... Bacchetti's performance is exemplary. On the one hand he doesn't mimics the harpsichord, but the other hand he resists the temptation to yield to nuances and to use the pedal according to the nineteenth-century taste. The pianist brings out in a beautiful way the architecture and exposes the contrapuntal voices with absolute clarity, reaching the heart of Bach's musical thought.

Classic Cds: Bach Toccatas

Fedeltà del Suono - January, 2011 - Mauro Mariani


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

... Bacchetti introduces oneself into a landscape today who became rich and varied (just think András Schiff, Murray Perahia and finally Maurizio Pollini), with readings rigorous, lucid, conscious. The touch is soft and bright, polyphony shown very clearly; everywhere the impression of a performer who seeks to disappear to allow the music to speak directly to the listener ...

The shiny Bach of Bacchetti - the cd of the month: "Two-parts Inventions & Sinfonias"

Il Giornale della Musica - nr.277 January, 2011 - Maurizio Giani


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

... the young pianist from Genoa is one of the best performers of the Berio and Bach's music ... from the German composer he will perform, among other pieces, the "Goldberg Variations", a work that presents a very complex structure and whose perfection ascends to a metaphysical and transcendent vision of the reality, in which Bacchetti excels ...

The music mounts on the desk

Il Tempo - January 15th, 2011 - Paola Pariset

... in the Goldberg Variations the pianist produced a performance of rare cleaning combined with lightness of touch, these are qualities which it's hard to hear cause of the well-known difficulties of the piece, difficulties that are insurmountable for some executers... then Bacchetti performed two Chopin's Nocturnes and the Fantaisie-Impromptu op.66, whose alternating turmoils and moments of abandonment relived sometimes in sharp movements, sometimes in the softness of the touch and of the beautiful pedal, that open to a lyrical meditation and intimate ...

Andrea Bacchetti at the Tor Vergata University

La Nuova Voce - January 31st, 2011 - Paola Pariset


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

... Andrea Bacchetti is now an internationally renowned pianist, appreciated from audiences and critics too for his clear interpretations of eighteenth-century repertoire and his versatile approach to contemporary music...

Bacchetti tonight in Sacile

Messaggero Veneto - January 26th, 2011 (newsroom)

... repertoire particularly congenial to a pianist capable of read these pages with "great expressive intensity, variety of fine touch and very polished instrumental and structural control"...

Travel for three centuries of Italian music with Andrea Bacchetti

Il Gazzettino - January 26th, 2011 (newsroom)

... Andrea Bacchetti confirms once again his ability to accurate, intense, moderate, and never overflowing interpretations, the result of precise and masterful technique and of his capability of fast movements on keyboard.

Bacchetti, a masterful lesson in music

Il Gazzettino - January 29th, 2011 - Valentina Silvestrini


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

Concert in "Nocturne" yesterday afternoon at the Politeama for the Friends of the Music, with the violinist Domenico Nordio and the pianist Andrea Bacchetti. Bacchetti began with two Chopin Nocturnes (op.9 No. 1 and 2). Sound was so smooth, flowing, and becoming more technically challenging in the Fantaisie-Impromptu...

The duo Nordio-Bacchetti between nocturnes and tarantellas

Giornale di Sicilia - February 1st, 2011 - SPA

... The Genoese pianist, guest of the most important international concert seasons, will be shown in the friendly lounge of the Province of Taranto. Between the most disputed musicians from the musical magazines, from some months Bacchetti is also fixed guest of the tv program "Chiambretti Night". He returns to Taranto long-awaited from the public...

Andrea Bacchetti plays the greats of Italian music

Taranto Sera - February 2nd, 2011 - (newsroom)

... the Nordio's bow is fast and pressing, in agreement with a uproarious Bacchetti... The two performers are able to reach a mutual confidence, to seal an exclusive familiarity. Their thoughts are adamant, decanted, and everything is perfectly consistent, all is wrapped in nuances that not dirty the musical sketch, but extends it...

