... Bacchetti is a huge talent, without having a full awareness of this fact ... he faces the piano with fury, while he is singing he transforms himself ... he involves (us) in the listening thanks to a continuous richness of emotional contrasts, to the naturalness of the pianistic timbre and without glorying in his - yet impeccable - tecnique ...

Bacchetti at the Sdc

Il Piccolo - January 25th, 2006 (c.ghe)

... A great quartet of strings and a Genoese pianist on the stage of the Carlo Felice. ... Bacchetti, what is this Shostakovic quintet like? " Complex and minimal at the same time. The part of the piano, if we compare it with the one of the quintets by Brahms or Schumann, is built with extreme cheapness but it isn't less rich in inventions. It alternates moments of gloomy sadness with others of great poetry resulting in grotesque accents ..."

Prazak Quartet and Bacchetti at Gog, homage to Shostakovic

Il Secolo XIX, Genoa - February 12th, 2006 (A.Cz.)

... Vigorous reading ... confidence of expressive transitions and faceted resources of timbre. To conclude, a taut and substantive execution oscillating between rhythmical emphasis and ethereal lyrism ...

Prazak and Bacchetti convince with Shostakovic

Il Secolo XIX, Genoa - February 15th, 2006 (Edwin W. Rosasco)

... a Chamber program of sure artistic and documentary interest ... a very pleasant listening thanks to a performance that is ardent and rich of romantic paints ... the contribute of the moderate and flexible "pianismo" of the emerging Genoese artist Andrea Bacchetti is determinant ...

Prazak with Andrea Bacchetti shows us Zemlinsky's music

Alto Adige, Bolzano - February 18th, 2006 (A.Bambace)

... Von Karajan se lo llevó entonces como a un Mozart niño por las salas de conciertos de media Europa. Ahora, cargado de premios y experiencia, está considerado el mejor interprete de Berio. Le encanta la música contemporanea casi tanto como adora a Bach. Con Acilu, dice, le parece tener a ambos unidos en la misma partitura. ...

El navarro Acilu estrena su "Concierto para piano y orquesta N.2" en Madrid

Diario de Navarra - 18 de febrero 2006 (Maria Antonia Estevez)

... Gonzáles Acilu es músico y pensador. Se advierte en su obra siempre trazada bajo esa difícil condición de lo coherente y lo sensato. Le sucede, por ejemplo, a su segundo concierto para piano, que acaba de escucharse en Madrid. Sabe González Acilu que el presente está dominado por un arte que quiere redescubrir el "sentir". De ahí el cúmulo de detalles que el estupendo Andrea Bacchetti, la Orquesta de RTVE y Josep Vicent apoyaron. ...

Clásica - Ciclo Sinfónica de la ORTVE

ABC, Madrid - 27 de febrero 2006 (Alberto Gonzalez Lápuente)

... In front of a large audience of guests, Rocco Filippini performed in a duo with Andrea Bacchetti, a Genoese pianist still very young but already boasting a career of three lustres ...

Stauffer of wonders

La Provincia, Cremona - February 28th, 2006 (Roberto Codazzi)

... Filippini and Bacchetti were excellent performers of the concert organized by Stauffer ... two extraordinary soloists who successfully proposed a particularly substantial and varied program ...

Extraordinary virtuosities on a string

La Cronaca, Cremona - February 28th, 2006 (Eleonora Olivi)

... Filippini, virtuous of worldwide fame, largely applauded together with the excellent pianist Andrea Bacchetti ...

First audition of "Stauffer 1700"

La Voce, Cremona - March 1st, 2006 (Marcello Tosi)

... Andrea Bacchetti comes from Liguria like Berio, who esteemed him very much, and even if he isn't thirty years old, yet, he won important prices and he is invited all over the world ...

Bach's English Suites with Andrea Bacchetti's piano

La Repubblica, Rome - March 15th, 2006 (Landa Ketoff)

... Andrea Bacchetti, the infallible. The fact, almost an axiom, that the Genoese pianist doesn't make mistakes - he can't do it - hits us with the authenticity of evidence ... protagonist of an outstanding concert which already on paper revealed the interpreter's sharp intelligence and that in practice proved his stature as an executor ...

Bacchetti, a really infallible pianist

L'Adige, Rovereto - March 31st, 2006 (Emilia Campagna)

... A strong artistic personality, an artist with a vehement charisma, Bacchetti becomes a giant at the keyboard, able to draw unprecedented sonorities from the instrument ...

