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UN PORTRAIT  Vol. 2  -  VIDEORADIO CLASSICS 9/2000  In co-operation with MUSICAL EVENINGS of Milan

R. Schumann - Allegro op.8

F. Chopin - Berceuse op.57

F. Chopin - Impromptu op.29

F. Chopin - Impromptu op.36

F. Chopin - Impromptu op.51

F. Chopin - Fantaisie - Impromptu op.66

F. Chopin - Scherzo op.39

F. Chopin - Etude op.25 nr.2

F. Chopin - Nocturne op.9 nr.2

S. Rachmaninoff - Prélude op.32 nr.12

TOT. 56:13

Live recordings, 1999-2000

(Milan, Palermo, Luxembourg, London, Venice, Bucharest)

CD re-issued as enclosure to nr.4/2001 of th magazine
Booklet    Hans Fazzari: CD Introduction
Bacchetti: my Chopin on a CD
La Stampa, november 8th, 2000 - (Roberto Iovino)

... The 23-years old Genoese pianist has just recorded a second "portrait" on CD that witnesses a further step onward on concert maturation level. … Performances that reveal, together with Andrea Bacchetti’s well known technical qualities, a meritorious examination in an expressive sense.
Chopin, as we know, is anything but an "easy" and "accessible" author: not so much for a technical fact, as for a speech that refuses banality, the coarse sentimentalism, the scales created by decades of spectacularity performances, that were faced in a virtuose way by the pianists "da digitodromo", using a Rubinstein’s wording. In Bacchetti there is an admirable rigour in a 23 years old boy, together with a considerable verve and liveliness that avoid the opposite risk that is a colourless and equally misleading lecture. ...

Column Piano e Forte
Videoradio / 000456 / Distribution: Fonola Dischi / 1999, 2000 / DDD / Live *****
Classic Voice, nr.20 12/2000 - (Luca Chierici)

Bacchetti, 23 years old, is already a popular pianist and even if he has not won an important piano contest, yet, he simply gains recognition with the beauty and peremptory of his performances. Even for those who never listened to him alive is enough to analyze with the proper weight this CD, that is even drawn from about ten public recitals, to discover Bacchetti as a big player, as a very sensitive distiller of wonderful sonorities, as an attentive debtor to the tradition of famous sacred monsters that belong to the golden age of piano. Bacchetti must be a man with a thousand of intellectual curiosities and not for chance he decided to open his new CD with a beautiful performance of one Schumann’s hardly known page - that Allegro op.8 recently re-proposed to the audience also by the great Pollini.
Then the CD accompanies us through the ethereal atmospheres of Chopin’s Berceuse, and also he dedicates to Chopin many pages that conclude – with structural care – in the third Scherzo op.39.
If there is something for which Bacchetti can still reproached is a certain passionateness that is not supported by a corresponding control on the form: this is evident above all in Schumann’s Allegro, but also in certain pages like Chopin’s L’Improvviso op.51, where the pianist get lost on his way following more his inspiration than Chopin’s text coherence. ...

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