The famous pianist Andrea Bacchetti from Genova is very appreciated on national and international musical scene. Also, he is a regular guest in important festivals and concert recitals. Socialbg interviewed him ...
I really appreciated your Bach CDs. What does Bach mean to Andrea Bacchetti?
«Bach is my life, night and day! ... In the past, Maestro Berio used to tell me Bach was all us musicians' father. With Maestro Baumgartner too, in Luzern, my musical education went growing as I learnt the classical fundamentals in Bach's thought, even though in a modern and contemporary key ... the great Bach's thought has been "reread" nowadays.» ...

Andrea Bacchetti, the pianist who fell in love with Bach

www.socialbg.it - January 3rd, 2022 (Schoenberg)

Andrea Bacchetti is a Bachian interpreter with very clear ideas: he plays his music on the piano, building it as a musician, without need of winks to the past. Brilliance and enamel, virtuosity in speed, but above all character ... a personal physiognomy, the instrumental gesture, color and shape are supported by hands and masterful thought ...

Bacchetti interprets the Bach's «Fugues»

Il Sole 24 Ore - February 27th, 2022 (Carla Moreni)

Mit seiner Aufnahme des Wohltemperierten Claviers Buch II nimmt uns Andrea Bacchetti erneut mit auf eine packende Musikreise in Sachen Bach. Es gibt heute nicht viele Pianisten, die die Musik Bachs so natürlich und vollkommen spielen wie dieser italienische Pianist. Wir haben an dieser Stelle schon mehrmals auf den Ausnahmerang Bacchettis als Bach-Interpret hingewiesen und wollen uns jetzt nicht wiederholen, denn seine Aufnahme des 2. Buchs vom Wohltemperierten Klavier ist wieder einmal eine Meisterleistung. ...
With his recording of the Well-Tempered Clavier Book II, Andrea Bacchetti once again takes us on a gripping musical journey. Today there are not many pianists who play Bach's music as naturally and perfectly as this Italian pianist. We have already pointed out Bacchetti's exceptional status as an interpreter of Bach several times, and we don't want to repeat ourselves now, because his recording of the 2nd book of the Well-Tempered Clavier is once again a masterpiece. ...

Bacchetti erneut als herausragender Bach-Interpret - Bacchetti again as an outstanding Bach interpreter

www.pizzicato.lu - March 2022 (Alain Steffen)



Being a former prodigy child, Genoese Andrea Bacchetti is a pianist with a solid formation and many interests. His audience had the chance to appreciate many and many performances, in which Bacchetti went from Baroque to Classicism, from Romanticism to the contemporaneity. Even the ones who does not love classical music were able to enjoy him as tv star ... In the last years, Bacchetti focused especially on Johann Sebastian Bach. «To me, Bach is the most complete author, without taking anything away from the others major composers. But Bach is the forefather of anything else ...»

Andrea Bacchetti, the TV with Chiambretti. A homage to his mum (interview)

La Repubblica - March 2nd, 2022 (Roberto Iovino)

The main characters of the soirée, on Tuesday 8th, 9 p.m., will be the virtuoso pianist Andrea Bacchetti with Laura Marzadori on violin. Being born and grown up in the Golfo Paradiso, for Bacchetti this is a homecoming at the "Teatro Sociale", where on November 3rd he led the Carlo Felice Orchestra ... with Laura Marzadori, who won the contest for becoming the concertmaster of the Teatro della Scala Orchestra when she was only twenty-five ...

Four shows in 7 days - the Sociale deals four aces

Il Secolo XIX - March 5th, 2022, (Rossella Galeotti)

... The young violinist, who is a musical precocious talent, can already claim collaboration with important conductors as Riccardo Chailly, Zubin Metha, Daniel Hardin, and Antonio Pappano. In Camogli, Marzadori and Bacchetti will play a program that put together four masterpieces ... Bacchetti was himself a child prodigy too and he was appreciated in his very first years of performing by such amazing artists as Herbert von Karajan. He became a world-renown concert player, with brilliant achievements for his interpretations ...