The violin, a charming "voice"

La Cronaca - March 21st, 2011 - Alessandro Bardelli

FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

... An audience success, first of all ... an artistic success, because the duo formed by the violinist Domenico Nordio and by the pianist Andrea Bacchetti is worthy of the major concert halls. A success for the quality of the instruments ... A success, finally, the presence of a coordinator of an exception, the composer Carlo Boccadoro...

Nordio and Bacchetti, what a virtuosos

La Provincia - March 21st, 2011 - Roberto Codazzi


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

... At the piano Andrea Bacchetti, at ease in perform even very difficult pages, secure in the dialogue with the orchestra, very careful in determining the effects and the sounds. Bacchetti not hesitate to use the pedal transforming and highlight the music of Bach; the pianist also made it clear how many pianism is subsequently derived from his work. He gave a long, acclaimed encore: the Tocata in E minor BWV 914 by Bach. A great deal of audience in the hall...

Searches of the musical avant-garde of the twentieth century

Voce della Vallesina - April 10th, 2011 - Augusta Franco Cardinali


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

... He is a clear and elegant pianist, with crisp, immaculate fingerwork that is certainly a prerequisite for the Goldberg Variation, as well as lovely legato and a tone that surrounds his distinct articulation with liquiescence. ... Bacchetti's playing is immensely likeable...


IRR International Record Review - April 2011, Stephen Pruslin

El pianista Andrea Bacchetti y el violinista Domenico Nordio, ambos italianos, actuarán esta noche con la Orquesta Sinfónica de Cuenca, durante un concierto de música clásica, que tendrá como repertorio música del compositor Johan Sebastián Bach y de Johannes Brahms ...

Solistas italianos junto a la Orquesta Sinfónica

El Mercurio (elmercurio.com.ec) - Cuenca, 13 de mayo del 2011, JAE


La magia, el dinamismo y el poder del violín y del piano se fusionan esta noche en un concierto en el que participan los maestros italianos Andrea Bacchetti y Doménico Nordio. Los músicos interpretarán obras de Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Copland, Schnittke y Szymanovski. ... La vida musical de estos dos italianos empezó desde muy temprano ... Asimismo, la trayectoria de Bacchetti lo ha destacado como uno de los más sobresalientes intérpretes de la época ...

El dúo Nordio-Bacchetti se presenta esta noche

El Comercio - Quito, 17 de mayo del 2011, Redacción Cultura

El pianista italiano Andrea Bacchetti, quien ha ofrecido presentaciones en el 2008 y 2009, brinda un concierto esta noche en el Teatro Centro Cívico Eloy Alfaro ...

Andrea Bacchetti, en concierto

El Universo - Guayaquil, 19 de mayo del 2011

... "el sonido fue muy diáfano y cristalino, de mucho color" ... "la gran fidelidad e la interpretación y la expresión que el concertista imprimió a un repertorio barroco, aparentemente muy rígido" ... El virtuoso del piano repasó con degustación y detenimiento antiguas sonatas de autores italianos como Galuppi, Marcello, Paisiello, Soler y Scarlatti. Música serena con ciertos raptos de vivacidad. Para el final dejó una pieza romántica de Rosini, más expresiva, de mayores contrastes y lucimientos. ...

El "impecable" piano de Bacchetti vuelve a escena

Expresiones - 21 de mayo de 2011, Alexander García Vizcaíno


Llama la atención la gestualidad de aquel hombre delgado de baja estatura, rostro expresivo cuando dialoga, híper concentrado cuando toca, impresionante talento ... Al dialogar con él, pude encontrar la extraordinaria coherencia entre el artista y el ser humano, pero al mismo tiempo a un niño grande superdotado ...

Andrea Bacchetti: un gato sobre el teclado

El Universo (eluniverso.com) - Guayaquil, 8 de mayo del 2011, Félix Fleming



Dimanche 11 septembre, la cité thermale recevra un de ses artistes le plus connus... Andréa Bacchetti c'est un artiste accompli qu'il parcourt le monde. Samedi 10 septembre, c'est le prestigieux festival Piano aux Jacobins à Toulouse qui l'a invité à jouer auprès del plus grandes pianistes de notre temps ...