Giant Bacchetti face to face with Bach and Berio

Il Giornale di Sicilia, Catania - April 9th, 2006 (Aldo Mattina)

... Bacchetti shows almost "maniacal" determination and precision in his execution, and shows himself in all his preciosity ... He seems to neglect the rest and to concentrate all himself on his extremities on contact with the piano. And the result - it's almost obvious to say - leaves us open-mouthed.

Piano and more in program

Il Domani, Catanzaro - April 9th, 2006 (Carmen Loiacono)

... Bacchetti's amazing performance at De Nobili Palace last Friday ... a continuous search for perfection by a pianist who, going by his performance, seems already to be perfect.

At the De Nobili with Bacchetti

Il Quotidiano, Catanzaro - April 12th, 2006 (Anna Trapasso)

... Stylistic authority and fantasy of touch, as if he put himself in the wake traced by Glenn Gould. Bacchetti developed a real instinct for ornamentations that seems to arise spontaneously from his fingers ... every single note has a precise reason, its own collocation and sense ...

The young Bacchetti is all concentration

L'Arena, Verona - April 12th, 2006 (Chiara Zocca)

... Andrea Bacchetti eludes all the consecrated ways, from the virtuose to the contemplative - philosophical ones (those by Schiff, for example) and opts for the easiness of dictation and for the anti-virtuosity, and the "inventio" of the sound becomes the pianistic central element in his executive proposal. ... Particularly intent to "melos" and to "legato timbrico", his speech flows like very pure water, a slippery colour, a cloud that flows in the hall and isolates the piano in a suffused singing, one thousand miles far away from that Bach displayed, marked off in millimetres, of many performers that celebrate themselves and their own style ... An admirable poetry of sound which gives back Bach according to never heard canons with such an interior strength, where the crystal-clear pureness of young Bacchetti's personality and of his incessant self-criticism converge. Then the poeticality of the evening is a mature fruit, the ultimate achievement of his executive style ...

A Bach overspread with poetry by Andrea Bacchetti

Musica e Scuola - Year XX nr.17 October 15th, 2006 (E. Fantin)

... On 27th April, Thursday, for the 36th Concert Season organized by "Friends of Music Association", Rocco Filippini and Andrea Bacchetti performed some of the most beautiful compositions for cello and piano ... a substantial and firm sound, skillness and precision, those were the uncommon elements of the success of the concert ...

The duet Filippini - Bacchetti at the "Del Fuoco" theatre

Foggia & Foggia - May 5th, 2006 (Simona Benvenuti)

... Last 27th April two excellent musicians of different generations kept a wonderful concert ... the great violoncellist Rocco Filippini, and the young but already popular pianist Andrea Bacchetti.
A performance of very high stylistic level, the pianist Bacchetti centred Beethoven's style and talked with the violoncellist in a professional and musical way. ...

Filippini & Bacchetti duet ...

Musica e Scuola - Year XX nr.11 June 15th, 2006 (Michele Gioiosa)

... Pour célébrer le 30e anniversaire de leur club, les Soroptimistes luchonnaises ont invité, le 20 mai prochain, le jeune pianiste virtuose international, Andréa Bacchetti, pour un récital exceptionnel qui aura lieu au théatre Du Casino de Luchon ...

Andréa Bacchetti jouera pour les 30 ans des Soroptimistes

La Dépeche du Midi, Luchon - 5 mai 2006 (C.S.)

... Alors qu'il poursuit une brillante carrière internationale (Prix Amadeus 2005, 5 étoiles de la Musique), Bacchetti revient à Luchon où il a donné son premier et prodigieux concert public, à l'age de 9 ans en 1986. C'était il ya 20 ans. C'est dire l'émotion qui régnera à ce concert.

Andréa Bacchetti pianiste d'exception a Luchon

La Dépeche du Midi (supplément week-end) - 18 mai 2006

... Este extraordinario músico dio su primer concierto en Luchon, descubierto por M. Edmond Rosenfeld, pianista y Director de Orquesta, quien se quedó impresionado ante el talento de Andrea. Desde entonces, Andrea Bacchetti ha desarrollado una brillante carrera musical ...
Gracias, Andrea Bacchetti, por su sensibilidad, por su talento, y por habernos hecho gozar de unos momentos mágicos con su música. Le deseamos siga cosechando grandes éxitos.