From Mozart to Beethoven: Bacchetti and Marzadori on concert in Camogli

Il Secolo XIX - March 8th, 2022, (Rossella Galeotti)

... on Sunday, March 27th, the cellist Francesco Mariozzi and the pianist Andrea Bacchetti will perform starting from Bach to reach Astor Piazzolla, father of the «Tango Nuevo». The show is titled «SetteOttoNoveCento» ...

"SetteOttoNoveCento: from Bach to Piazzolla", on March 27th in Mola di Bari

www.puglianews24.eu - March 25th, 2022 (newsroom)

... The show will open at 8 p.m. at Palazzo Pesce. This is the first of six dates on schedule till May 22nd. Every concert focuses on that trasversality that is one of the distinctive features of Agìmus Association (under the leadership of Pietro Rotolo) ...

The duo Bacchetti-Mariozzi opens Agìmu's spring season

La Repubblica - March 25th, 2022 (Riccardo Fanizza)

... by its nature, music is prone to contaminations in style, not only to those that creates hybridisation, but to crossings that provide new life to idioms with centuries-old roots, making the cultured feed on the popular, and vice versa. It would otherwise be difficult to explain the beauty of certain creations by Bach or Brahms, which were fed at the popular banquet. This is the inspiration of the opening concert in which the cellist Francesco Mariozzi and the pianist Andrea Bacchetti will range from Bach to Piazzolla. ...

"Spring in Mola: from Bach to "tango nuevo", on March 27th in Mola di Bari"

www.quotidianodipuglia.it - March 27th, 2022 (newsroom)

Andrea Bacchetti has accomplished a Bach path more than twenty years long by dwelling on the places so variously marked by this extraordinary landscape evoked by the keyboard, places that testify to the brilliant breadth of view with which the musician observed the reality of his time in all the different facets, transferring their characters in a language that was fixed in the sign of his miraculous absoluteness. The so sensitive traits emerge from the book 2 of the «Well-Tempered Harpsichord» that Bacchetti proposed in recent concerts and recorded in a double CD by ArtHausMusik. It is an important, challenging milestone for the Genoese pianist, who is recognizable in the richness of his expressive value that emerges from reading this work ...

Bach's harpsichord in Bacchetti's sensitiveness

Gazzetta di Parma - March 28th, 2022 (Gian Paolo Minardi)


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Bacchetti está influido en alguna medida por las prácticas historicistas y, aunque utiliza un piano moderno (en el que no imita el exagerado staccato que otros pianistas utilizan para parecerse a un harpsicordio), la expresividad es lograda a base de ornamentaciones y nunca exagera el poder de sostenimiento de las nota, es decir, somos conscientes de que estamos oyendo música del siglo XVIII. Su Bach es refrescante y estimulante; su legato es económico y suave y no abusa del rubato; su rango dinámico es muy amplio. Es vigoroso (e incluso algo crudo) en el manejo de las acentuaciones con la mano izquierda, pero siempre evita los excesos, el toque excesivamente muscular o una mano izquierda muy insistente. Bacchetti favorece una aproximación lírica y de elasticidad expresiva a estas piezas (muy alejada de la interpretación de Gould, aunque similar en su querencia por extremos de tempi, o de la literalidad austera de los alemanes de antaño) con un sonido bello, más rico en texturas que Schiff o Hewitt, dando mucha animación al contrastar velocidades de ejecución con energía rítmica y elegancia ...
Interpretación: 5 stelle - Sonido: 4 stelle

Main review of Spain

www.amazon.es - April 4th, 2022 (Pyotr Petrovich)