Luchon. Bacchetti revient le temps d'un concert

www.laDepeche.fr - 5 septembre 2011, V.B.


Un nouveau concert à Luchon pour le jeune pianiste italien Andréa Bacchetti, l'occasion de se porter une nouvelle fois à la rencontre d'un public qui l'a découvert alors qu'il n'avait que douze ans seulement. «Ils ont été fantastiques, fabuleux, j'ai entendu des applaudissements et ils m'ont reppelé six fois, c'était vraiment merveilleux» raconte l'artiste. «Le public était vraiment très attentif, silencieux mais tellement généreux!» ...

Une ovation pour Bacchetti

La Gazette du Comminges - n. 196, 14 septembre 2011



... The partnership between Nordio and Bacchetti has started from their meeting in Milan for "Serate Musicali"; «In our way to make music, we don't speak: we play and we listen to each other, our executions are free and extemporary, because both of us think that music has to flow naturally, according to what that single moment asks or inspires. There is no planning: we start from our similar sensibility to create every time different executions... »

Domenico Nordio: «With Bacchetti, music flows free and natural»

Corriere Mercantile - October 6th 2011, Andrea Ottonello

FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

... The Strada Nuova Museums' Auditorium will host in concert two important names of Italian classic scene, violinist Domenico Nordio and pianist Andrea Bacchetti. ...

Nordio and Bacchetti pay homage to Paganini

Il Secolo XIX - October 7th 2011, F.P.


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

Pianist Andrea Bacchetti (many maybe remember him as regular guest on Chiambretti Night Show) will open the new season of the association Friends of the Music n Modena... today, at the age of 34, Bacchetti can claim a bright international career and prestigious encounters, as with Luciano Berio.

From Berio to... Chiambretti, this pianist plays with Friends

Il Resto del Carlino - October 24th 2011, s.m.

FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

... The new season of Friends of the Music in Modena starts tomorrow at the M. Troisi Theater in Nonantola with Andrea Bacchetti's piano and a program of Late Baroque music for harpsicord. ...

Concerts, lessons and exhibitions: classic music has no bounds

Gazzetta di Modena - October 28th 2011, Felicia Buonomo

... A look at Late Baroque keyboard music, between Italy and Spain, with a big name: pianist Andrea Bacchetti...

The association Friends of the Music starts with Andrea Bacchetti's piano

L'informazione - October 28th 2011, Chiara Bazzani

... The season will open tomorrow night at Troisi Theatre in Nonantola with the excellent pianist Andrea Bacchetti, in a very "classical" way ...

With Friends of the Music among contemporary notes

Il Resto del Carlino - October 28th 2011, Stefano Marchetti

... A tribute to piano and to Italy that achieved a great success among the large public for the quality of the program executed. ... As leading actor Andrea Bacchetti, who is specialised in late-baroque pianistic repertoire and who has executed a highly virtuosic program with his great clearness and variety in touch ... With a formidable control of sound, Bacchetti played all his program without cheers till the end. Also he didn't spare closing the soirée with three encores: a Notturno by Louis Diemer, a true rarity, the Pulcinella by Villa Lobos and Toccata in E minor by Bach.

Three encores for Andrea Bacchetti

L'informazione - November 1st 2011, Chiara Bazzani


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

About Andrea Bacchetti's pianism, one of its distinctive characteristics is the exploration of not-widely-known musical fields that he has pursued in these last years. Young Genoese artist's discography is brilliant. ... An interesting, clear and personal lecture, as it is in Bacchetti's style, that doesn't have any kind of philological (or falsely philological) problem about playing this music on a piano instead of a harpsichord. It also gives a lucid analysis of sound on a really fine repertoire that is not lacking of suggestions, especially in slow tempos of refined elegance.

