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Concert for piano and orchestra in A major KV 414

1)  Allegro

2)  Andante

3)  Allegretto

Concert for piano and orchestra in F major KV 413

4)  Allegro

5)  Larghetto

6)  Tempo di menuetto

7)  Fantasia in D minor KV 397

8)  Variations on "Lison dormait" KV 264

9)  Rondò in D major KV 485

TOT. 78:46

I Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra
Antonello Manacorda, conductor

Recording: june 2006, Dal Verme Theatre - Milan (Italy)
Variations on "Lison dormait" KV 264  ( excerpt )   [0'41 - 326 Kb]
How placid Mozart conducted by Manacorda is
Corriere della Sera
, Sunday, january 14th 2007 - (E. Gir.)

Antonello Manacorda’s record debut as new mean conductor of the "I Pomeriggi musicali di Milano" (Milan Musical Afternoons).
A violinist of worth, already Mahler’s stooge, a long artistic complicity with Abbado at first, with Harding later. The musician from Torino yet finds, by freeing himself from such models, a certain personality. He abstains from the "short" and electric sound that today is fashionable, drawing a Mozart that is more "sustained" and placid. Moreover he finds an agreement with Andrea Bacchetti’s "pianismo", a pianist who also looks for the "lunge" of the key but without loosing the sense of lightness proper to the concerts he showed in his CD.
An encouraging and mature debut for Manacorda and a confirm for Bacchetti ...

: Concerts for piano nr. 11 and 12 K 413 and K 414. Fantasia in D minor K 397. Variations on "Lison dormait"
K 264. Rondò in D major K 485.
  -  La Bottega Discantica, 2006  rec.: 2006  total time 76' ****
Suonare News, april 2007 - (E. Gir.)

The fertile process of musical wordliness in Bacchetti, who sets aside for a while the sharp "pianismo" he used for Bach and Berio, reveals a player who is able to give brightness to young Mozart's inspired cadence ... the "Pomeriggi Musicali" orchestra accompanies with a remarkable elegance, but also with a proper dosage of delicate incisiveness, that Mozart genuine and lacking of stylistic-expressive swayings that Bacchetti played ...

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Mozart: Concerts for piano KV 413, KV 414, etc. Andrea Bacchetti / I Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra / Antonello Manacorda
La Bottega Discantica / Discantica 147 / Distr.: Ducale / 2006/ DDD / booklet: Italian
*****  /  Technical: *****
Amadeus, june 2007 - (e.g.)

Musica's reviews
: Concert for piano K 413; Concert for piano K 414; Fantasia K 397; Variations K 264; Rondò K 485.
Andrea Bacchetti piano - I Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra Antonello Manacorda director
DISCANTICA 147 DDD 76:46   ****
Musica, nr.188 july-august 2007

Bacchetti has been playing Mozart of the "Concerts" since he was a child, and he went on tour with Lucerna Orchestra. Obviously his Mozart now is different, more "thought", more controlled, more analyzed "grown-up" ... the Genoese pianist gives of these two concert very a very precise and sensitive image, very controlled as far as sound is concerned ... the commitment and the seriousness of this performance is already a precise psychological choice. A careful use of the pedal then leaves Mozart in his own century, even if Bacchetti – like he does with his favourite, Bach – takes care not to search harpsichord sounds. ...

Antonello Manacorda, conductor - Andrea Bacchetti, piano - I Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra
MOZART Concerts K 413, K 414, Variations K 264, Fantasia K 397, Rondò K 485
La Bottega Discantica (Ducale) - Discantica 147, january 2009 - (Diana Leva)

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