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Lirismo y Fantasía llevan al Antiguo Casino de Ciudad Real la música clásica. Luisa Sello, flauta, y Andrea Bacchetti, piano, han deleitado al público que ha asistido a una nueva edición de los "Lunes Musicales". Luisa Sello y Andrea Bacchetti, que conforman Lirismo y Fantasía, han llevado este lunes hasta el Antiguo Casino de la capital provincial la música de Johann Sebastian Bach, de Franz Doppler y de Gioachino Rossini, entre otros, dentro del programa cultural de los "Lunes Musicales" que organiza el Ayuntamiento de Ciudad Real. Dos artistas de dilatada trayectoria internacional, habituales en salas Lucerna, Salzburgo, Milán, Sofia, Toronto, Buenos Aires, que han aterrizado este lunes con obras maestras de la historia de la música, presentando un programa que da un color especial a la música que nos ha llevado a ser la sociedad que somos en la actualidad. A través de la flauta y el piano, han deleitado al público asistente a esta nueva edición de los "Lunes Musicales".
"Lyrism and fantasy". Luisa Sello on flute and Andrea Bacchetti on keyboard delighted their audience who attended to a new edition of the "Lunedì Musicali". Luisa Sello and Andrea Bacchetti, who performed the concert, brought last Monday the music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Doppler and Gioachino Rossini among the others, at the Casino Vecchio in Ciudad Real. The event was part of the "Musical Mondays" cultural program that is organised by the Civic Hall. Such two internationally well-renown artists who are used to Luzern, Salzburg, Milano, Sofia, Toronto, Buenos Aires and who arrived last Monday with a few masterpieces of the history of music. They presented a program with a special colour to music that contributed to create our contemporary society. Through flute and piano, they delighted the audience of the new edition of the festival.

Lirismo y Fantasía llevan al Antiguo Casino de Ciudad Real la música clásica

www.lanzadigital.com - April 18th, 2022 (Carlos Monteagudo)


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... This "Palazzo Marino in Musica" edition focuses on the relationship between music and mathematics. In recent years, differences between analogic reality and digital world are visibly thinning and the perceptive boundary line between acoustic and synthetic sound is increasingly nuanced ... We will be accompanied in this journey by the duo violin and piano Manara - Bacchetti, the harpsichord of Tania Birardi, Esoteri Consort, the Leonardo Quartet the Annunciata Academy, and the pupils from the G. Verdi Conservatory of Milan ...

Symmetries, Numbers and Proportions

www.palazzomarinoinmusica.it - Aprile 2022 (newsroom)

... The duo's excellent understanding has highlighted Bacchetti's classic qualities in underlining with exhaustive clarity and excellent balance the beautiful melodic lines of the violin ... and it has exalted the effective virtuosity of Manara, a violinist who is attentive to every detail, precise in the perfect high notes, and above all it was very expressive, thanks to the good support by Bacchetti's piano harmonies. There also was a splendid encore at the end of the famous piece "Meditation" from the Opera "Thaïs" by J. Massenet, that was performed with deep melodic expressiveness. A loud applause from the audience in a sold-out hall ...

Palazzo Marino in Music with Francesco Manara and Andrea Bacchetti

www.corrierebit.it - May 1st, 2022 (Cesare Guzzardella)


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... Aunque se interpreta poco en concierto, Bacchetti interpreta esta obra de arte intemporal en piano moderno, sin echar la vista atrás, en busca de nuevas sonoridades sin alterar el contenido, cuyo resultado es una interesante versión personal. ...
... Although it is rarely performed in concert, Bacchetti interprets this timeless work of art on the modern piano without looking behind, searching for new sonorities without altering the piece's content. The result he gets is an interesting personal version ...

Crítica - Discos A-Z

RITMO - May 2022 (Sol Bordas)

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... he extreme precision and - at the same time - naturalness with which the multiple Bach textures unravel and breathe is what results most surprising in this double CD: these quality with the warm breath of the pianist - that was often entered in the recording thanks to its very high quality - give reason for a pure, intense, magnetic pianism ... If we frame Bacchetti's fabulous performance in an overall vision of the work, we do not exaggerate to call it a summit difficult to match ...