Friends of Carlo Felice Theatre and N. Paganini Conservatory - "Scores & Books" column

l'Invito - November 2011, (newsroom)

... The Concert "Soirée" was executed for the first time in 1962 at Olimpic Theatre in Vicenza by Rota as soloist and Bruno Maderna as director of the Milanese Rai Symphonic Orchestra... This concert does not request any particular acrobatics by soloist, but it's really funny for the orchestra, that takes its ideas from a long chamber music tradition ...

A great symphonic final for the Opera Giocosa Company: Andrea Bacchetti celebrates a century of Nino Rota

www.AlbengaCorsara.it - December 5th 2011, (newsroom)

FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

Savona. Last Friday night at the Chiabrera Theatre there was the concert of the Opera Giocosa Company with the famous Genoese pianist who proposed some music by Nino Rota with the Sanremo Symphonic Orchestra ...

A tribute to Nino Rota with Andrea Bacchetti

Il Secolo XIX - December 7th 2011, (newsroom)

... On stage there's the great and young Italian pianist Andrea Bacchetti: enfant prodige first (then he studied and grew up at Imola Academy, with Franco Scala) he received some advices by Herbert von Karajan and Luciano Berio, and now he is an excellent interpreter in Italian music scenery. All specialized magazines reviewed his scores with great approval...

Andrea Bacchetti closes the Opera Giocosa Company's season

www.ecodisavona.it - December 7th 2011, Laura Sergi
Il Secolo XIX - December 13th 2011, S. Ped.

FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

The «crazy» Lyric Season of the Opera Giocosa Company ends this evening with a «Symphonic Concert» played by the Sanremo Orchestra, with Gianluigi Zampieri as director, and the appreciated pianist Andrea Bacchetti...

Bacchetti and the Symphonic Orchestra in a tribute to Nino Rota

La Stampa - December 9th 2011, s.g.

... ironic, brilliant, amusing: so it was the witty dialogue between piano and orchestra that has been played with a unmistakable sign of a really particular and perfect style: the interpreter was Andrea Bacchetti with his very original and refined way - accompanied by the Sanremo Symphonic Orchestra and Gianluigi Zampieri as director. He gave back to this concert a personal and intense lecture, now romantic and now almost histrionic, doing justice to Rota's quite weird genius and taking a warm bow to his public. ...

Bacchetti's genius pays tribute to Nino Rota

Il Giornale - December 13th 2011, (newsroom)
Il Secolo XIX - December 13th 2011, S. Ped.

FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

... Andrea Bacchetti, a talented elf of keyboard who has not fear to explore some (unfairly) music fields (unfairly) sunk into oblivion, as keyboard repertoire by Galuppi, Cherubini and Marcello, a literature that is now scored. Also, he always proposed concert programs provided with a refined intelligence. He didn't contradict himself even at the Chiabrera Theatre, enhancing one og the many jewels by Nino Rota's genius, the Concerto soirée for piano and orchestra, a little masterpiece of wit that the Genoese pianist interpreted with lightness and perceptiveness, well-supported by the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra...

Bacchetti exalts the free spirit of Rota

Il Leggio - January 2012, a.m.


FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

A concert not to be missed for two reasons at least: first, because the great pianist Andrea Bacchetti will be protagonist of this soirée, then because the concert's revenue will be donated to Ligurian flood victims...

Bacchetti on the piano for flood victims

Il Secolo XIX - December 13th 2011, S. Ped.

FULL ARTICLE (italian)go

He just came back from Spain, where he played Rapsody in Blue by Gershwin with the Tenerife Symphonic Orchestra, directed by Ruben Gimeno, one of the greatest young Spanish conductors. But Andrea Bacchetti tells that the true emotion («I hope to be able to transfer it to the public», he reveils) will be tomorrow evening, during the concert he'll hold for flooded people in the area of La Spezia...

Bacchetti in Rapallo: emotions in music for La Spezia flood victims

Il Secolo XIX - December 20th 2011, S. Ped.