Many times, the name of Andrea Bacchetti appeared in our musical chronicles. We narrated every new proposal by the Genoese pianist, which have flourished throughout his very precocious career. From its beginnings, Bacchetti's path has continued to unfold at a coherent pace up to the maturity. We can recognize his results in the recent DVD published by Monarda Music. The DVD contains the recording of a recital that Bacchetti performed in Genova in 2015 for the historic local association GOG. A varied program that starts from Bach to continue with Mozart and Beethoven... it is a journey that summarizes the traits of Bacchetti's personality which has been blessed by eminent maestros from the first start, and it consolidated itself on the thread of a natural musicality. ... Bacchetti has a vital sense, and a natural musicality, which he always manages sensitively, and he dissolves in his affable accounting, with a freshness that is often ignored by many interpreters, who can be illustrious or less illustrious ...

Andrea Bacchetti's musicality is a journey among Bach and rare pearls

Gazzetta di Parma - January 3rd, 2024 (Gian Paolo Minardi)

In April 2015 Bacchetti was a guest of the Giovane Orchestra Genovese at the Carlo Felice Theatre (Genova). There he performed a beautiful recital, varied in the program, that was welcomed by a warm public. Monarda Music recently released the recording of that evening on DVD. It is an opportunity to listen to Bacchetti once again while he is engaged in a large anthology of authors and titles that spans approximately two centuries of history. ... Bacchetti's qualities immediately stand out in his new DVD - he shows his commendable control of sound, his elegance, and his interpretative authority ...

Bacchetti between classicals and rare pieces: the GOG recital becomes a DVD

La Repubblica - January 7th, 2024 (Roberto Iovino)

It is always a great pleasure to see Maestro Andrea Bacchetti returning to Messina. He often is a guest in our concert halls, both as a soloist and as a member of a duet (we remember his performance with Uto Ughi). Last Saturday, at the Palacultura, the pianist proposed a concert with a program that ranged from Baroque music to nowadays, passing through the 18th and 19th centuries, for the concert season of the Philharmonic Academy. ... Andrea Bacchetti's performance was very valuable, perfect in the technique and characterized by a crystalline sound. Thanks to this sound, the various themes that follow one another and overlap in counterpoint were perfectly perceived and identified by the listener, particularly in Bach's fugues. Despite his somewhat precarious health conditions, Bacchetti gave two splendid encores answering to the thunderous applause by his audience ...

Andrea Bacchetti offers an excellent performance of pieces from Baroque to nowadays music

www.tempostretto.it - January 15th, 2024 (Giovanni Francio)

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... Andrea Bacchetti is a pianist of extraordinary delicacy and sensitivity. He presents himself to the public with irony and naturalness, immediately captivating their sympathy. Bacchetti's piano art, that is a result of his constant and daily study, is also supported by his fervent imagination that keeps him company during the hours which he spent at the piano, and which transform the score into moving scenes, making his interpretations absolutely unique. and descriptive. ... Lots of applause and shouts called Bacchetti back to stage. Although he had announced that he wasn't feeling too well, before the concert, he despelled his fear of not being able to give himself to the public as much as he would have liked with an impeccable, generous, brilliant, and deservedly appreciated performance. He also offered at last two encores dedicated to Bach ...

All Bacchetti's great verve between Mozart and Gershwin

Gazzetta del Sud - May 16th, 2024 (Eliade Maria Grasso)


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... The Bach selection is superbly played though is a bit of a grab-bag, and Bacchetti's Mozart is always sensitive and dynamic. Beethoven's Sonata in G major op. 49 n. 2 is one of his "easy sonatas", and its light and fairly character wraps up an opening sequence in which the family resemblances and character differences between Baroque and Classical are nicely balanced.
Bacchetti tends not to go in for blockbuster virtuoso repertoire, and the Liszt selection is tuneful and played with restrained expression, leading up Louis Diémer's lovely Nocturne Op.15. Diémer is a less familiar name but fits in nicely here, going straight into the quiet atmosphere of Schumann's Mignon, which is given a stillness and sustained intensity by Bacchetti.
Impressionist colour takes over with some elegantly poised Debussy, but Malipiero's La Siesta is the opposite of taking a nap, its "piano concerto" four movements full of contrasts. Chopin's familiarity brings us back to earth, and I appreciate Bacchetti's expressive but unpretentious approach to these pieces. Rossini's Tarantelle pur Sang (avec traversée de la procession) is one of his "Péchés de Vieillesse" (Sins of Old Age), played here with suitable wit, high spirits and processional gravity. ... Hasse's Sonata in G major is a sprightly miniature with a hint of Scarlatti in its character, while Villa Lobos O Policinelo might be familiar to fans of Arthur Rubinstein who also employed its wild character as an encore piece. The finale is given to Chopin, with a refined performance of Étude in G flat major op.10 nr.5 sending us home with some "proper music" in our ears. ...
This DVD is more than just a souvenir of a fine concert, and if the repertoire attracts then it can be wholeheartedly recommended.

DVD Review

www.musicwebinternational.com, January 18th 2024, (Dominy Clements)