... Andrea Bacchetti's "pianismo", already permanent guest of "Friends of music", reaches summits of perfection and beauty in the touch of formal language of 19th century, displayed with the most lucid return of the humus of chamber music. Bacchetti, famous violoncellist Rocco Filippini's partner, seems to inheriting entirely the most shining Italian mark, as much in the phrasing as in the sober approach to the strings ...

Music, exceptional concert at the Asam with Bacchetti and the Cremona Quartet

Giornale di Sicilia - January 24th, 2007 (Corrado Genovese)

... Five talented artists who showed extraordinary interpretative and expressive qualities, and who received the most flattering approvals and the warmest applauses by the large audience: the string quartet from Cremona and the very young and very clever pianist Andrea Bacchetti ...

Cremona Quartet and the pianist Andrea Bacchetti
At Carabelli Hall of Arcivescovado the ASAM inaugured his 43rd concert season

La LibertÓ, Siracusa - February 3rd, 2007 (Bernardino Zappa)

... Applauses in mid-scene and big warm of the great right of music ... On stage of the Gesualdo da Venosa Conservatory the pianist Andrea Bacchetti exhibited together with the historical formation of the Scala ... In program pieces by Puccini, Verdi, Rossini, Dvorak. ... Many applauses and encores ...

Night of applauses and encores for the musicians of the Scala
Bacchetti and the string quartet at the Conservatory

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno - January 29th, 2007

... Andrea Bacchetti tonight is proposing his interpretation of Bach's work ... far away from the search for reproduction of sound and the idea of harpsichord, this is going to be a "more pianistic" Bach, with a light use of pedal that will make the execution more consonant to this instrument ...

Bach in Andrea Bacchetti's hands

Roma - February 3rd, 2007 (Valentina Di Matteo)

... From the starting area and along all Variations, Andrea Bacchetti showed as the Goldbergs are also beautiful to watch and not only to listen to. Seeing the nimble hands that fly on the keyboard with so much easiness is a show, like listening to that fall of sounds that those hands created ... Bacchetti was able to underline in each moment the pureness of sound and the beauty of the whole work ... A silent, concentrate audience, totally captured by Bach's composing art and by Bacchetti's interpretative one ...

"MozArtBox", the curtain falls on classic music

Roma - February 6th, 2007 (Valentina Di Matteo)

... the awaited meeting represented a real premiere for the audience of Taranto: Andrea Bacchetti's first time in Taranto and the first time Goldberg Variations - the top of Bach's experimentations in creating of musing for keyboard-instruments - are performed totally for piano. ...

Andrea Bacchetti enchants with "Golberg Variatons"

Taranto Sera - February 7th, 2007

The pianist shows off his skinless, rigor and mastery, dexterity and lightness of execution, of touch ... At the end of 75 minutes of uninterrupted music, great applauses and approvals of the numerous audience ...

Andrea Bacchetti's masterly performance

TarantOggi - February 7th, 2007 (Gaetano Laudadio)

... a Mozart show absolutely unpublished and out of beaten patterns on the stage, next to the pianist Andrea Bacchetti - an old knowledge of the audience of Bergamo - the Genoese actor Luigi Maio, the "music-actor" ... on stage the fairy and fantastic Mozart's work par excellence: the Magic Flute ...

The Magic Flute opens Quartetto Society

L'Eco di Bergamo - February 11th, 2007 (Bernardino Zappa)

A jest, a joke. What originally is a fable, rich in metaphors and allegories, in Luigi Maio's version becomes a play ... an ironic version, conducted with undoubted mastery by Luigi Maio, while Andrea Bacchetti supported him with diligent, wise and faultless presence at piano, and was the object of some jests by the actor ...

With the Quartet music becomes play

L'Eco di Bergamo - February 14th, 2007 (Bernardino Zappa)

... one of the most broad-minded pianist but also attentive to the less known music of the past. Tonight at IUC he is offering a program dedicated to the keyboard Italian music of the end of '700 and '800 ...

We suggest Bacchetti, infrequent compositions on piano

Il Messaggero - March 6th, 2007 (Alfredo Gasponi)

IUC tonight proposes some of Cherubini's Sonatas performed by the clever pianist Andrea Bacchetti, who has just recorded Cherubini's "integrale" for keyboard, for the first time on a modern piano ...

Cherubini and Rossini with Bacchetti's piano

La Repubblica - March 6th, 2007 (Landa Ketoff)

... Ingenious, very precocious, once he reached his maturity he allowed himself a nervous and unexhausted search in the literature for his instrument, that led him to explore - besides contemporary one - far authors like Bach, Debussy and Chopin ...

The ingenious Andrea Bacchetti

L'UnitÓ, Roma - March 6th, 2007 (Landa Ketoff)

... Besides some Rossini's, Cimarosa's and Clementi's pages, the young pianist Andrea Bacchetti plays Luigi Cherubini's Sonatas IV, V and VI, an unusual choice because the rediscovery of instrumental Cherubini happened very few decades ago through of epoch instruments, and moreover because the composer is more known for his lyric production ...

