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UN PORTRAIT  Vol. 3  -  VIDEORADIO CLASSICS 10/2002  In co-operation with MUSICAL EVENINGS of Milan

W. A. Mozart - Sonata nr. 10 in C major K 330

Allegro moderato

Andante cantabile


(La Coruña, Festival Internacional de Musica de Galicia)

L. Berio - Six Encores pour Piano







(Milano, Museo Teatrale della Scala)

W. A. Mozart - Sonata nr. 18 in B-flat major K 570




(La Coruña, Festival Internacional de Musica de Galicia)

TOT. 49:03

Live recordings, 2000-2001
Booklet   Gian Paolo Minardi: CD Introduction
Column Piano e Forte
Classic Voice
, nr.12 / 2002 (Gian Paolo Minardi)

... Between the last generations of our pianists, every year more and more crowded by the stringent sequence of the Context, Andrea Bacchett’s figure got his own importance, as far as originality is concerned, in a comparison with some efficience-models to which the young Genoese pianist seems to oppose more inventive patterns.
It’s significant that he thought to expose such his intentions in a sort of self-portrait composed of 3 CDs; in the last one two Berio’s sonatas are associated to Luciano Berio’s 6 Encores; as to show the stylistic abyss that separates these two compositors becomes a goad for the player, who, if on one hand loosens a fluent, eloquent but in any way stiff Mozart, on the other one he penetrate in Berio’s grids with a determination that is equal to the curiosity to look for which reasons hide behind the more exposed diagram of the play. And actually the result is to give a temper to each of these brief pages, even seeing that sort of white heat that the very apparent casualness would hardly let us suspect. ...

Videoradio / 000456 / Distribution: Fenice Diffusione Musicale / 2000, 2001 / DDD / Live
Libretto: good / italian - Artistic: *****  /  Technical: *****
Amadeus, january 2003 (Massimo Rolando Zegna)

This is the third "portrait" that VideoRadio dedicates to Andrea Bacchetti. It does it with live recordings: three snapshots that give to the CD a vivid and extempore tone, now shaded like the one of a Monet’s painting, now biting like the one of much informal art.
The comparison is not ungrounded, because Bacchetti is a very sensitive player, he is able to remodel music "in the moment": now suspending in a charming and at the same time metaphysic way Mozart’s Sonatas K 330 and K 570, now throwing or dropping the "timbriche" on the canvases of Berio’s Six Encores.

Berio on record - Luciano Berio's Discography
Musica, nr.148 July/August 2003 (Gianluigi Mattietti)

...To be pointed out as well, in this piano repertoire, the execution of the 6 Encores, real concentrates of sound fantasy, extremely well presented - in a transparent and very communicative way - by Andrea Bacchetti ...

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