CD Reviews

Classic Voice n. 276 - May 2022 (Mattia Rossi)


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Once again, Andrea Bacchetti starred on national RAI channels. This time the appointment is for tomorrow night, when on Rai5 channel the great pianist will play from the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa. This is a new important performance for the pianist who, a month ago, just in Genoa presented his latest album, the complete "Second Book of the Well-Tempered Clavier" by Johann Sebastian Bach ... Bacchetti was famous for his purist interpretation of Bach already at the time of the Conservatory, and now, in the middle of his career, he reached a perfection that is rare to listen to. ...

Bacchetti, concert by Carlo Felice live on Rai5

Il Secolo XIX - May 20th, 2022 (Edoardo Meoli)

... the monumental corpus of preludes and fugues of the Book II of the Well-Tempered Clavier was challenged by the Genoese pianist with remarkable personality, clarity of intent, and coherence. The distinctive feature in his approach is that bit of freedom, and sometimes real originality, without pretending nor affecting, and above all never indulging himself into extravagance ... you could find balance almost everywhere, as in his time choices, that were almost never extreme, as in his dosage of legatos and staccatos within sentences, the result of a choice that never distorts the musical sense ... Anyway, this has not prevented the Genoese pianist to avoid a sterile and anodyne objectivism, carrying out, when necessary, courageous choices above all in the ascending movement of the melody, especially in the fugues. His important choices repay when you listen to this work, an experience that is never boring thanks to Bacchetti's spasmodic attention to create real and proper "characters" from Bach's themes and to avoid dangerous processes of pure musical abstraction ...

Bach cum grano salis

L'Ape Musicale - May 30th, 2022 (Lorenzo Cannistrà)

Tomorrow, Tuesday 31st at 8 p.m., at the Auditorium San Barnaba, there will be a récital by pianist Andrea Bacchetti, being guest of the 59th International Piano Festival «Novecento Suite» ... a mostly classic program for a pianist with a remarkable repertoire, known all over the world and with a relevant recording activity. ... You come often to Brescia ...
«Yes, last time was in 2019, with the Italian Switzerland Orchestra. I remember a beautiful concert, the Teatro Grande was sold-out, the Orchestra fantastic ...»

Bacchetti «I have beautiful memories in Brescia»

Giornale di Brescia - May 30th, 2022 (Fulvia Conter)

From Bach to Debussy. Tonight, the concert program will move between the Baroque Age and the Twentieth Century ... on the stage, the pianist Andrea Bacchetti, who has repeatedly been applauded in Brescia ... He is a pianist with a fine international career, and his interpretations of Bach are particularly appreciated by critics ...

Andrea Bacchetti at the Festival, between Baroque Age and the Twentieth Century

Corriere della Sera - May 31st, 2022 (Fabio Larovere)

... he is a true specialist in classical music, but he does not renounce to a «stage», during an evening that was dedicated to this year theme, the Twentieth Century ... Already appreciated at a very young age by «historical« characters of music such as Karajan, Magaloff and Berio, Bacchetti played for prestigious international festivals, performed as a soloist with orchestras under the lead of Luisi, Zedda, Lü Ja, Franz ... his discography is vast and includes authors like Berio, with a great attention to Bach ...

Andrea Bacchetti, a classical music specialist rereads the Twentieth Century

BresciaOggi - May 31st, 2022 (Luigi Fertonani)

«Novecento Suite» is the title of the 59th Brescia Piano Festival. But the pianist Andrea Bacchetti presented a program in which you could find only Debussy from the Twentieth Century; instead, he included Bach, then Scarlatti and finally Mozart. Evidently the organization was interested in a different program, and the pianist drew from his repertoire and his successful recordings. The program was not long, but very demanding ... He has been an international artist for many years, he was very sure and repeatedly applauded even in Brescia, the other night; we appreciated him especially in his Baroque repertoire ... Five encores sealed his success.

