This concert deserves to be remembered especially for the élite guest: the young Italian pianist Andrea Bacchetti. Already known thanks to his interpretation of the XX century music, especially the one written by the great contemporary Maestro Luciano Berio (about which he's realizing a CD), for this concert Bacchetti did choose a young Mozart's Work: the Concert in A nr. 12, K 414 ... The sharp intelligence, majestically expressed in the delicate interpretation of the finest details, enhanced by a thin and wonderful relation with the orchestra, offered us a fascinating concert which witnesses the great personality of this young artist, grown inside the Italian pianistic school. Thanks to all this, our wish is to meet him more and more often on our stages.

The culture for the accuracy

Free Romania - July 10th, 1999 (Fred Popovici)

... Andrea Bacchetti has been undoubtely one of the best pianists who played in this Festival since its beginning, 27 editions ago ... His technique made easy everything which is normally very difficult ...

Bacchetti christens the XXVII Music Festival

Menorça - July 11th, 1999



... A son stade, Andrea Bacchetti est à la pointe du perfectionnisme. Il sait, comme les plus grands, faire la synthèse des recherches accomplies par ses prédécesseurs ou ses contemporaines, mettre à profit chacun des conseils prodigués ou encore les aides qui lui ont été apportées, y compris à Luchon, il y a dix ans, afin d'aquerir lui même un instrument digne de sa vocation. ...

Andrea Bacchetti ou le jeu moderne du piano

La Dépêche du Midi - August 26th, 1999



Bacchetti shone, with his velvet sound, as a strong pianistic view interpreter ... His absolute control on the piano's sound body has been brightly aperceived ... He succedeed in deepening the most introspective vision of the instrument with great skill and masterdom.

Principate of Asturia's Orchestra - Inaugural Concert of the Symphonic Season

La Nueva España - October 9th, 1999 (Joachin Valdeon)

... A soloist who presented himself modestly with a Schumann wrongly considered "minor", that is the "Album ftir die Jugend" (a training-ground of didactic exercises introductory to the keyboard) andyet was nevertheless capable of suggesting a reading not only novel and meditated but also one which confirmed the first true and complete cultured physiognomy "statu nascenti" of the young performer.
... The pianist achieved a supreme balance in which the narration and the "declarnatory passage" predominate avoiding any material trivialization of the sound: and this was his greatest achievement as interpreter ... Perhaps only Magaloff among the pianists of the past had a similar olympic vision of the compositions which he transformed into a delicate filigree that was a joy to the ears ... Before us, without doubt, was one of the major interpreters of Chopin of our time who seemed almost a reincarnation of Dino Ciani for total adherence to the melody in its highly modem compositional centrality from Monteverdi to Mahler to Richard Strauss.

Andrea Bacchetti at the "Sala Verdi" of Milan

Musica e Scuola - November, 1999 (Enzo Fantin)

In Amadeus of last March we could praise Andrea Bacchetti. To those who haven't listened to this talented Genoese pianist (up to now he recorded 4 CDs), yet, we suggest this portrait-CD made up of a series of pieces coming from other recitals. He chose the pieces of the CD by himself, since in this moment Andrea reflects him in the great music of '800: in those great ideals, in those huge passions, in those big musical pains written by Chopin, Liszt, Brahms and others. The outcome is the self-portrait of a 23-years old man who puts a large part of himself into music, and who mature with important steps thanks to an uncommon inner - apart from musical - cleverness ...

CDs Reviews CD

Amadeus - January 2000, (N. Sguben)

Among today's Italian musicians, Luciano Berio is surely one of the most popular ... the Piano Festival dedicated to him the entire evening to which he took part. In every choosen score ... it was very perceiving the distinguishing mark, which joined the sound preciousness with a richful inventiveness which becomes more unleashed year after year ... The interpretations brought by Pascal Gallios (Bassoon), Luisa Castellani (Soprano) and Andrea Bacchetti (Piano) were excellent ... In the "Team Play" lined up by Luisa Castellani and by the talentuos Genoese pianist Andrea Bacchetti (barely twenty years old) in the 4 Popular Songs, the single individualities sum up and merge together, becoming fruitfully complementary, thus enhancing the interactive dialoguing tissue of the score.

Brilliant Concert for Berio

Il Nuovo Giornale di Bergamo - May 10th, 2000 (Paola Palermo)



... Delgado, no muy alto, con unas gafas que le ortogan màs un aspecto de investigador que de intérprete, Andrea Bacchetti aparece en escena con paso nervioso; se cuadra y saluda de un modo singular, con una rigidez casi de autòmata. Pero se sienta al piano y se transfigura. Todo lo que antes era actitud rigurosa es ahora ademàn flexible. Y comienza a desgranar las notas de las Variaciones de Haydn con una limpidez, una claridad radiante, diferenciando los timbres mediante el empleo de una dinàmica voluntariamente moderada, uno volùmenes siempre medidos, sin contrastes violentos, una bien controlada agògica en las dilataciones del compàs, y tambien mediante el fraseo màs refinado, destacando los pasajes "staccato" con una sonoridad percutida, casi clavecinìstica. Idéntico plateamiento para un Mozart cuyos caracterìsticos efectos "legato-staccato" fueron traducidos con una inteligencia que parecen improprias de un joven intérprete. ... En Beethoven, lògicamente, Bacchetti utilizò mayores contrastes dinàmicos. Gran versiòn de otra obra que mira al futuro. ... Tras el divertido Rossini con sus pecados de vejez, y en especial después de una fulgurante tarantela salpicada con los caracterìsticos "crescendi" rossinianos,la sala prorrumpiò en bravos manifestando un gran entusiasmo. El intérprete correspondiò con tres ampliaciones del programa: dos piezas de Chopin y una espléndida versiòn del conocido Preludio de Gerswhin. ...

