BACH, Johann Sebastian

Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (DVD Version)


*** Arthaus Musik DVD (plus CD) 101447 Bacchetti

Andrea Bacchetti performs the Goldberg Variations in the handsome Villa Trissino Marzotto, Trissino, Vicenza in 2006 and offers a ten-minute introduction to them, albeit not particularly revealing, as well as much more perceptive notes. The performance itself is satisfyngly musical, with fine tonal shading and an effortless technique. Very good camera work which never detracts attention fron the music. The set also includes a CD of another, later performance recorded at the Teatro Chiabrera, Savona in 2007. Very recomendable.


Our evaluation system may be summarized as follows:



An outstanding performance and recording of the calibre we now take for granted

A recording new to the present volume