ... Nowadays Andrea Bacchetti is one of the most sensitive Bach's music performers on piano: he finds a special performing level thanks to his analytic lecture of music and to his refinement in sound articulation ...

Camogli: at the Social Theatre a charity concert by Andrea Bacchetti

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A special artist and a charity date: on Saturday 5th, 9 p.m., thanks to GOG, the Social Theatre hosts a concert by pianist Andrea Bacchetti. Proceeds will go to the "For the smile of Ilaria di Montebruno" Association ... «Our mission and our hope - Ilaria's parents say - is to offer a future to many youths in the world who suffer for FRDA as our daughter, as our friend Emma and as many others»...

Charity concert at the Social Theatre - Andrea Bacchetti against a genetic disease

il Secolo XIX - January 3rd, 2019 Rossella Galeotti

Traditionally, on December 8th the "Dicembremusica", music festival will open, with an always wider audience ... In this event, organized by the Philarmonic Society together with Comune di Chiavari, also this year the absolute protagonist will be the Superba Chamber Orchestra, with some of the first performers from the prestigious orchestra of Carlo Felice Theatre, Genoa ... Another very welcome guest for the audience in Chiavari will be Maestro Andrea Bacchetti, a piano virtuoso, who will perform a concert on January 27th, the date, dedicated to the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, will be very emotionally intense ...

On the stage Superba, then Ventura and Big Band, and Polverelli, Benitez, Iovino, Bacchetti...

il Secolo XIX - November 21st, 2018 (P.P.)

... Interpretación de fino pulimento y luminosidad que los conocedores esperan en las grabaciones de los concertos para piano. Bacchetti y Luisi muestran conciencia del estilo clásico, y tocan de manera bastante limpia y expresiva ... A destacar las cadencias del propio Mozart con la cual Bacchetti nos deleita en cada una de las obras. Por lo general, el pianista italiano mantiene su juego bajo control, en un intento de imitar el pequeño sonido del fortepiano, sin embargo, deja de lado esta pretensión y toca el pedal en pasajes fortisimos y en momentos de gran emoción. La orquesta se ha reducido a proporciones clásicas, con precisión en el tono de cuerda y los timbres de viento. ...

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