Concierto de Andrea Bacchetti en Luchon

TOT ARAN - 28 de mayo 2006

... Un public debout et enthousiaste, dans une salle comble, a acclamé le jeune pianiste Andréa Bacchetti qui, pendant plus de deux heures, a tenu l'assistance sous le charme de sa virtuosité. Outre son talent révélé dans ses interprétations de Bach et de Mozart, son interprétation des oeuvres romantiques avec Mendelssohn et surtout ce magnifique nocturne de Chopin déchaina l'enthousiasme des spectateurs. ...

Concert: Andréa Bacchetti a fait un triomphe

La Dépeche du Midi - 30 mai 2006

... Andrea Bacchetti appeared in public for a monumental engagement with the power of his skills of excellent virtuoso, of a striking cleverness to concentrate and a prodigious memory ... Bacchetti's technical qualities and his temper gave an effective reading to the elegance of the phrasing and of the marvellous fusion between melodic virtuosity and canonical invention, letting him have a huge efficacy, passionate and without breakdowns ...

Andrea Bacchetti's talent and temper for Bach's musical universe

La Voce di Mantova - May 14th, 2006 (Guido Mario Pavesi)

... Goldberg Variations are among the most important and difficult Bach's works: in particular it isn't easy to give an answer to that demand that today we call "about communication", because the work clearly arises from intellectual speculation. Now, the way found by Bacchetti, a pianist endowed with an iron technical and emotional control, consists of a long road of reflection, made of sonorities, tempered and without excesses beats, absolute and anti-spectacular concentration, without compromises ...

Applauses for Bacchetti

La Gazzetta di Mantova - May 20th, 2006 (Andrea Zaniboni)

... An engrossing interpretation of Bach's exacting Goldberg Variations by the young pianist Andrea Bacchetti ... more than ninety minutes of great music, with all varied refrains ... a very lively success.


Musica e Scuola - Year XX nr.15, September 15th, 2006 (Dino Gatti)

Essential in his introductions, in the ceremonial, unadorned in his look and resolute in the sound, measured in his expressiveness and immediate, almost forerunner in the phrasism. Andrea Bacchetti tastefully "grinds" his music at the piano ... He seems to prefer those author who "declare" rather than those who "sing", the clean lightness of the voices which overlap and which may create slightly aggressive (he used this adjective) speeches, but always clear and rigorous. So in Johann Sebastian Bach, finished speeches - but with the chance to be without an end - cerebral clearness, dosage of means. ...

Bacchetti and those authors who declare

Corriere di Novara - May 22nd, 2006 (a.v.)

... an unbroken dialogue between piano and orchestra, the famous "Jeunehomme" K271 is a concert formally full of surprises and uneasy to render in his shades; but Andrea Bacchetti hasn't problems at all, neither technical nor interpretative ones ...

Double Mozart to be applauded

Brescia Oggi - May 24th, 2006 (L.F.)

... Unusual as for proportions, unceasing richness of musical ideas and formal innovations, K271 was rendered with confidence and neatness by Bacchetti, a very young talent at Brescia and Bergamo Festival and (he is) at present time an expert musician as a principal with orchestras. The dialogue with the Orchestra of the Olimpico is precise and clear ...

Precious Bacchetti

Il Giornale di Brescia - May 24th, 2006 (Fulvia Conter)

... a concert by musicians who are strongly tied to their master. The pianist Andrea Bacchetti, who offers some classic pieces like Encores, Rounds and the Petit Suite, the clarinettist Fausto Ghiazza and Nicoletta Conti's stick ...

The Verdi commemorates Luciano Berio

La Repubblica, Milano - May 27th, 2006 (ldf)

Instinct and reason. Within music it is a slight balance, in a continuous transformation, yet the whole interpreter's game is played between these two opposites, like his search for a sense, too. Pianist's job is a difficult one. Andrea Bacchetti, enfant-prodige endowed with an unique instinctive musicality, on the brink of thirty years is picking up the fruits of brave and solitary choices, which led him to inquire into Bach's fund on one hand, and into the contemporaries on the other ...

Bacchetti pays homage to Berio

La Prealpina - May 27th, 2006 (Luca Segalla)

... in order to play four of Six Encores, Rounds, and the Petit Suite the pianist Andrea Bacchetti is arriving ... he was Berio's discipule-friend, to whom he dedicated also a CD that became a benchmark. But Bacchetti doesn't want to be labelled as a "specialist" and he reminds us that Bach's English Suites are his latest CD ...

Bacchetti, a tribute to Berio

Il Giorno - May 27th, 2006 (A.M.)

