The famous pianist Andrea Bacchetti from Genova is very appreciated on national and international musical scene. Also, he is a regular guest in important festivals and concert recitals. Socialbg interviewed him ...
I really appreciated your Bach CDs. What does Bach mean to Andrea Bacchetti?
«Bach is my life, night and day! ... In the past, Maestro Berio used to tell me Bach was all us musicians' father. With Maestro Baumgartner too, in Luzern, my musical education went growing as I learnt the classical fundamentals in Bach's thought, even though in a modern and contemporary key ... the great Bach's thought has been "reread" nowadays.» ...

Andrea Bacchetti, the pianist who fell in love with Bach

www.socialbg.it - January 3rd, 2022 (Schoenberg)

Andrea Bacchetti is a Bachian interpreter with very clear ideas: he plays his music on the piano, building it as a musician, without need of winks to the past. Brilliance and enamel, virtuosity in speed, but above all character ... a personal physiognomy, the instrumental gesture, color and shape are supported by hands and masterful thought ...

Bacchetti interprets the Bach's «Fugues»

Il Sole 24 Ore - February 27th, 2022 (Carla Moreni)

Mit seiner Aufnahme des Wohltemperierten Claviers Buch II nimmt uns Andrea Bacchetti erneut mit auf eine packende Musikreise in Sachen Bach. Es gibt heute nicht viele Pianisten, die die Musik Bachs so natürlich und vollkommen spielen wie dieser italienische Pianist. Wir haben an dieser Stelle schon mehrmals auf den Ausnahmerang Bacchettis als Bach-Interpret hingewiesen und wollen uns jetzt nicht wiederholen, denn seine Aufnahme des 2. Buchs vom Wohltemperierten Klavier ist wieder einmal eine Meisterleistung. ...
With his recording of the Well-Tempered Clavier Book II, Andrea Bacchetti once again takes us on a gripping musical journey. Today there are not many pianists who play Bach's music as naturally and perfectly as this Italian pianist. We have already pointed out Bacchetti's exceptional status as an interpreter of Bach several times, and we don't want to repeat ourselves now, because his recording of the 2nd book of the Well-Tempered Clavier is once again a masterpiece. ...

Bacchetti erneut als herausragender Bach-Interpret - Bacchetti again as an outstanding Bach interpreter

www.pizzicato.lu - March 2022, (Alain Steffen)