Festival Internacional de musica in Galicia

www.mundoclasico.com, La Coruña - June 3rd, 2000 (Julio Andrade)



The recital that took place last monday had the subject "Virtuosness' temptations from Moscow to Hollywood", and did include a series of works, known by their technical difficulties, composed between the XIX and the XX Century by musician such as Prokoviev, Liszt, Rossini, Debussy and Gershwin ... Bacchetti succeeded in demonstrating his flawless comfort in any period, style, shape and (especially) difficulty the score could challenge him with. He demonstrated an astonishing skill in joining academic ability with technical mastership, despite the serious problems which the piano he played undoubtedly presented. The good qualities of Bacchetti immediately appeared during the introductory "Piano Preludes" by George Gershwin ... The final movement has been played with excellent brio, and did demonstrate beyond any doubt how accurate is Bacchetti in translating even the smallest details of the dynamic articulation and the tone graduation which were apt to be found in the score ... Quick passages, clear and perfectly fluid in the same time with their feather-light touch had been joined to subtle nuances to give as a final result a breathtaking painting ... A colorful interpretation which was permeated by numberless moods ... The final "Tarantella" epytomized the perfection, thus enclosing the entire concert in an almost unbeatable quality judgment.

Brilliant Bacchetti!

The Sunday Times - October 8th, 2000 (Martina Caruana)



... the evening was at once characterized by the highly accomplished performance of the pianist Andrea Bacchetti ... If for Bach and Mozart Bacchetti embroidered celestial sounds with mature clarity and for Beethoven displayed a smooth and rich sonority for Rossini - a welcome homage to the genius loci - he portrayed an ironic and cheerful sparkle ... Enthusiastic and prolonged applause ... and encores.
Two Chopin and a Gershwin confirmed the magic talent of a splendid artist.

An accomplished Bacchetti opens the season

Il Resto del Carlino - November 3rd, 2000 (Ivana Baldassarri)



... The twenty-three-year-old Genoese pianist has just recorded a second portrait on CD which bears witness to a further step forward in terms of concert maturity. ... interpretations that reveal, alongside the now well-known technical qualities of the pianist, a commendable deepening in an expressive sense. ... Chopin, as is known, is anything but an "easy" and "accessible" author: not so much for a technical fact, but for a discourse that rejects banality, coarse sentimentality, the incrustations created by decades of spectacular interpretations, virtuosicly faced by "digitodrome" pianists, to use Rubinstein's expression. In Bacchetti there is an admirable rigor in a 23-year-old boy, not separated from an appreciable verve and vitality which wards off the opposite risk, that is, that of a colorless and equally misleading reading. ...

Bacchetti: my Chopin in a CD

La Stampa - November 8th, 2000 - (Roberto Iovino)

At 23, Andrea Bacchetti is already an established pianist and simply imposes himself with the beauty and peremptoriness of his performances. Even for those who have never listened to him live, it is sufficient to analyze this CD with the right weight, even taken from a dozen public recitals, to discover in Bacchetti the qualities of a great interpreter, of a very sensitive distiller of splendid sonorities, of an attentive debtor to tradition of the famous sacred monsters belonging to the golden age of the piano ... a character with a thousand intellectual curiosities ...
Videoradio / 000456 / Distribution: Fonola Dischi / 1999, 2000 / DDD / Live 4stars

Piano CDs Reviews

Classic Voice - nr.20 December 2000 - (Luca Chierici)

... He's a young talent in concert, he's appreciated especially for the elegance of his touch joined to a continuous sound search. Andrea Bacchetti literally hits the audience ... with a great passion for the instrument. The concert begins with the crystal-clear Prelude of a Bach's English Suite ... the following Allemanda is an exquisite slow cadenza, with continuously progressing chords, whilst the Corrente is played with the right baroque reading. As a matter of fact, during the sixteenth notes quick passages, Bacchetti always keeps the phrasing extremely light, always unleashing the pure melody. Even the alternance of the ternary themes in the concluding Giga is a real flash of sound vitality ... With Beethoven's Sonata nr. 30 we are witnessing a gleaming contrast of ideas, strengthened by Bacchetti in an extremely balanced way of enhancing the differences in the timbric color of the episodes ... The same elegance and beauty are noticed, during the second half of the concert, in a Chopin reading which proposes "Berceuse", "Impromptu" and "Fantasia". Every single detail is considered, every cue to play Music is valorized by a magnificent view of the Romanticism ...

Bacchetti's great talent mesmerizes the audience

Il Giornale di Sicilia - December 7th, 2000 (c.g.)