... tonight at the Auditorium the Verdi Orchestra is paying homage to Luciano Berio ... at the piano, of course, Andrea Bacchetti. "Of course" because, together with Lucchesini, Bacchetti represent Berio's landmark "pianismo", (he) frequently attended (him) from 1989 to a few days from his death and today (it is) the trustee of master's pianistic bequest ...

The Verdi Orchestra celebrates master Berio

Il Giornale, Milano - May 27th, 2006 (Piera Anna Franini)

... an unbroken dialogue between piano and orchestra, the famous "Jeunehomme" K271 is a concert formally full of surprises and uneasy to render in his shades; but Andrea Bacchetti hasn't problems at all, neither technical nor interpretative ones ...

Double Mozart to be applauded

Brescia Oggi - May 24th, 2006 (L.F.)

... Luciano Berio died on May 27th, 2003. Tonight, after three exact years, the Verdi Orchestra commemorates him with a special concert ... in the second part, the orchestra is giving up the stage to Andrea Bacchetti, who is executing the "Six Encores pour piano" and "Rounds for piano solo"...

Homage to Berio with Brahms and Weill

Corriere della Sera, Milano - May 27th, 2006 (e.pa.)

... in the second part the faultless Andrea Bacchetti performed four of "Six Encores" for piano, "Rounds" (dedicated by Berio to the composer and orchestra director Marcello Panni) and the "Petit Suite" for piano ...

Homage to Luciano Berio

L'Opera, anno XX, nr.20 June 6th, 2006 (Giacomo Di Vittorio)

... Brilliant, witty, the Ligurian pianist flows from a concert to the other, in Italy and in Europe, but he found the time to grant an interview.
Bacchetti, what will be your Bach like?
"I play Bach with a rigorous but romantic set up, and I try to put something personal, choosing a happy medium between brain and heart: the sublime science of musical building must be filtered by the player's humanity, it must be a point of introspection. And this introspection, for its nature, is subjective ..."

Bacchetti, ex child genius, performs Bach

Il Gazzettino, Vicenza - June 16th, 2006 (F.L.)

... at Sorrento Festival the magic of Scala Quartet ... close to them (there is) the important presence of a virtuoso piano, Andrea Bacchetti, a sensitive and refined soloist. ...

Andrea Bacchetti at Sorrento Festival

www.ildenaro.it/eventi - July 23rd, 2006

... Tonight the Pontino Festival comes back to Sperlonga with Andrea Bacchetti, with the concert "From Bach to Chopin: some famous pages"...

Classics for Piano

La Provincia, Sermoneta - July 27th, 2006 (Fabio Pedone)

... a piano and a performer with a fine touch, style, elegance and passionateness: it's Andrea Bacchetti who plays, a topmost musician who, when he was very young, enchanted Herbert Von Karajan and surprised Berio ...

A piano from Bach to Chopin

Latina Oggi - July 27th, 2006 (F.D.G.)

... Last guest of Amfiteatrof Festival in Levanto (last but not least), on Sant'Andrea's parvis, the pianist Andrea Bacchetti played and delighted the audience with Bach's, Debussy's and Chopin's music ...

Levanto, delicacies at Andrea Bacchetti's piano

Il Secolo XIX - August 13th, 2006 (M.G.)

... Andrea Bacchetti, one of the most beautiful names of Italian concerts is performing tomorrow in Moneglia in the historical "Dei Disciplinanti" Oratory: a concert which represents one of the most remarkable events in the musical showing promoted by Felice Romani Associations ...

Bacchetti in concert in Moneglia

Il Secolo XIX - August 23rd, 2006

... Guido Ghetti and Andrea Bacchetti are the protagonists of the concert that is being held tonight in the Corelli Hall of the Alighieri ... Ghetti, musician from Ravenna, is the first oboe of the Carlo Felice in Genoa, the pianist Andrea Bacchetti has several concerts to his credit in Italy and abroad ...

Concert and Symposium dedicated to the "re-emerged" oboe

Il Resto del Carlino, Ravenna - September 28th, 2006

... A new appointment with "Concerts and Symposia 2006" ... musicologist Franco Masotti's meeting; a concert by Guido Ghetti (oboe) and Andrea Bacchetti (piano) with Robert Schumann's and Luciano Berio's pieces will follow ...

Oboe and piano for Schumann and Berio

Corriere di Ravenna - September 28th, 2006 (al.fo.)