Andrea Bacchetti on piano for Cherubini

Corriere della Sera - March 6th, 2007

A program that is more erudite and interesting rather than really balanced, that is a search for an uncommon and a bit enigmatic fund, and after all it comes from a pianist who distinguished himself for originality ... In Bacchetti's sound there is the ambition to beauty of colors that was got above all through the big easiness and elegance of his right hand; on one hand a taste which comes from an ancient and a bit obsolete tradition, on the other one a stylistic research that looks, also in the varied "riprese", at the latest orientations ...

In Bacchetti's sign

Il Manifesto - March 9th, 2007 (Arrigo Quattrocchi)

... specialized in contemporaneousness, he is very appreciated by Pierre Boulez, and he is perhaps the most clever in Luciano Berio's piano music ... the extraordinary Andrea Bacchetti's soft and soft touch and his being Italian put the young Cherubini's sonatas next to Cimarosa's smiling ?700, more than Clementi's already romantic "pianismo". ...

Appointments ... in the capital

La Voce di Roma e Provincia - March 15th, 2007 (Paola Pariset)

... the young pianist set Cherubini's Sonatas in the serene grace of Italian harpsichordists ... highlighting their gracefulness with his incomparable touch, as pure as a caress that - even in the greatest technical difficulties offered somewhere else by the composers of ?900 - always leads us to a superior harmony ...

Andrea Bacchetti at "La Sapienza" University

Ragioni Socialiste, Roma - March, 2007 (Paola Pariset)

Bacchetti is "interesting" in the very approach to the instrument and to its literature, in the formation and in the referring to precise numens of piano firmament, in the fund and at last in the way he plays, which gives him an authentic peculiarity in a crowded but rather homogeneous ...
Bacchetti prefers the "frammento" and those little forms that converge and gather around a centre, like lazy snapshots of a particular moment. What charms him of these forms is the perfect structure, which tallies with an assiduous work on sound and on the recurrence of "incisi" and timbres. His present interest for J.S. Bach comes from here ... an author he proposed more and more often, within monographic concerts he is asked for a bit everywhere and especially by important musical international institutions. ...

Andrea Bacchetti at Venezze Palace

Il Resto del Carlino - March 18th, 2007 (Sergio Garbato)

Precision, temper, fine taste ... totally captured by each execution, Bacchetti adopted an always elegant yet strong sonority, aiming to highlight the faultless phrasing, the precision of technique and the mature taste, even in the most stringent sections as far as rhythm is concerned, till to the explosion of virtuosity of the last piece.

Andrea Bacchetti's precision and taste at the Venezze

Il Gazzettino - March 20th, 2007 (Sofia Teresa Bisi)

... a pianist who is to leave a mark thanks to an unmistakable musical personality and to the ability to link the inheritance of the big masters with the taste of contemporaneousness. ... To act as an underlying theme and to lead back the whole to an authentic unity of style and expression, a phrasing (but we would like to say a "dizione") literally fabulous, soft and assertive at the same time, able to redefine and shade a sharp enough sonority. ... the stylistic fullness of a player who reads again the fund with a prophet's eye.

An extraordinary Beethoven's and Debussy's reading again

Il Resto del Carlino - March 20th, 2007 (Sergio Garbato)

... The pianist Andrea Bacchetti is performing Cimarosa's, Cherubini's, Clementi's, Rossini's pieces. During the evening his latest CD is being presenting, Luigi Cherubini's Six Sonatas, for the first time in the world on modern piano, produced by Sony on RCA label ...

An extraordinary concert with Bacchetti's Cherubini

Il Secolo XIX, Savona - March 23rd, 2007

Mozart: Concerts for piano nr. 11 K 413 e n. 12 K 414 - Fantasia in D minor K 397 - Variations on "Lison dormait" K 264 - Rondo in D major K 485
La Bottega Discantica, 2006, total time 76' 4stars
The fertile musical worldliness of Bacchetti, who set aside for a while the sharp pianism used for Bach and Berio, reveals an interpreter capable of giving luminosity to the inspired passage of the young Mozart ... the Pomeriggi Musicali orchestra accompanies with commendable grace, but even with the right dose of delicate incisiveness, Bacchetti's straightforward Mozart without stylistic-expressive wavering ...

Bright and aristocratic

Suonare News - April 2007, E. Gir.

... a pianist who never renounces to search and never stops in front of the obvious, also with a courage that must be underlined ... because wandering between Beethoven and Chopin, between Schumann and Brahms is not a simple matter, but at least he has on his side the author's and pages' popularity. However is definitely another matter displaying in this sequence Cimarosa and Cherubini, Scarlatti, Clementi and Rossini ... Bacchetti passed through their compositions with a confident gesture, with a musicality that was communicative by instinct, a fine measure of style but rigorous instrumental evidence, unraveling Scarlatti's melodic sweetness such as Clementi's structural ambitions with neat analytic evidence and soft richness of sound ...