An incisive Mozart and five encores for Bacchetti

Giornale di Brescia - June 2nd, 2022 (Fulvia Conter)

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... The piece of the «Bach contribution» to the soirée were one more beautiful than the other ... the various counterpoint voices stood out perfectly, very clear within Andrea Bacchetti's interpretation. But the soirée had just begun, and other particularly happy moments awaited us starting from three Sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti ... We could not miss a mention of the «theme« of this year's Festival, the Twentieth Century: Bacchetti proposed two short and delicate pieces from the famous Children's Corner by Debussy, the lunar «Little Sheperd&rlaquo; and «Jimbo's Lullaby» ... at the end the wide page of the Fantasia K397 ... Being not only good but also generous, Bacchetti did not allow himself a moment of pause in the whole event and yet he gave five encores... A standing audience at the end to celebrate the excellent and tireless pianist.

Bacchetti: «Notes that reflect the climate in Europe»

BresciaOggi - June 2nd, 2022 (Luigi Fertonani)

Andrea Bacchetti has made J.S.Bach's music a fundamental reference and that is a fact that has been well known for many years. In fact, listening to him on this excellent recording of the Book II of the Well-Tempered Clavier, BWV 870-893, that was released in a double CD by Arthaus Musik in March 2022, you can immerse yourself in his musical world where his search for mathematical perfection has been evidently combined with a deep expressiveness. ... Probably no one has devoted so much time to reach the almost maniacal perfection in Bach's keyboard works as Bacchetti did. Both in the 24 Preludes and in the respective Fugues, he always comes to a solution to find a proper balance to every phrase. ... We recommend everyone to purchase this excellent CD.

Andrea Bacchetti and the Book II of the Well-Tempered Clavier

www.corrierebit.it - June 13th, 2022 (Cesare Guzzardella)


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El pianista italiano Andrea Bacchetti (Génova, 1977) ha grabado mucho Bach a lo largo de su carrera, y lo hace de un modo muy personal. Nunca ha grabado nada del primer volumen de El Clave bien temperado y en cambio saca completo el segundo volumen ... El planteamiento de Bacchetti en este Clave bien temperado es más bien sobrio: ornamenta bastante y a veces utiliza un ligero rubato, pero el sonido es ligero y claro, especialmente - cómo no - en las fugas, donde se nota que a Bacchetti le gusta el contrapunto. No evita la parte emocional y su planteamiento es muy libre, pero es el interior de las obras - la melodía, la armonía, los elementos básicos - lo que más parece atraerle. ... el Bach de Bacchetti es ante todo su visión de Bach ...
The Italian pianist Andrea Bacchetti (born in Genova, 1977) recorded a many works by Bach during his career in a very personal way. Although he never recorded anything from the first volume of The Well-Tempered Clavier, now he publishes the entire second volume... Bacchetti's approach in this Well-Tempered Clavier is rather sober: it adorns a lot and sometimes uses a slight rubato, but his sound is light and clear, especially - obviously - in the fugues, where it is evident that Bacchetti likes counterpoint. He does not avoid the emotional part and his approach is very free, but it is the core of this work - the melody, the harmony, the basic elements - that seems to attract him more. ... Bacchetti's Bach is, first of all, his vision of Bach ...

Bach, Bach, toujours recommencée

www.mundoclasico.com - July 1st, 2022 (Maruxa Baliñas)


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A plastic phrasing, sculpted by wide breaths that enhance its forms; the structural attention, the clearly detected polyphonic volumes, and the careful use of the pedal, which smoothes and curves the joint, an always sober and effective ornamentation: these are some characteristics of Bach's last valuable commitment by Genoese pianist Bacchetti, who emphasizes the dialogical nature of musical writing, gives it softness and highlights with care the instrumental suggestions ... Virtuosic attitude and rhythmic vigor complete a compelling recording.

CD Reviews

AMADEUS nr. 374 - September 2022, (Letizia Michielon)


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