... The cycle of autumnal concerts dedicated to four Robert Schumann's symphonies and five concerts for piano and orchestra by Ludwig Van Beethoven begins again: tomorrow Lawrence Renes is going on the podium of the Carlo Felice Orchestra, while in the Second Concert the leader will be Andrea Bacchetti, a pianist who is well-known by genoese audience and who is very famous today in Italy and abroad ...

Renes and Bacchetti, a night of stars at the Carlo Felice

Il Secolo XIX, Genoa - October 5th, 2006 (Edwin W. Rosasco)

... Andrea Bacchetti, a genius when he was a child and also now, with the exquisite sensitivity that distinguishes every time his performances in equilibrium between brain and heart, with intelligent and personal expertise; a face to face with the piano that remains intimate but it is able to transmit the unforgettable feelings given by a fine taste ...

Emotions at the piano with Bacchetti and Beethoven

Il Giornale - October 6th, 2006 (Barbara Catellani)

... announced and deserved triumph for Andrea Bacchetti ... a young performer with lots of thing to tell, with a marked sensitivity for Bach's corpus, with a fine skill to elaborate the touch that we could enjoy in Beethoven's Second Concert next to Lawrence Renes' podium. It seems that Andrea Bacchetti wanted to connote this score because of debits to Mozart rather than for the possible nineteenth-century far-sightednesses; with articulations of "fortepianistico" taste and with oasis of "cantabilità" and reverberations of powerful poetry ... Profusion of encores dissolved in a sea of applauses, also by Carlo Felice Orchestra, which manifested its consent beating hands and fiddlesticks ...

Andrea Bacchetti carried shoulder-high

Corriere Mercantile - October 8th, 2006 (Giorgio De Martino)

... Andrea Bacchetti, piano and Elena Belfiore, mezzo-soprano, will be the protagonists of the closing concert of "Dear Amadeus" ... Bacchetti was warmly applauded just last Friday at the Carlo Felice as inspired performer of Beethoven's Concert n.2, rendered with elegance of phrasing and an admirable control of the sound ...

Beethoven's nights

La Repubblica, Genoa - October 11th, 2006 (Roberto Iovino)

... charitable musical marathon begun on 5th December 2005, the celebrations for Mozart are going to be closed tonight by the mezzo-soprano Elena Belfiore and the pianist Andrea Bacchetti's concert. During this occasion the "Caro Amadeus" Culture Price will be given to these executors ...

A concert closes Amadeus Project

Il Secolo XIX - October 12th, 2006

... in the performance of Quintet in F minor op. 34 by Brahms, Andrea Bacchetti's piano got prominence within the moderate pace of the group, a vented expressiveness, opposite to the continuous control of the interpretation ... Entranced audience with exclamations in mid-scene ...

Quartet and pianist, entranced audience

Il Gazzettino, Udine - October 27th, 2006 (Lucia Ludovica De Nardo)

... The opening of 85th season of concerts with a serious program but with reat effect. The agreement between the quartet and the piano is excellent and it makes richer the already luxuriant chromatic palette showed by the Venetian ensemble. In this Brahms Bacchetti's "pianismo" reveals to be of high standing ... Exceptional emotional strength in the ending, and great liking of the audience ...

Strings of Venice: a beautiful opening

Il Messaggero Veneto - November 15th, 2006 (Sergio Zolli)

... the very clever Andrea Bacchetti isn't famous only for his perfection in performing Berio's music (so much to be his trustee), but for the clearness and the beauty of his executions of Bach, whose he entirely played two Suites ... a really unique performance ...

Musical autumn: Luciano Berio's piano works

casertamusica.com - December 15th, 2006 (Pia Di Donato)

... Benedetto Scimemi, mathematician, in his very interesting prolusion to Andrea Bacchetti's concert at the Fazioli Concert Hall in Sacile, revealed the uncommon presence of symmetrical structures, thick with mathematical and geometrical references in the changing processes of Goldberg Variations by Bach, even if the listener at once loses these footprints, taken by the whirl of an invention that seems to be without an end ("a music that doesn't know neither a beginning nor an end are", so Glenn Gould speaks) ... Bacchetti offers a definitely personal reading, erudite as far as style is concerned ... with a natural phrasing like an improvisation, without neglecting neither the rigour of the harmonic structure nor the characterization of the timbre. The contrapuntal plot, at the summit of Bach's mastery, always remains neat and intelligible, lacking of virtuous behaviours. Very hearty success and as much as five encores.

Goldberg Variations with fantasy

Il Gazzettino, Udine (gazzettino.quinordest.it) - December 28th, 2006 (Eddi De Nadai)