From Scarlatti to Rossini Bacchetti's brave notes

Il Giornale di Vicenza - April 14th, 2007 (Cesare Galla)

... the young Andrea Bacchetti - careful in assisting with sobriety of the touch the beating sound liquefactions and Debussy's dreamy sensitiveness - performed more and more in a armonizing dialogue with the orchestra in the clear and fluid underlining of Franck's atmospheres, wich are sometime engrossed, sometime bright, "describing" changing moods. ...

Success for Ofm in french "sauce"

Corriere Adriatico, Ancona - April 21st, 2007 (Fabio Brisighelli)

on "Olimpico" stage Andrea Bacchetti, talented pianist presents in an almost "didascalica" form the evolution of a music that, starting from Bach (the composer from which in Bacchetti opinion "everything happened") and through three other more modern "Maestri" - Debussy, Ravel and Villa Lobos - arrives in that stylistic that finds its highest contemporary expression just in jazz. ...

Bacchetti delights, de Paula-Bosso carry
And Ibrahim on piano closet the night at the "Olimpico" with a flowing suite

Il Giornale di Vicenza - May 19th, 2007 (Lino Zonin)

The second night at Olimpic theatre starts with an Andrea Bacchetti's recital ... ex genius child, Bacchetti proves his skill in facing different composers ... in Bach's "French Suite n. 5", in a sweetly elegant way is able to convey on piano keyboard along with author's intentions, that typical writing of popular dances ... and, to follow, he plays Debussy and Ravel with emotion. ...

Andrea Bacchetti "Homage to Ravel and De Falla"


... a concert stood out over the others, approaching a virtuous of classic piano like Andrea Bacchetti and the pianist from South Africa Abdullah Ibrahim (once called Dollar Brand).
... Andrea Bacchetti, popular and famous since a long time, is a surprise to those who don't know him because of his minute build and his shy and restrained behaviour. Later, when he starts playing, it's a completely different thing. In Vicenza he presented half an hour of delicious pieces, selected with deep care: Bach, Ravel, Debussy, Villa Lobos. And an encore between resounding applauses. ...

Bach, Debussy and an african Chopin

Amadeus - August, 2007

... tonight the Cloister of Classense Library gives hospitality to Andrea Bacchetti. Young but already popular pianist, Bacchetti has already distinguished his-self for the meticulous work on the timbre and for the totally analytic approach ... The concert is in collaboration with the "Serate Musicali" of Milan ...

Bacchetti's young talent in Classense Cloisters

Il Resto del Carlino, Ravenna - June 30th, 2007

... Another piano concert, after the great Grigorij Sokolov is now the turn of young Andrea Bacchetti who tonight will be guest at Ravenna Festival on the stage set at Classense Library Cloister. ...

Bacchetti at Classense - another great piano concert

Il Corriere di Romagna, Ravenna - June 30th, 2007 (s.v.)

... At Classense Library Cloister will be held a recital by the Genoese pianist Andrea Bacchetti, who will prove his extraordinary talent with a program of Bach's and Berio's pieces. ...

San Vito's dance goes away with Andrea Bacchetti's elegance

La Voce di Romagna, Ravenna - June 30th, 2007 (Marcella Matacena)

... When Andrea Bacchetti's turn comes, he gives us intense moments of sharing on piano ...

The world of basses of Luigi Maio and Andrea Bacchetti

RavelloFestival News, nr.11 Ravello, July 26th, 2007 (Maria Rosaria Denisi)

... The young but already famous Genoese artist tonight will play outdoor: in program pieces by Berio, Cherubini and Scarlatti ...

"A piano under the stars" with Andrea Bacchetti in Zoagli

Il Secolo XIX - Genoa, July 28th, 2007

... A night that can't be missed by all those fond of excellent music, listening to a very great artist who, with his musical touch, is able to make us dream ...

The great classic music arrives to Zoagli "borgo"

Corriere Mercantile - Genoa, July 28th, 2007

... Bacchetti is a young, very refined pianist who seems to be a whole with that Mozart atmosphere of rare artistic and spiritual balance. Andrea Bacchetti is made of music: his life seems to be all spent in waiting for the opportunity to make his own agile fingers run on the keyboard - with the mastery that he is able to express - because in that very magic moment he leaves body and he becomes the very sound that himself creates ... Astonished, sincere and moved applauses. ...

Andrea Bacchetti on piano enchanted the audience of the "Rocca"

Il Resto del Carlino - August 21st, 2007 (Ivana Baldassarri)

... Some bars are enough to understand Bacchetti's accuracy: a faultless precision that never takes anything away from the musical and emotional side that, on the contrary, is exalted. His Bach doesn't lack of passion and it expresses a gloomy sweetness. The pianist really likes playing (a fact rarer than one can think) and, so, he is able to conquer the audience ...

Bach without stopping with Bacchetti's piano

Gazzetta di Parma - December 17st, 2007 (Giulio Alessandro Bocchi)